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  • Name: Maria Gaidar ( Mariya Gaydar )
  • Date of birth: 21 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: the Russian politician, public figure, journalist, Vice-Governor of Odessa region
  • Marital status: Married

    Maria Gaidar: biography

    Maria Gaidar – the bright representative of young Russian politicians in the wing non-systemic opposition, well-known a key figure in many of the opposition political actions. A former member of the political Council of the party «Union of legal forces» and the founder of Fund of social assistance and support of population, «Social demand». Since 2012, in parallel with the policy experience in journalism and is the leading radio station «Echo of Moscow». July 17, 2015 joined the team of the Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, received the post of Vice-Governor of this promising region of Ukraine.

    Born Maria Yegorovna Gaidar 21 October 1982 in Moscow in the family of well-known public and political figure, a senior official

  • Yegor Gaidar, who played a key role in the economic reform of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the paternal side, Maria has a great-granddaughter of the famous Soviet writer Arkady Gaidar and Pavel Bazhov. Masha was raised by her mother and stepfather, as three years after her birth parents divorced and her mother, Irina Smirnova, went with her daughter from Moscow to Bolivia, where he spent his childhood and youth girls. There is a future politician, he studied at the local school, showing a special interest in foreign languages. From the age of eight Maria bore the name of the mother – Smirnova, she said it was easier for her mom to move to another continent.

    In 1996 she returned to Moscow and graduated from the high school capital school № 1252 with in-depth study of the Spanish language. Higher education she received at the Academy of national economy under the government of the Russian Federation. She was one of the best students of economic faculty that allowed her to graduate from the Academy with honors, then enrolled in graduate school at the Institute of economy in transition, whose Director was her father.

    To establish a relationship with the father of Maria was solved only in 1997, after returning to his homeland. After a few years she once again changed the name to Gaydar, allowing it to more successfully advance in a political career.

    Maria Gaidar: politics

    Political career of Maria Gaidar was launched in 2005. Then a young and ambitious girl, despite her age, managed to become the coordinator of the youth movement «Democratic alternative», which presents itself as a powerful tool to solve real problems. Under the leadership of Mary held numerous protest rallies and pickets against the elimination of vocational schools and corruption in the Universities. Also participants of movement «YES!» were active fighters for the freedom of the media. In the period of Gaidar was a key figure in such political actions, and even detained by police for his flashy slogans and behavior at demonstrations.

    In the same 2005, Maria decided to start to conquer political heights and wanted to get into the world of big politics. She became a member of the headed by Yegor Gaidar party «Union of legal force», and a year is included in the composition of the Presidium of the PCA. But, after the complete failure of the SPS in the Duma elections in 2007 was accepted the decision on dissolution of the party, but that didn’t stop the girl to continue its political protest activities.

    In November 2007, Gaidar was again a standout of the opposition movement. Then «

  • March of dissent», organized by Boris Nemtsov, a young politician were active with a great speech against the «Putin regime», for which he was arrested by the police. In 2009, Maria Gaidar left the first ranks of the active opposition leaders, after receiving an offer to become an adviser to the Kirov region Governor Nikita Belykh. The position of Vice-Governor of the region has caused much hype in the media, Maria got in his address a lot of criticism for the transition of the «the power». In his new role, Haidar was engaged in the problems of health and social issues. Its achievements on a post of the adviser of the Governor was to develop a support system of young professionals who move to rural areas, programmes to improve the conditions of stay in nursing homes and the development of ambulatory surgery.

    In 2011, Maria Gaidar, all of a sudden decided to voluntarily resign from the post of Vice-Governor and went on to study at Harvard University. Returning a year later to Moscow, a young politician on public principles was the adviser to the Vice mayor for social policy, focusing on the development of healthcare in the capital. In 2013 she made the decision to leave the Metropolitan municipality with the intention of devoting himself to development created by her Foundation «

  • Social demand».

    Maria Gaidar, Deputy Governor of the Odessa region

    July 17, 2015 the former head of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who now heads the Odessa area, has appointed Maria Gaidar, the post of his adviser. Becoming Vice-Governor of Odessa region Maria Gaidar promised to take Ukrainian citizenship, assuring citizens of Odessa that the Russian people is not just the government, it is primarily the people, with the hope that believe in the bright future of Ukraine.

    According to Saakashvili, took refuge in Ukraine, the Russian an opposition politician Maria Gaidar will be responsible for the social sphere in the Odessa region. Appointment to this position, she received thanks to its leadership that it clearly showed during the last years in the opposition struggle in Russia. In this regard, Saakashvili believes that Gaidar will become a worthy member of his team and will be able to make a key contribution to a fundamental change of the «new Odessa».

    Maria Gaidar: personal life

    Personal life Maria Gaidar is not as bright and remarkable as her controversial political career. The first time the politician was married at the age of 19 for the Manager of one of the largest corporations in the country. But, as Mary carefully protect from prying eyes and cameras of my family, no name, no photo, no political position, her first husband is not known.

    There is information that the first marriage of the Russian policy of opposition did not last long – just three years later the divorce came, initiated by Mary’s husband, allegedly could not stand her opposition.

    According to unofficial data, in the year 2209 Maria Gaidar remarried, but her husband is absent because he categorically refuses to reveal the secrets of his personal life.

    Maria Gaidar: photo

    Maria Gaidar

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