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  • Name: Maria Aronova ( Mariya Aronova )
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Vidnoye, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Maria Aronova: biography

    People’s artist of the Russian Federation Mariya Valeryevna Aronova was born in March 1972 in the suburban town of Dolgoprudny. She grew up in an ordinary family, with no artists or people of other creative professions. Father – engineer, mother – a librarian. But it so happened that Mary, and her older brother Sasha rose creative. Maria with a child dreamed of becoming an actress, and Alexander was an excellent painter. Subsequently he became an artist-restorer of monumental painting.

    Maria Aronova
    Photos of actress | MGIMO

    Maria Aronova was born an artist. At his home in Dolgoprudny the girl gathered friends and neighbors, constructed with sheets of scrap materials makeshift stage and gave performances. The father was ashamed of these views. He didn’t like that her daughter, like a clown, entertains the neighborhood grandmothers. But mummery for Masha was the only way to assert themselves. She studied no matter, it was easy for her literature and history. With the appearance, as later admitted Maria Aronova, too, was not all smooth. Mary always dreamed of thick braids and the thin waist, but from nature was a big one with not very thick hair.

    But with the character of Masha was all good. Hardness and determination she was not to occupy. When she saw how deftly jump rope girl in the yard, and myself decided to try. Failure made her very upset. Maria got out in the night to the yard and practiced until until the heel started to bleed. But in the morning she showed her friends a true master class.

    Maria Aronova
    Since childhood showed interest in acting | VilingStore

    The ability to achieve goals and a clear understanding of where to go, brought Maria Aronova after school in Dolgoprudny national theatre House of culture «Forward.» Here she received the basics of acting from the Director of the theatre Irina Tikhonova, which today he considers to be his godmother in the art of hypocrisy. Well prepared, in 1990, the young actress went on to act in famous Shchukin theater school. She was accepted on the course. . Ivanova, Maria Aronova where he studied with Nonna Grishaeva.


    Theatrical biography Maria Aronova began in his student years. In the second year, Mary was invited to the capital theatre named after Evgeny Vakhtangov. There was needed a young actress for her character role in the play «Balzaminov’s Marriage», which puts Arkady Katz. Aronov met the expectations of the Director and was immediately invited to the following two performance «Zoyka’s apartment» and «the Threepenny Opera».

    Maria Aronova in the play
    In the play «Free pair» | Afisha Yandex

    In the graduation performance «the Royal hunt» Maria Aronova played Catherine II. And they played and received the State prize of Russia named after K. Stanislavsky.

    After graduation, the young artist was not of the question, where to get a job: Maria immediately took her to the Vakhtangov theater. Aronov has never played in the crowd – she suggested that if not the key role in the performances, the bright second plan. Maria V. lucky to go on stage with such stars as Vladimir Etush, Lyudmila Maksakova, Sergey Makovetsky and Yulia Rutberg.

    According to the artist, it is becoming a big role was played by Mikhail Ulyanov. Feel Aronova, he was not the great Russian actor and the artistic Director of the theatre, and a close relative: «He raised me: patting me on the head, beaten on the ass, we’ve been charming family relationships».

    Maria Aronova in the play
    In the play «For two hares» | Theatre. E. Vakhtangov

    For brilliant performance in the play «chasing two hares Maria Aronova in 1997 was awarded the prestigious prize «crystal Turandot».

    A fateful Aronova calls the performance «uncle’s dream», where Maria V. was able to open the audience to all facets of his skill.

    The theatre for this artist, as she says it her all. Here it asserts itself and could be anyone. Aronov says if not a profession – it would be incredibly complexed and the grey woman. The actress preferred to the cinema. On stage, unlike the set, she feels comfortable like in your own home.

    Maria Aronova at the theater
    On the stage of the theater. Vakhtangov theatre | Theater. E. Vakhtangov

    Today Maria Aronova is not only on the stage of the Vakhtangov theater. She appears on stage in Theatrical Agency «Art-Partner XXI» Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin repertory of Contemporary theater, and many others. The audience watched the performances with her participation «business as Usual», «Marriage Bal’zaminova», «Amphitryon», «Mademoiselle nitouche», «Troilus and Cressida» and «the Little Comedy».

    One of the most acclaimed performances of recent years with this wonderful artist – «Free pair». Here theatergoers saw Maria Aronova paired with Boris Shcherbakov. It’s a brilliant family Comedy where the two stars played a married couple, which originally solves the problem with the so-called love triangle.


    In the movie, Maria Aronova appeared in 1995. Debut role, the actress was offered by a famous Director Sergei Ursulyak. He filmed a play by Maxim Gorky’s «Summerfolk». The painting is called «Summer people.»

