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  • Name: Maria Berseneva ( Mariya Berseneva )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: Actress, model
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Maria Berseneva : biography

    Maria Berseneva, a famous actress and model, was born in the Russian capital in may 1981. Little Masha was born in a family of athletes. Her father Vladimir Yuryevich was engaged in karate, and my mother Tatiana has dedicated himself to speed skating. For a long time she worked as a trainer-teacher in one of Moscow institutes. Parents from childhood taught the future star to an active lifestyle, Maria Berseneva (nee Shipova) barely have time to visit all sections. However, a future star proved itself very well in swimming, gymnastics and figure skating. A little later, the actress was involved in other pursuits. In addition to sports she liked to dance, play the guitar and sing in the choir.

    Maria Berseneva was always interested in theatre, and that the mention of it made her heart beat faster. In primary school she was involved in school plays. The girl did not have long to think about what she would like to become. Already at 12 years of age, Mary was in high school at GITIS, where she studied acting and drama. After finishing school, she enrolled at the pop Department of the respective institution. The coveted award was received in 2002, from this moment on biography Berseneva is gradually beginning to gain momentum.


    Maria Berseneva path to glory was bumpy, the Directors immediately began to notice the girl. Most of her roles were sporadic and did not promise any prospects in his future career. On screen, Maria Berseneva played the role of «easy» girls, secretaries, and even a snowman. Such images are not allowed to rely on the love of the audience and the more interest from Directors. That is why for a long time after graduation, the artist worked in the modeling business.

    The appearance of Maria Berseneva has always been the envy of many girls: long legs, perfect body proportions and correct facial features. Therefore, immediately after graduation, she decided to try herself in modeling. Berseneva «noted» Metropolitan Agency «M-Globus» and «Point».

    During operation, the model counts the stars appeared more than a dozen photo shoots, she also starred in several commercials. But soon Maria Berseneva realized that the photo on the cover – it is just a good earnings, not dreams covered with a film career. She decided to stay in this area until, until you see the first role of the Directors. Contrary to the expectations of Mary, she had another couple of years to stay in the modeling business.

    In the period from 2004 until 2007, she received several minor roles, where the actress had to transform into bitchy home-wrecker., Secretary and similar images. The name of the future stars rarely appeared even in the final credits and, of course, this situation did not suit her.

    Her first real film was the role of Anna Zaitseva in the TV series «mothers and Daughters», which premiered in 2007. Thanks to the film Maria Berseneva has become recognizable, but at the time it was not about serious characters. Then began a lull, as it turned out later, before the storm.

    That all changed with an invitation to the series «Margot», which appeared on the channel STS in 2009. Biography Maria Berseneva supplemented by new creative victories. The actress played the main role and became not only the darling of all viewers, but also one of the most popular Actresses in Russia.


    Life actor Maria Berseneva turned on its head when she decided to try her hand at casting for the new series «Margot». Wanting to show himself as a man in a woman’s body was a lot, but the Directors gave their preference to Mary, who sang the role of Marguerite Rebrovo. The main condition that before it put a change image, the actress had to be repainted. In the script the character was blonde, and most of Masha from the nature of dark hair.

    For stars such changes were unacceptable and under the risk of losing the role she still refused the offer. Then the filmmakers took a timeout and, on reflection, agreed to the terms Berseneva. The result was not long in coming, and after the first premiere rating of series «Margot» skyrocketed. The audience stretched the famous «things» Margot («Stop the car!», «Evpatiy Kolovrat», «ads»), which became the undisputed feature of the series.

    Masha was waiting for numerous awards, she became the best actress in the opinion of one of the Ukrainian magazines woman of the year from Glamour magazine and electrical. In early 2010, Maria Berseneva photo appeared on the cover of the magazine «Maxim» explicit erotic photo shoot.

    After the stunning success of the heroine Margo was the star to a huge number of proposals from the Directors. In 2011, the actress «shone» in the film «Loot», starred in the films «the Three Musketeers». Their strength, the girl tried as a presenter on the channel «Home», where he hosted the program «Escape from parents». In subsequent years, television has appeared on several paintings with the participation of Maria Berseneva.

    Today much of its time, the artist gives theatre and not cinema. She plays the role of Beatrice in the play «Truffaldino of Bergamo». In 2014, fans of the actress saw two premieres with her participation.

    Personal life

    After GITIS, in 2002, the actress married Guram Kienle, a businessman, who is older than girls at the age of 13. Then the personal life of Maria Berseneva seemed to her the tale, and six months later the couple became parents of a son Nikita. But as they say, nothing lasts forever, and soon followed by a divorce. The star herself says that to date, with her ex-husband did not bind her, they have hardly any contacts, and Guram was only the past stage.

    The second time Mary got married in 2007 Nikolay Bersenev. To this couple five years has lived under the same roof in a civil marriage. At the end of 2009, the actress filed for divorce. The star told journalists that the cause was an intense production schedule.

    Today she admits that happy I have married a third time, but until a suitable candidate is not met.


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    Maria Berseneva

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