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  • Name: Margarita Shubina ( Margarita Shubina )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Ukraine
  • Activities: theater and film actress, film Director, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Margarita Shubina: biography

    Margarita Shubina is a talented actress and Director of theater and film, popular in the former Soviet Union. Was awarded the title «Honored artist of Russia», continues the creative activity. First fame actress brought the role in the film «Sunday, half seventh» and the TV series «Turkish March».

    Margarita Shubina
    Margarita Shubina | Cinema Club

    Margarita Valerievna was born in the former USSR on 4 April 1966. School years the girl was interested in art, attended art school and a literary circle. She showed the makings of a talent in both arenas, and in high school even won city Olympiad in literature and was sent to the Institute named after Gorky.

    But Margarita was already sure that an artist or writer – it is not her calling. Because of their restlessness and boundless energy she would hardly be able to spend long hours writing books or painting paintings. On their own convictions rather she was a daredevil and a rebel, than an outsider thinker and the observer.

    Margarita Shubina young
    Margarita Shubina young

    Margaret decided to devote himself to acting career, so as to represent anyone in a young lizdeika worked perfectly, and as evidenced by the photo, she possessed the necessary external data. Confirmation of this was the receipt in GITIS the first time when there is a huge competition. She got on the course a famous theater Director A. Remez, and throughout the training showed great results.

    Already in the 4th year, the actress received the first invitation to play a role in the Theatre named after Mayakovsky, prominent theater Director A. Goncharov. There she received the first experience of working with famous artists such as Irina Rozanova. After graduating in 1987, thanks to the bright talent of Margarita Valeryevna it literally inundated with invitations to all the theaters of Moscow.


    More than any other young actress liked the proposal of the chief Director and artistic Director of the Theater Mossovet P. Chomsky. In this theater, Margarita V. played about two dozen roles, and continues fruitful work in this day. Theatergoers know her celebrated role of Cesoni in a sensational performance «Caligula», which was also attended by Oleg Menshikov.

    Margarita Shubina at the theater
    Margarita Shubina at the theater | Timeout

    The actress managed to create unforgettable images of luska in the production of «Run,» Anna Andreyevna in the «inspector» and many others. In addition to the native productions of the theatre she took part in performances of Theatre of Nations and «Et Cetera». Critics have noted the elaborate and serious attitude to every role, even small and insignificant, which does not allow Margarita Shubina go unnoticed in the work of any scale.


    As a film actress she debuted in 1984 in the movie «the obstacle course». After that, any significant or memorable work was not until the release on television screens in 2003 TV series «Er» where she played a paramedic Hope. The series was perceived by the public on «hurrah», created Shubina, the look is very believable and alive.

    Margarita Shubina
    Margarita Shubina | TV Center

    After that, the relevance of the actress rose, remembered for her roles in such well-known kinorabotah as «cook», «Matchmakers», «Demons». Often Margarita plays overall positive characters – women with a failed personal life, but strong, versatile and wise. At the moment, filmography actress has already played more than 40 roles.

    Margarita Shubina in the film
    Margarita Shubina in the movie «Last summer in Chulimsk» | Movie-Theater

    A new stage in the creative development Shubina became the first experience in the directing position on the film «And there was a day», which was released in 2015. The actress herself wrote the screenplay for the film, which tells about a crisis in family relationships and the tough decisions needed to save the family.

    Personal life

    After the production of the play «Caligula» Margaret began an affair with a scene partner Oleg Menshikov. But the relationship did not last long because of the unwillingness of the actor to walk down the aisle. Shortly after the breakup Shubin married a former classmate Vladislav, with whom they maintained a friendship since the time of the study.

    Margarita Shubina and Oleg Menshikov
    Margarita Shubina and Oleg Menshikov

    They all loved the opposites of their characters – a silent and peaceful Vladislav surrendered temperamental Margarita is very interesting and mysterious. Married couple happy and still have children Seraphim and Maxim. Male Shubina spent some time in the theater, but then left her acting career and went into business.

    Margarita Shubina
    Margarita Shubina | Okno filmfest

    Acquaintances and friends of Margarita Shubina speak of her with warmth. Although the actress and a bit of a short temper, she quickly easily appeased and generally unpleasant. She manages to maintain relations with old friends, including many famous artists, and also easy to establish new relationships.


    • 1988 — Sunday, half seventh
    • 1995 — On the corner near the Patriarchal
    • 1995 — Black veil
    • 2000 — Good and bad
    • 2001 — Turkish March
    • 2003 — Another woman, another man…
    • 2003-2005 — emergency
    • 2006 — My affectionate and tender COP
    • 2012 — to me this is what happens
    • 2014 — Leviathan
    • 2016 — Provocateur
    • 2017 — the Captain


    Margarita Shubina

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