    Maria Aronova in the series
    In the TV series «the Eighties» |

    After a successful debut, the artist often invited to act in films. She has appeared in many of rating TV shows, such as «request Stop», «Moscow Windows», «Team», «Soldiers», «Strawberry», «Eighties». An audience favorite actress in the films «Next» and «Hunters for diamonds». In the last 8-series project she played Galina Brezhnev, daughter of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee.

    Maria Aronova although she considers herself a theatrical actress, people love her film work. For her supporting role in the brilliant Comedy of Stanislav Govorukhin «the Actress» in 2007, she was awarded the prize «Nika».

    Maria Aronova in the title role in the film
    The main role in the film «the Battalion» | Arguments and Facts

    Incredibly beautiful Maria Aronova in the Comedy «dinner is served! Or beware of love» Maxim Papernik, where there were present constellation of actors: Aleksandr Baluev, Yuliya Rutberg, Aleksandr Lykov and Olga Krasko.

    Actress and knows how to hit. In the historical film «the Battalion», which was released in 2015, she played a deeply dramatic and tragic role. Maria Aronova appeared as the key character Maria Bochkareva, commander of women’s battalion of death. And while viewers are used to seeing in the tragicomic roles, Aronova was very organic as a dramatic character.

    In 2017 Maria Valeryevna will once again give their fans a surprise will appear in the series Oleg Trofim «Ice», where they will play one of the main characters.

    Maria Aronova in the program
    The presenter of the program «All will be well!» | Russia 1

    Maria Aronova known to many viewers not just as an actress of theatre and cinema, but also as a wonderful presenter. She led the children’s program «sesame Street» and the culinary project «Cooking family».

    Unfortunately, Maria Aronova had to leave the program «Everything will be okay!» which she led on the channel «Russia-1». In October 2012 there was a scandal. It arose from-for careless phrase uttered by Maria Aronova towards children suffering from down syndrome. The words angered leading Evelina Bledans, which the child belongs to the «sun children» (so called babies born with diabetes). As became known later, women made up.

    Personal life

    Today the actress is wonderful and strong family. A wonderful husband and two adorable children. But the personal life of Maria Aronova was not as smooth as she would like. She claimed she was married three times. And all three marriages – civil.

    The first time 14-year-old Masha was fond of two times older husband, a native of Uzbekistan Ulugbek. And so carried away that the parents gave consent to her marriage when she turns 16. Parents of the future husband even started to equip the young family home. But Mary grew up and realized that she married before. With Ulugbek they remained friends and even now continue to communicate.

    Maria Aronova with his son and daughter
    Children actress | Fansite actress

    Second marriage Maria Aronova calls similar to Eclipse, or a nuclear war. The father of her first child she loved to distraction. They met in the dormitory, when Mary was a freshman. In the company, she first heard the name of the guy everyone loved and waited for. His name was Vladislav gandrabura. One day, he came and Aronov immediately fell in love. He was not handsome, but that fact departed on the second or even third plan, when the guy started talking. Vlad was a real genius. At least, it seemed to Mary. He was talented, but at the same time completely helpless. Vladislav studied at GITIS, and then in the Studio of the Moscow art theatre, but never finished a single University.

    Maria Aronova said that don’t even understand how got pregnant. And when you understand, then frightened, because they were afraid of expulsion from the University. But firmly decided to give birth, no matter how the circumstances.

    Maria Aronova with her daughter
    My daughter Serafima | KP

    This marriage lasted until then, until a man raised the young wife’s hand. Masha was a student and brought a young son Bishop. Aronov argues that loved him very much, but there is a boundary beyond which she will not let go anyone.

    In that very difficult period, Maria Aronova was left alone with a baby. From the husband left. The mother died, and soon his father brought home another woman. Lack of money and hopelessness. It was then that she met a man who was reliable, kind and economic. Evgeny Fomin worked as the head of the transport Department in the Vakhtangov theatre, where he served as Maria Aronova. He was 15 years older than Mary. But framed his man’s shoulder when the woman was particularly difficult.

    Maria Aronova and Evgeny Fomin
    With Evgeny Fomin | Mach-Rikh

    In 2004 the couple have a daughter Serafima. The family lives in a house in the home for Aronova Dolgoprudny.


    • 1995 — «the Summer people»
    • 2001 — «Next»
    • 2002 — «Team»
    • 2002 — Ice age
    • 2004— «Soldiers»
    • 2005 — «Bon appetit!»
    • 2007 — «Artist»
    • 2007 — «adventures of private Ivan Chonkin»
    • 2011 — «Hunters for diamonds»
    • 2012 -2016 — «Eighties»
    • 2015 — «Battalion»


    Maria Aronova

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