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photo Margarita Suhankina

  • Name: Margarita Suhankina ( Margaret Maroun )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Opera and pop singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Margarita Suhankina: biography

    Margarita Suhankina — Soviet and Russian Opera and pop singer. She performed at the Bolshoi theatre, but in 80-90 years, her voice sounded in all domestic discos, because Suhankina performed incredibly popular hits of the disco group «the Mirage».

    Margaret was born in Moscow in a family of engineers. Suhankina were not rich people, the girl often had to continue wearing things older brother. At the age of 4, my parents took Margarita to the Palace of pioneers in the Lenin hills, where the child took in the choir and soon became a soloist. Later she became involved also in the music school, piano class.

    In 1975 Suhankina hits the Big children’s choir Union radio and Central television under the direction of Viktor Popov, which immediately became the soloist of the senior group. Began touring in the Union republics, and later abroad, many concerts and festivals, the shooting on TV.

    After graduating from eighth grade, Margarita Suhankina arrives at musical-pedagogical College, after which submits documents to the Conservatory, but does not pass the competition. In the second year of her waiting for the same failure. Then again a failure, as in the Conservatory and at the faculty of musical Comedy of GITIS. In the end, the stubborn girl manages to become a student of the State pedagogical Institute Gnesin, which Rita… soon throws. The fact that there teacher decided to retrain Suhankina on another voice – soprano, while Margarita congenital mezzo-soprano, that is, the tone is somewhat lower.

    Next year is already fully confident the entrant finally submits to the examination Board of the Conservatory. After graduation, a young Opera singer performs in the Bolshoi theater, Moscow. Over 10 years of service Suhankina played almost the entire classical repertoire, but at the beginning of the XXI century leaves the company. Soon begins a pop operation.


    Back in the mid 80-ies Margarita Suhankina recorded songs together with his friend Andrey Lithium. First, her singing sounded in the songs of group «activity Zone», and then Rita sang three songs «Live», «Stars await us» and «This night», which became the band’s debut album «Mirage». In addition to Rita’s on this disc sounded the voice of Natalia Gulkin.

    But for Shankini these records were just fun and made no commercial sense. She recorded all the songs from the second album «together Again», which made «Mirage» one of the most popular groups of the USSR. Hits like «Music has connected us», «New hero», «I’m not asking anymore» and «Comes the night», sounded from every house.

    And here Margarita Suhankina was scared! She asked Lityagina nowhere to indicate that is related to pop recording, otherwise it could result in exclusion from the Conservatory, to which the girl went so long. The result on stage to the soundtrack of the singer danced with Tatiana Ovsienko, Irina Saltykova Natalia Vetlitskaya, and about the real owner of pure voice none of the listeners did not know. Actually got a free Margarita and recorded the third CD «Not for the first time», which was released on cassette in 1989, but officially began to spread only 14 years later.

    After leaving the Bolshoi theater Suhankina has recorded a solo «Chuvash album.» Up to this point in fashion, retro and the disco 80s. This was an incentive for her to emerge from the shadows and finally to appear before the public as a singer of legendary songs. She teams up with Natalia Gulkina and writes the hit song «Just a Mirage» and self-titled album, which came out as drive Duo Gulkin and Suhankina.

    Soon ladies with the direct participation of Andrei Lityagina revive the group «Mirage» and under the sign give the album «a Thousand stars». The title song, a disco-hit «Twinkle night» is becoming very popular. Subsequently, Gulkin was replaced by another former soloist of group Svetlana Razina. Latest album «Release me» was released in 2013, but before his appearance in «the Mirage» singer was only one Margarita Suhankina.

    Personal life

    At the beginning of the Opera career of Margarita Suhankina went to a master class in Germany, where he met the Croatian businessman Antun Maroney. Soon the wedding took place, and Rita took not only her husband’s name, but adopted the Catholic faith. The couple lived in Germany and Switzerland, but Margaret was not satisfied that the husband turned her into a housewife and not allowed to return to the stage. Two years later, the marriage was destroyed, but the surname Maroun and stayed at Rita’s in the passport.

    Margarita Suhankina with foster children
    Margarita Suhankina with foster children | Women’s magazine «WomanHit»

    Then she even got married three times. First for a little known composer, then a pianist-concertmaster of the Bolshoi theatre. The last spouse of the singer was a businessman, a retiree. But none of the marriages was not long.

    Since 2010 Margaret has lived in a de facto marriage with the composer Andrey Lithium. They even adopted two children, a boy Sergei and Valery girl. This event was widely covered by press and television, as biological parents deprived of parental rights, tried to return the children themselves. But each of the trials remained on the side of Shankini and Lityagina. However, Andrey and Margarita divorced after four years of living together, and now they are just colleagues.


    • 1987 — the Stars await us
    • 1988 — together Again
    • 1989 — Not for the first time
    • 2002 — This is not a Mirage
    • 2003 — Chuvash album
    • 2003 — Come on
    • 2004 — the Old new
    • 2005 — Just A Mirage
    • 2009 — a Thousand stars
    • 2013 — Let me go


    Margarita Suhankina

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