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  • Name: Margarita Simonyan ( Margarita Simonyan )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnodar
  • Activities: journalist, editor in chief of TV channel «RT» and the Agency «Russia today»
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Tigran Keosayan

    Margarita Simonyan: biography

    Margarita Simonyan was born 6 April 1980 in the Russian city of Krasnodar. The girl together with her sister Alice grew up in a poor family, her father Simon earned a living repairing refrigerators, a mother Zinaida traded on the market of the flowers. The family lived in an old house on Gogol street, where always there were rats, there was no gas, water and sewage. Harsh living conditions have only strengthened the girl’s desire to escape from poverty and to achieve comfortable living conditions. When Margaret was about ten years old, the family channel was allocated an apartment in a new district of the city.

    In kindergarten, the future journalist one of the first learned to read, so the teacher often leave Rita with a book to entertain other children: young Margaret read aloud stories. Later Simonyan went to Krasnodar a school specializing in the study of foreign languages, where he studied at one of the five that went to the Olympics. In ninth grade, Simonyan had the chance to go to study abroad on an exchange program. The girl fell in the United States, she lived in the family, which is still treated with warmth and gratitude, and he was in 12th grade. One girl wanted to stay and live in a distant country, but love of country forced her to return to Russia.

    After graduating from school with a gold medal, Margarita Simonyan entered the Kuban state University faculty of journalism. She also studied at the new School of theatrical skills» under the guidance of well-known Russian presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner in Moscow.


    In 1999, Margarita Simonyan became a correspondent on the TV channel «Krasnodar». To this work she managed through the collection of poems of his own composition, which Margaret has published a year earlier. The channel has decided to shoot a story about a talented girl. While chatting with a camera crew Simonyan remembered that I wanted to work as a journalist, and she was offered an internship at channel.

    19 years old Margaret went to shoot a story in Chechnya. That goes to a war zone, the girl told her parents only after you return in 10 days. A series of stories in one of the «hot spots» of the world brought Margarita Simonyan popularity and numerous journalism awards: «For professional courage», the first prize of the all-Ukrainian competition of regional TV and radio companies and of the Russian Order of Friendship.

    In 2000, Simonyan became the editor-in-chief of TV channel «Krasnodar», and a year later a correspondent for Russian state television and broadcasting company in Rostov-on-don. She continued her career as a military journalist, after visiting Abkhazia, lighting clashes between militants the army in the Kodori gorge.

    In 2002 Margarita Simonyan was invited to Moscow by the correspondent of TV program «Vesti». The journalist accompanied the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, being among the presidential pool of journalists. In September 2004, Simonyan went to Beslan to cover the events of the hostage-taking at school. The tragedy has greatly affected the Outlook and views of the Margarita, in many interviews, she advises young journalists to start their career as «war correspondents».

    In 2005 was created the «Russia Today» channel that was broadcasting in English and was designed to reflect Russia’s position on international events. Editor-in-chief appointed a promising channel Margarita Simonyan. The appointment of such a young person to such a responsible position the heads, RIA «Novosti» argued the position that manage the project should have been man, not seen the Soviet news has their own ideas about how to show Russian news for foreign audiences. Later, Margaret also became involved in the Arabic-speaking and Spanish-speaking version of the channel.

    In 2011, she became the leading news of his project «What’s happening?» on the channel «REN-TV». During the program, the presenter discussed the most significant events of the week, which for some reason has not been adequately addressed on the Federal channels. Margaret talked to the direct participants of the events and the audience.

    In 2013, Simonyan became the leading political show «Iron lady» on channel «NTV». Together with leading Tina Kandelaki live the journalist asked not always easy, but relevant questions well-known political figures and businessmen. However, in the same year, TV guide has decided to close the show.

    In late 2013, Margarita Simonyan was appointed editor-in-chief of the international news Agency «Russia Today».


    Margaret from early childhood dreamed of becoming a writer and doing print journalism. At the age of 18 years he published a collection of his own poems.

    In 2010, Margaret has published a book «Moscow». In connection with an active journalistic and editorial activities, writing the book took about ten years. This novel tells the story of the generation of the nineties and their difficult lives, the unfulfilled dreams. In 2011, thanks to Roman Simonyan was awarded the prize for best book of a journalist.

    In 2012, the magazine «Russian pioneer» Simonyan has published an excerpt from his new novel «the Train». She also writes food articles for this magazine.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Margarita Simonyan is little known. In a 2012 interview she remembered that for six years is a civil marriage with journalist Andrew Blagodaren. The girl claimed that a formal marriage and wedding preparations it really is quite satisfied with this state of Affairs. 12 Aug 2013 Margarita gave birth to a daughter Mariana.

    In a 2012 interview Simonyan said that along with members of his family opens a restaurant «Hot!» in Sochi. At the same time the girl have been increasingly seen in the company of famous film Director and actor Tigran Keosayan, who at that time was still officially married to Alena Khmelnytsky.

    In September 2014, Margarita was born a son, who was named Armenian named Bagrat. At the same time visit one of the social networks Keosayan confirmed that he became a father. It was later revealed that this is the second child of the couple — in August 2013, Margarita gave birth to a daughter.


    Margarita Simonyan

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