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  • Name: Maria Baeva ( Mariya Baeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Maria Baeva: biography

    Maria Baeva is a young Russian actress, known to viewers of the TV series «Angelica» and «Witch», and for the repeated appearance in the newsreel «jumble».

    Mary was born and raised in Moscow. Her parents had no relationship to art from a professional point of view, but both had a creative nature. Therefore, Maria, and her younger sister from childhood accustomed to participate in various clubs and studios.

    In fact, Baeva still a baby found a craving for the stage. Together with her sister she put home performances sometimes involved and many dolls. When she was about 6 years old, she was accepted into the chorus of the song and dance ensemble behalf. S. Loktev, and later she became involved in the theatre of young Muscovites at the Palace of creativity on the Sparrow hills. Then to music lessons and acting has been added and dances in the youth team of «Nuance».

    Of course, Maria is still a schoolgirl saw himself exclusively as an actress. Moreover, already in adolescence, I tried to do: she was invited in a children’s comic magazine «jumble». After the prom, the girl was applied to all College theater capital, but it was only adopted at the international Slavic Institute named after G. Derzhavin. However, she was not upset and happy to be studied on the course Lyudmila Ivanova.


    As mentioned earlier, Maria Baeva film career started in the children’s comic plots «jumble». In adulthood, she debuted in a small role in the rating series «Trace», «Who’s the boss?», «Big girls» and others.

    A more serious problem was faced as a young actress in the drama «Take me» in which she played a pupil of the orphanage Oksana. Especially a lot of airtime took Mary in the second season of the series. She also appeared in the biographical film «Savva», a mystical Thriller «the Justice of wolves», the melodrama «a woman without a past» and the detective «the Ninth division».

    Following significant work Baeva the crime television series «Wild» where she is in all the seasons played the role of the Spirit Dychenko, the daughter of the main character. At the same time came to the screen war drama, «the Spaniard,» detective «Crazy», the youth drama «Scent of Heather» adventure film «the Fatal inheritance» detective «of Revelation. Revenge».

    Again the audience started talking about Maria Baeva after the start of the show Comedy series «angélique» in which she played the best friend character actress Angelica Kashirina. After this success, Mary in the filmography began to appear in main lead roles. Worth noting is the romance «in Spite of everything,» the historical imagination «Duel. Pushkin — Lermontov», sports drama «shell-Shocked, or swimming Lessons freestyle» and of course, one of the best pictures of the actress – a drama Thriller «the Witch».

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that the actress Maria Baeva still young, she is already a married lady. In August 2015 she combined legal marriage with his elect, whose name is Ivan Shikhirev. Children the couple yet.

    It is also worth noting that Mary, even at a tender age I began writing poetry. First, these poetic sketches created exclusively for herself, but later Baeva I wanted to share my creativity with family and friends. It periodically arranges poetry readings, which is reading poems to the audience.

    Maria says that after another creation «is in people», she herself becomes clear, was the emotion that prompted the creation of this work, transient or, on the contrary, will stay with her for long. In his poems actress free, Frank and fearless. Fans can read the best, according to the author of the poetic line on her official website.


    • 2008-2009 — Take me with you
    • 2009-2013 — Wild
    • 2010 — the Ninth division
    • 2013 — Revelation. Revenge
    • 2014 — Angelica
    • 2014 — in Spite of everything
    • 2014 — Duel. Pushkin — Lermontov
    • 2014 — shell-Shocked, or swimming Lessons freestyle
    • 2015 — Witch
    • 2016 Game. Revenge


    Maria Baeva

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