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  • Name: Margarita Slutskaya ( Margarita Slutskaya )
  • Date of birth: 8 September 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: fashion model, blogger, journalist, participant in the show «the Bachelor 4»
  • Marital status: not married

    Margarita Slutskaya: biography

    Margarita Slutskaya is a Russian model, an Internet blogger and Vijay its own channel on cosmetology. Participated in the 4th season of the romantic project «the Bachelor on TNT.»

    She was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg in a fairly wealthy family. In early childhood, a girl of about six years was engaged in figure skating, but after leaving this beautiful sport, it’s a bit better. Yes, now it sounds farfetched, but the St. Petersburg beauty with the figure of a supermodel in the 12-13 years was really quite plump. And this is the first children’s sympathy forced her to engage them and to bring the appearance in a full order.

    This episode of the life of Margaret, which itself is abbreviated called Rita, proved to be very significant. The girl just started to follow your diet, gym and use the funds to care, but subsequently decided to share their experiences in their own Internet blog. At first it was a regular page in the network that Slutskaya was led under the name of Rita Ross. But later, seeing the interest of many people, Margaret has created a channel on Youtube, and then Instagram, which has an audience of millions.

    In the video, Rita explains to the girls how to use makeup, which firm to choose, how to care for themselves and so on. Don’t shy away from Slutskaya and the question of clothing: teaches how to pack a particular item with the other part of the wardrobe, how to choose a beautiful accessory, which brands to prefer and things like that.

    Education Margarita Slutskaya is a journalist. She graduated from relevant faculty of St. Petersburg state University in 2015 and have already worked in the advertising Department of the St. Petersburg famous network of restaurants «Ginza project». Also, she has been leading the International fashion week in St. Petersburg, and in addition, together with Alena Shishkova starred in one of the videos of the rapper Timati.

    TV show

    It’s funny, but before Margarita Slutskaya was not a fan of the TV show «the Bachelor» and not watched the previous seasons. Moreover, less than a year ago in one of my social networking Rita wrote that participation in such reality shows he believes it is absolutely immoral. But on casting of the 4th season, in which the main character was a famous actor, singer and musician Alexei Vorobyov, decided to go to, first, check yourself for strength, and secondly, to ensure that what is happening in front of the cameras – true or fiction writers?

    In the first live sparrows from among 25 contenders selected 16 of the most favorite girls. It happened at the awarding ceremony of women rose. One of the red flowers and got Margarita Slutskaya, who is now with Alexis and 15 other magic rivals goes to Thailand and will continue to understand themselves and their relationship to the enviable groom.

    Personal life

    A year ago, Margarita Slutskaya, judging by the pages in social networks, was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend. But apparently, the young people broke up, once she decided to come to the TV show where you have to win the heart of another man.

    Rita is a very open, sociable and friendly person. She devotes much time to communicating with visitors to your blog and answer even the trickiest questions, and always does it very correctly.

    Slutskaya loves to actively spend their leisure time – visit a gym or doing shopping with her friends, travels around the world. She tries to go abroad at least twice a year and recently visited America, the Dominican Republic and several European countries.

    The girl loves animals in her house lives a German shepherd and small dog breeds Jack Russell Terrier named Nicole always goes along with a Margarita.


    Margarita Slutskaya

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