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  • Name: Maria Anikanova ( Mariya Anikanova )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Maria Anikanova: biography

    Mariya Anikanova was born in Moscow on 20 June 1973. All is not enough that a girl will become an athlete. Grandmother and grandfather Mary is a well – known skaters. Aunt and mother dedicated her life to figure skating. His father worked as a doctor of the national team of the USSR in figure skating.

    As describes a period of her childhood the actress, from 3 to 16 years, she only did what was training on the ice. At school he studied poorly, could skip classes, but mother had turned a blind eye, all the energy aiming at educating athletes. Mary was good, and she even rolled in a pair of future Champions Getasdom and Chernyshev was the Junior team. First Tatiana Tarasova, and then Gennady Ackerman coached the girl.

    It is often asked whether she has no regrets about leaving the sport. But Anikanova does not regret, because for a successful sports career as a skater she lacked the desire, «bulbs» as she calls it, to burn for sports and live only for them.

    And that’s when Peter Chernyshov left, and sports tandem broke up, Maria Anikanova was to seek new partners. She left the sport.

    Movies and theatre

    Photos of Maria was in the file Cabinet of «Mosfilm». She was constantly called in for the audition, but due to the employment the girl never went. After the departure of Chernysheva in America she had a lot of free time and nothing better to do Anikanova decided to audition to Solovyov. She recalls how her wearing some kind of hat, gave up a cigarette, which she even did not know how to properly keep, and in this image photographed. To the surprise of the girls, it adopted the role in the film «House under the starry sky».

    Rented all summer, and Anikanova, though, and treated the film with keen interest saw them as the big summer holiday. Once Sergei Alexandrovich started a serious conversation with the actress, asking where she was going to do after school. Maria Anikanova not seen other options besides sports. Soloviev asked her to do his course in cinematography.

    She really came to VGIK, but then transferred to the Shchukin school and graduated in 1995. At the same time, the actress was taken to the theater «Contemporary». There was a period when she left the theatre, left her second husband to America. Marriage is not formed, and in 1998 she was back in Moscow. Galina Borisovna Volchek took her back.

    In the 90-ies Anikanova practically withdrawn. Only since 2000 has resumed the shooting of a movie. First it was the work in episodes, then in the creative Treasury of the actress appeared in the role more and more interesting.

    In 2007 she played in the television series «a Woman without a past.» Her character – a strong woman who lost her memory. Alexandra the role brought the actress a popular.

    Highly appreciated by the audience, the work of Mary in the TV series «Missing». There she plays a psychologist from a special Department of the UK. The Department is looking for people under mysterious circumstances.

    In 2013, Julia Anikanova plays in the series «Sniffer». Over the last 5 years this show has become one of the most popular. In 2015, she, along with the continuing «Sniffer-2» actress returns to TV screens.

    Personal life

    Twice the actress was married to athletes. The first time married to figure skater Evgeny Platonov in the first year. They met on the train when the girl was 14. Timid Maria never thought about the relationship, but fell in love with a handsome young man. Their marriage lasted three years. At the age of 19 hard to be a good wife, and Anikanova it is recognized that not always came true. Platonov went on a tour of America. Anikanova in their career.

    Ilia Kulik became the second Olympic champion who won the heart of the actress. Following the agreement, when he won the Olympics in Nagano in 1998, she went with him to America. Before that, they communicated at a distance, went to each other. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, though for him Anikanova quit. Too much time Ilya took away the sport. Mary was often left alone in the house. The housewife and the constant loneliness she soon got bored.

    With the third husband of the actor’s environment it introduced Peter Krasilov. Andrew siping three years younger than Anikanova. Andrew persevered and achieved at Mary. After a month of relationship he proposed to her. For more than five years into this marriage.


    • «The house under the starry sky»
    • «Tomorrow or the nuclear Princess»
    • «Hunting elk»
    • «Two destinies-2»
    • «Hot ice»
    • «A woman without a past»
    • «Love and death Anna Karenina»
    • «Dolls»
    • «The sniffer»
    • «The Line Of Martha»


    Maria Anikanova

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