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  • Name: Adaeva Margarita ( Margarita Adaeva )
  • Date of birth: 11 July 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Glazov, Udmurtia
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Margarita adaeva: biography

    Margarita adaeva is a young Russian actress, star of the TV series «Second marriage» and «inglorious assholes».

    The future actress was born in Udmurt Republic, in the small town of Glazov. Parents develop the girl in a creative direction. In parallel with the secondary school Margaret studied at children’s art school, where he was able to master playing the cello. Instead of the senior classes adeva entered the pop-jazz Department at the Kharkov Lyceum of arts, where professional teacher L. L. Emelyanov managed to put her voice and to teach pop vocal.

    Having received musical education in his native town, Margarita is coming to the Northern capital and entered the St. Petersburg state engineering and economic University. Her cum no relation to art did not have – the first specialty girl is a sociologist. It was an attempt to find themselves in a «normal» profession, or reason for the change activities on a different plane – is unknown.

    One thing is clear: the creative potential of Agaevoy was so powerful that after the first higher education she immediately got and second. This time it directly relates to the business of her life. Margarita graduated from the theater faculty Baltic Institute of ecology, politics and law, attended the Studio of A. M. Stroeva.


    The first art in the cinema to the aspiring actress was the Comedy «Afrodite» which is immediately followed by crime Thriller «Leave». Then there were the historical TV series «Gregory R.», the action-adventure series «Sea devils. Tornado 2», medical drama «the Godfather» and the family Comedy «Christmas Tree shaggy».

    The first role that attracted the attention of the audience to the very young actress was the nurse the Hope of melodrama «pregnancy Test». Also a Margarita involved on-set war drama «the Old gun», the romantic Comedy «the Bride from the gas station», a retro-musical «Born a star» and the social melodrama «the True life».

    The largest works of Adieu today is the Comedy «inglorious assholes» love story «Second marriage» and the historical television series «the Optimists». Fans of the actress are expecting in a short time the appearance of two new films with her participation: detective «Secrets of the city n» and paintings of world war II, «Satellites.»

    Personal life

    In the middle of autumn 2013 in St. Petersburg, Margarita adaeva married. Her chosen name is Sergey, Antonenko, and he has nothing to show business or cinema. A young man working in the field of creating and promoting Internet sites.

    The main hobby of the actress is to spend time with their young disciples the children’s theatrical Studio «Fanfan». The girl is surprised with some hard work and perseverance, these young artists come to the stage performances.


    • 2012 — Afrodity
    • 2012 — Holiday
    • 2014 — Godfather
    • 2014 — Old rifle
    • 2014 — the pregnancy Test
    • 2014 — the Bride with refills
    • 2015 — Born star
    • 2015 — inglorious assholes
    • 2016 — Second marriage
    • 2016 — Optimists


    Margarita Adaeva

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