Margot Robbie

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  • Name: Margot Robbie ( Margot Robbie )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: gold coast, Australia
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Margot Robbie: the biography

    The story of Margot Robbie similar to the modern tale of Cinderella. However, her path to fame and prosperous life was arduous and my fairy godmother was Margo and her fantastic performance.

    The actress was born 2 July 1990 in Australia. Her parents lived in a resort town, popular with foreign tourists, but Margo spent her childhood in the province – on the farm of his grandmother. Her father was engaged in farming, but he left a wife and four children. In addition to Margot in the family has an older son, younger son and daughter. Cheating Robbie never forgave my father, after he has ceased to maintain a relationship with him. Her mother had to work hard to give children everything you need. She is a physical therapist, her work involves children with disabilities and elderly patients.

    Margot Robbie grew curious and ambitious, she sought to take from life to the max – went to drama school, dancing, water rowing. Her real passion was surfing. After the end of the school year, Margot Robbie has traditionally gone to the farm with grandma. In 10 years, he artfully chopped wood and milked cows.

    After school the girl went to College and got a job just three job. She wanted a little to facilitate the life of the mother. The aspiring actress worked as a waitress in a bar, cleaned the rooms in the hotel that sold Souvenirs and drinks at the beach kiosk. When Margot Robbie had collected a little money, she went to acting classes in Melbourne. Combined studies with work and a visit to the auditions. To pay for the courses she had to trade sandwiches.


    At the start of her acting career in Margot Robbie was not an agent: she went to all the screen tests, which were learned from the ad or from classmates. Some selections have ended for her success, but the role was so small that the names Robbie wasn’t even in the credits. Fleeting appearance in the shot was enough the girl drew the attention of the Director Arona, famous in Australia. He invited her to star in the title role of the painting «I see you.» It was in 2007.

    The next year was no less successful. Margot Robbie came to the casting of the popular Australian series «Neighbours», and after the trial, confident in his failure, went to rest in Canada. Vacation interrupted by a message stating that she was approved for the role of Donna Freedman. Almost three years Margot starred in the sitcom, swiping at the site for 17-18 hours five days a week. For her role in «the Neighbors» aspiring actress received two nominations.

    In January 2011 the shooting ended, Robbie decided that they are ready to become a Hollywood star. The girl went to America, where she met inhospitable. She from morning till evening went to the auditions – it is useless. Finally, she was offered the role of a stewardess in the TV series «pan am». However, the first season was a disaster, so the project was closed. But this role itself Margot Robbie believes his start in Hollywood. Filmmakers noticed a cute blonde.

    In 2012, the actress starred in the film «boyfriend from the future», and soon began to star in the film «the Wolf of wall street». Margo sent a portfolio for review and went to England, where he received an invitation to audition in new York. She had to audition scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio, because in the story she was supposed to play his wife. Leonardo did a lot of improvising, but Robbie is not lost: when a partner asked her to kiss him, she rolled him a resounding slap (in scenario it was not). Ingenuity girls won the Director – he had no doubt that he found the actress.

    After «the wolf of wall street» Margot Robbie woke up famous: she has graced the covers of fashion gloss, the Directors have made her interesting suggestions. She starred in the «French Suite», «Focus», «Game for a fall» and other paintings.

    Personal life

    Margot Robbie’s rich personal life. She first met Matthew Thompson, whom he knew from school. After the breakup they remained friends. Then there was the short novels with the College student and the art Director Aitken. There was even talk that Robbie’s romance with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Her current boyfriend – assistant Director Tom Ackerly, with whom the actress met on the set of the «French Suite». Last spring there is information about their engagement.

    Margot Robbie says she lives a normal life for a girl her age: she loves to travel, to visit night clubs and enjoy snowboarding.


    • «Suicide squad»
    • «Homicide»
    • «Focus»
    • «The wolf of wall street»
    • «French Suite»
    • «Shorting»
    • «The Princess and the elephant»
    • «Tarzan. Legend»
    • «I see you»
    • «Boyfriend from the future»


    Margot Robbie

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