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  • Name: Maria Belonenko ( Mariya Belonenko )
  • Date of birth: 19 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Belonenko : biography

    The aspiring actress Maria Belonenko was born in March 1986. She Muscovite. Her parents were artists. And indeed Mary had not cherished the dream to get to the other side of the screen. But artistic talents, the girl was present. Mary was a good hearing, and parents gave their daughter to a music school where she learned to play the piano. And in school initiative Masha was one of the most active.

    At age 11 Maria Belonenko started to visit the dance section, where he honed his choreographic data in different areas of dance.

    Not to say that Mary in the school years never thought about my future as an actress. But the same dream from the category of «blue» going through almost every schoolgirl who’s watching on the screen with the heroines of romantic melodramas. But in real life decided to act pragmatically, choosing the more «mundane» professions.

    So did Maria. At the end of secondary school the girl took the documents to the Metropolitan College, choosing a very promising specialty «economist-lawyer». After graduating from College, Mary decided to go further, once in the Finance Academy under the government of the Russian Federation. But as far as Maria was walking along this path, the more clearly understood that the way she’s attracted to. Moreover – he was a stranger.

    In 2008 biography Maria Belonenko was pretty cool and for many her family an unexpected turn: Masha entered the Schepkin drama school.


    In «Chips» Maria Belonenko studied under the talented actor and people’s artist of the USSR Viktor Korshunov. In 2012, he received the diploma of the University, the young artist was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army (CATRA). This contributed to high evaluation of its artistic excellence, demonstrated in the graduation performances «the Seagull» and «a Funny thing». Besides Maria during practice managed to play Arisha in the production of «bread Labour». This performance took place in the «small theatre» CATRA.

    Thus, theatre management, recruiting Maria Belonenko, already knew about his ability and potential.

    On stage CATRA Masha appeared in many plays. In the Nightingale nights she played Katya, «a long time Ago» Zizi. Then there was the staging of «the Sevastopol March», «Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich», «MA-Mure» and many others. Acting Mary grew, respectively, and the proposed role was manifested more and more.

    A cinematic biography of Maria Belonenko was launched in 2011. Masha made her debut in the action-Packed melodrama «Deal» Andrey Silkin, when I was in my last year of «Pike». The image of Tanya Ulanova, the actress was convincing. It is noteworthy that the first role was one of the main. Masha was lucky to play with such recognized artists as Elena Yakovleva, Vsevolod Boldin and Anastasiya Panina. For Maria Belonenko work in this film was especially enjoyable. After all, the movie is about dancers. And romboy, Jive and Samba Mary long.

    In 2012, the audience was able to see Mary have two notable melodramas – «If I was the Queen» (heroine Sonia Istomina) and «Emergency» (Katya).

    But waking up in a famous actress Maria Belonenko was able after appearing in two seasons of a TV series of Dusan Gligorova and Alexander Boguslavsky, Andrey Komarov «Survive», released in 2013.

    No less attention and love of spectator sports has caused the drama of Sergey Korotaev Shot on biathlon.

    This wonderful action-Packed film about sports «kitchen», about the intrigues and power struggle for a place under the sun was warmly received by viewers. Maria Belonenko played the character of Masha, a biathlete, whose fate in the sport was very tragic. The actress managed to convincingly convey the pain, physical and mental suffering of her heroine, forced to put on the altar of sport love life.

    In a 12-part psychological novel ‘Maya’, which was released in 2015, Maria Belonenko played the main character Maya. This is a story about the plight of a teenage girl, shot by Director of the acclaimed project «Survive after» by Dusan Gligorov.

    Personal life

    In 2016, the actress turns 30, although she looks much younger. In recent projects, she played heroines who are aged Teens barely entered into adulthood. In these images Mary looks quite organically.

    Personal life Maria Belonenko lock and key from prying eyes. It is known that she is not married yet. But the name of Masha in the media often appears next to the name of her colleagues on the set of the film «Operation» Alexander by Soldatchiny. Some media say about the affair that broke out in this pretty pair on the set of the project. But Mary, nor Alexander does not comment on rumors.


    • «If I was Queen…»
    • «Agreement»
    • «Emergency (Emergency)»
    • «To survive-2»
    • «The shot»
    • «To survive after-3»
    • «Maya»


    Maria Belonenko

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