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  • Name: Akhmetzyanov Maria ( Mariya Akhmetzyanova )
  • Date of birth: 29 August 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Tver, Russia
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Maria Akhmetzyanov: biography

    Maria Akhmetzyanov was born in Tver 29 August 1989. From her early years she was drawn to the scene, but the will of his passion, the future actress was given immediately. First, the young Maria was fascinated by ballet, and soon after that decided to try sports: Akhmetzyanov, athletics and shooting.

    After school, the girl still did not think about an acting career seriously, so chose a profession entirely different. She successfully entered the philological faculty of the Tver state University.

    Maria Akhmetzyanov
    Maria akhmetzianova | VK

    Fortunately for the national cinema, one philological education Maria still decided to go. In 2012 year she completed training at the School of drama Herman Sidakova, during which, in the end, chose the specialty of the actress of theatre and cinema.

    The school is notable for the fact that she doesn’t just give students all the necessary knowledge and skills. In the framework of the curriculum is a set of two parallel groups of students: those who aspire to become actors, and fans of the Director’s craft. Simultaneous educational process allows both successfully master future activity practice, learn to cooperate with future colleagues and proper prioritization.


    The actress received her first role before could be called a graduate of the School of drama Herman Sidakova. In 2011, the year she played the role of Maya Odintsovo in the series «Split». The plot of the series is built on the idea of a war between humans and vampires that lasts for many centuries.

    At the beginning of the series tells about a temporary truce between the two was achieved thanks to the Source from which the vampires can draw a replacement for human blood. To find such a Source can only split are the children of vampires and humans, therefore, largely depends on the future of humanity.

    Maria akhmetzianova in the series
    Maria akhmetzianova in the series «Split» | Cinemania

    Following a serious role Akhmetzyanova was the character Taani Letnikova from the mini-series «Eclipse», which was released on the wide screen in 2013-m to year. The series tells about the difficult life of a girl Mariana, who had not time to learn that kind of betrayal, and gradually turn into a ruthless avenger.

    Important in the career of Mary event were also, oddly enough, shooting in advertising. In 2014 year the girl was approved for the role of a ballerina in the movie, where her partner was supposed to be David Duchovny. Shooting with world famous actor took place in the Mayakovsky Theater. Akhmetzyanova, which at that time studied ballet for seven years, it was quite difficult to cope with their role, but in the end the video turned out perfect.

    Maria akhmetzianova and David Duchovny
    Maria akhmetzianova and David Duchovny | Instagram

    In 2016, the year Maria starred in a melodramatic mini-series «gin». The series tells about an actor who works in children’s theater, and after hours continues to perform the role of «Gina»: seeks to help everyone and never ceases to believe in miracles.

    Another role young actress got in the TV series «Hounds-6». Her character Yana Schukina, is notable for its ambition and tenacity. The girl working at the investigation Department of the FPS and specializiruetsya on the search of fugitives. Maria brilliantly passed all of the personality traits of your character.

    Maria Akhmetzyanov
    Maria akhmetzianova | VK

    An equally important project for the actress became an international picture of «Bravo, Virtuoso», shot by Levon Minasian. In this movie Akhmetzyanova also got one of the main roles. The film deals with contemporary social issues that played up in a humorous style.

    A breakthrough in his career Akhmetzyanova are the participation in the fourth season of the popular series «Junior». If the above mentioned movies actress looked far not by everyone, with the series broadcast in STS, familiar to many Russians. The serial story of the movie revolves around a hockey team called the Bears. Athletes have to overcome the UPS and downs of the team, and at the same time to deal with numerous personal problems.

    Maria akhmetzianova in the series
    Maria akhmetzianova in the series «Junior» | Junior-4

    Mary Akhmetzyanova in this sitcom got the role of the artist Kira. The girl unwittingly becomes involved in a complex web of love intrigue, literally torn between two men. One of them she found (Tsarev, played by actor Mikhail Gavrilov) , and the other truly in love (the Fires, the actor Ivan Zhvakin). The character Mary only appears in 27 series of the epic.

    Personal life

    Numerous photos of Mary you see a beautiful, stately and spectacular girl (her height is 173 cm). It is therefore not surprising that the actress has already been married. From this marriage she has a son Daniel.

    Maria akhmetzianova son
    Maria akhmetzianova son | VK

    Unfortunately, the family broke up rather quickly, and now akhmetzianova not in a relationship with the father of her child. As can be seen from the posts of the actress in social media, now she has a boyfriend, but his identity remains unknown.


    • 2011 – series «Split»
    • 2011 – series «Eclipse»
    • 2013 – «Moscow. Three station»
    • 2014 – TV series «Hounds-6»
    • 2016 – the movie «Bravo, Virtuoso»
    • 2016 – series «gin»
    • 2016 – the series «Junior»
    • 2017 series «Sorge»


    Maria Akhmetzyanov

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