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  • Name: Maria Andreeva ( Mariya Andreeva )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Kirovohrad, Ukraine
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Maria Andreeva: a biography

    The actress was born July 12, 1986 in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd, but further biography of Maria Andreeva is not connected with this town. The childhood and adolescence of the future artist was held in Moscow where the family moved when she was little.

    Maria Andreeva
    The talented actress | YOUR STORY

    Since childhood Andreev showed an interest in art. In high school, where he studied under Mary, was a spiritual specialization. The students had to regularly visit numerous excursions. Later she transferred to a school with an emphasis on learning the English language, after which he submitted documents for receipt in Theatrical Institute. Schepkin.

    Maria Andreeva
    Photos of actress | Workshop P. Fomenko

    Course Directors in the Schepkin theatrical Masha was Yuri Solomin and his wife. It Solomin after the release of the proposed Andreeva becoming an actress of the Maly theater. From the first day Mary had respite from work projects. One of the first Premier of the actor was the play «Moliere». In a production of Moliere played her mentor from «Chips», the artist was awarded the role of Armande Bejart.


    In addition to working with the Maly theater actress entered the training the first trainee group, which is then scored by Piotr Fomenko. The actress had a hard time during that period, she literally was torn between two fires: a Small theatre and Workshop Fomenko. But in 2010, Mary made the final decision and left the job in the Maly theatre.

    In apprenticeship years, Mary had to play a major role in the play «the tale of the Ardennes forest». Production was carried out entirely by the trainees. Masha also played in the play «Alice in Wonderland» by Ivan Popovski.

    Maria Andreeva in the workshop of Peter Fomenko
    Maria Andreeva in the workshop of Peter Fomenko | Russia 1

    In 2011 she was awarded the prize «the star of Teatral». In addition to the theatrical merit is now well known as Andreev film and TV star.

    Movies Of Maria Andreeva

    In 2006 the publishing house was bursting from the novel by Sergei Minaev «duhless. The story of a real man.» At that time the book sold a huge circulation not only in Russia but also abroad. The novel was twice reprinted, the total number of published copies exceeded 1 million.

    Maria Andreeva in the film
    In the movie «duhless 2» | Cotonti

    The novel did not go unnoticed in the ranks of the directing elite. Producer Peter Anurova managed to read the book first or not, he immediately took up the idea to film the story.

    In 2012, the premiere of the film «duhless» on the novel starring Danila Kozlovsky. Maria Andreeva in the movie «duhless» has played the role of Julia, a student, activist group «Free radicals».

    In 2015 premiere continue — «duhless 2». Maria Andreeva plays the role of Julia. On pages the Internet-editions there are many photos of Maria Andreeva from the set of «duhless 2». The continuation of the story of max, who is hiding from a past life in Bali, took place on March 5, becoming the leader of the Russian hire.

    In addition, in 2015, the actress took part in the creation of several films, including Comedy «BW» with Alexei Chadov in the main role and the sports drama «Warrior,» directed by Alexey Andrianov. Interestingly, after the filming of the latter picture, the actress began to attend classes in Boxing.

    Maria Andreeva in the series
    With Yevgeny Tsyganov in the series Sofia | Around TV

    2016 brought Maria Andreeva a major role in the historical TV series «Sofia», where the actress appeared in the image of Sophia Palaeologus, and the company on the set, he made Yevgeny Tsyganov, Ilya Ilyin, Nikolai Kozak, and others.

    Personal life

    Private life of Maria Andreeva is not as bright intrigue, new love relationships. In recent times, Mary was often thought to have an affair with Danila Kozlovsky, a colleague on the set of the film «duhless» and «duhless 2». But the actress categorically denies these rumors.

    Maria Andreeva and Danila Kozlovsky in the film
    With Danila Kozlovsky in the movie «duhless» |

    Maria too immersed in theater productions and shooting on the grounds that it takes a lot of effort, time for personal life just Andreeva has not. And in one interview, the girl hinted that if the personal life of Maria Andreeva and make any turns, it will not be for the public, because personal is personal.


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    Maria Andreeva

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