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  • Name: Queen Margarita ( Margarita Koroleva )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: nutritionist, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Queen Margaret: a biography

    Margarita Koroleva – known nutritionist whose services ran many stars of domestic show-business. The desire to look slim and toned for the people we see every day on the screen is very large. The Queen helps to achieve the desired, so its popularity and demand over time, only grow.

    Margarita Queen
    Margaret Queen | Autoradio

    Margaret Queen – Muscovite. Perhaps this is all that is known about «doublenum» period of the life of this smiling woman. Date of birth of the dietitian cannot find anywhere else.

    After successful completion of secondary school Queen arrived in the capital medical Institute named. Sechenov. Having graduated with honors, she completed her training in clinical residency due to specialty «Cardiology». That their professional education Margaret approached seriously, says she defended thesis and received degree «Candidate of medical Sciences».

    Career and television

    Before to reach this success, the physician and the dietitian has come a long way. Professional biography Queen Margaret is more than 20 years of practice in aesthetic medicine. She was one of the first in Russia undertook the preparation of individual integrated programmes of modelling of a figure, knowing that no universal recipe or diet for all does not exist. The Queen has developed her own unique method of correction of body weight. Moreover, this technique not only reduces weight but also provides for the further maintenance of the achieved result.

    To achieve such results, the Margarita a long time was trained in leading clinics of Europe, Asia and America. In Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the U.S. she was interested in not only nutrition issues, but also the treatment of dermatological diseases, anti-age therapy and the latest achievements of physical therapy.

    Margarita Queen
    Margaret Queen |

    In Russia, where he opened his practice Queen Margaret, the positive results of the treatment according to her own calculations, and saw more than 40 thousand people.

    In a recognizable public figure, the Queen has become after its appearance on the screens. First, Margarita took part in the popular TV shows «beauty Formula», «lose Weight» «Health» with Elena Malysheva, «Taste of life» and «Environment». The majority of these transmissions are broadcast on «the First channel».

    In the early 2000s Queen Margaret offered to private transfer «full and slim», where she and author and presenter.

    Featuring a famous nutritionist, physical therapist and failed stars such as Nikolay Baskov, Philipp Kirkorov, Nadezhda Babkina, TV presenters Andrey Malakhov and Vladimir Solovyov, and many other public figures.

    Margarita Queen is the author of many books, which can be called bestsellers. In 2009, she released her first book called «Easy way to get slim. To lose weight forever!». This assistance was a great success, so followed by a sequel – «food Diary».

    Margarita Koroleva and Nikolay Baskov
    Margarita Koroleva and Nikolay Baskov | Medicine 99

    In the fall of 2011 Margaret Queen has unveiled its new printed work, called «the well-fed Rules of harmony». And a year before star nutritionist heading the project programs a balanced diet, which is called the «Royal diet».

    At Queen Margaret numerous awards, ranks and titles, which can be a long list. It has to its credit more than 50 certificates and diplomas that relate to various aspects of aesthetic medicine.

    Today the Queen leads she founded in 2005, the «Center of aesthetic medicine Queen Margaret», which assembled a considerable team.

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that nutritionist and TV presenter regularly appears on television and is a frequent guest of various VIP fees, the personal life of Queen Margaret is fairly closed op prying eyes. It is known that she is married and her marriage is so successful as a career. Often the presenter appears in public with her husband. This is a beautiful and bright couple, one of which you can guess about the success of these two men.

    Margherita the Queen with her husband
    Queen Margaret with her husband | Medicine 99

    It is known that the husband of Margarita is also a doctor, Professor. The couple has two children. After my second child was born, the Queen strongly recovered and weighed more than 80 pounds. But has managed to bring its weight to the present (television presenter weighs less than 60 kg) thanks to its own diet.


    Margarita Queen

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