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  • Name: Maria Gorban ( Gorban, Mariya )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Izhevsk
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Oleg Filatov

    Maria Gorban biography

    Like most girls Masha Gorban dreamed of becoming an actress. Her birth was surrounded by actors of theatre and cinema, so she knows the actor’s life from the inside out.

    Maria Gorban was born on 26 December 1986 in the city of Izhevsk in a family of the actor of drama theatre and youth theatre actress. Such a family, the creative team just Mary predicted the future in the acting field. Childhood Maria Gorban was pretty interesting. Her cousin and uncle were also actors, so the future actress was always surrounded by the masses of scenery, interesting people who were like different characters from fairy tales. Besides, Masha’s family moved twice to other cities. The first move to Yaroslavl, where the father of the future actress got a job as a Director. When Mary was six years old, the family went to Moscow.

    At school Mary participated in various concerts, performances and scenes. Tall and thin, Mary was a very pretty child, so the Crooks got the role of snow maidens and princesses. Mary had a pretty heavy and aggressive temper, often fought and fought with peers. She resembled the girl famous from the book «Pippi Longstocking».

    Mary herself remembers himself as a troubled teen. Until the end of school she often had conflicts with teachers and classmates, but the skill and ingenuity have always helped her get out of difficult situations.

    After school Gorban entered GITIS on the acting Department. There she continued to participate in various productions. The most notable of these is the «Three sisters» and «Mandate.» In my teen years Mary got on the blue screen. It all started with the TV series «Simple truth», where the actress won the main role in one episode. Mary also starred in music videos of famous singers.

    Maria Gorban movies

    The first award found the actress in 2008. For her role in the film “

  • Drawing» Gorban received the prize as the most charming villain of the film. For this Mary was awarded the «Star bridge» in November of the same year. By the way, Mary loved the circus, she marveled at acrobats, animal trainers and equilibrists. But a special place in her heart clowns. Mary wanted to make people laugh with interesting stunts and scenes. Red wig and funny clown faces was actress like. Only a detailed study of circus life, Gorban realized that this path does not lead her to create a family. Yes, and the special heights in this field it most likely would not have achieved, because, as you know, the best clowns have always been men. Some clown would come out of Mary, the audience never knew, because the actress changed her mind and devoted himself entirely to acting.

    In many interviews the team focused on that will not participate in a sex scene and candid photo shoots. According to Mary, there’s a lot of debauchery and promiscuity, so she doesn’t want to contribute to further degradation. However, in 2010, the world appeared candid pictures in the MAXIM magazine. The naked body of the actress graced the cover of glossy magazines. Journalists all over the country flooded the actress questions what made the team so drastically change his mind? On all attacks and ridicule the actress proudly and with dignity replied, that not every girl can undress so that was beautiful and not vulgar. Wordsmiths satisfied with this answer, and for some time they left the girl alone. Through the year photo shoot in the same genre have graced another edition men’s magazine XXL.

    Maria Gorban: personal life

    The relationship of the actress with young people has not developed. Comparing all fans with their own beloved father, Mary knew that they all lose much in comparison. However, male friends of the actress a lot. Gorban believes in true friendship and knows how to appreciate people.

    The love of football led to the fact that she had many friends among the players. The first husband of the actress became the player of «Locomotive»

  • Jan Durica. Currently, the actress is married
  • Oleg Filatov, a couple with a little daughter.

    Maria Gorban: filmography

    • The simple truth
    • Turkish March 4
    • Servant
    • Drawing
    • Blood is not water
    • Doctor Tyrsa
    • The game
    • My captain
    • Kitchen
    • Brothers in exchange
    • Looking for a woman with a child

    Maria Gorban: photo

    Maria Gorban

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