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  • Name: Marcello Mastroianni ( Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni )
  • Date of birth: September 28, 1924.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: 19 Dec 1996
  • Place of birth: Fontana Liri, Italy
  • Activity: Italian actor
  • Marital status: married

    Marcello Mastroianni’s biography

    Marcello Mastroianni called an icon of world cinema. Moreover, even his name is perceived by many as synonymous with cinema.

    Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni – the full name of the brilliant actor – was born in the Apennines, in the small Italian town of Fontana Liri. Family, where was born the future star lived more than modestly. Earnings of father-carpenter barely enough to buy food the family in which they grew up three kids. Marcello was the youngest child.

    Childhood and teenage years, Mastroianni held in Turin and Rome. Boy, 10 were fully trained, he graduated from vocational school, went immediately to earn money. To help his family, he did not shun any of his work. Worked in construction, helping the merchants unload goods, do drawings to order and even managed to work as an accountant. But the young Marcello had a dream: he wanted to be an architect. This profession was synonymous with success, wealth, and well-fed life.

    The first time Marcello Mastroianni hit the camera lens at 11 years of age. In the Studio «Cinecitta» the film was shot. For extras needed people. The boy came to earn a few Lira in their house the road was every penny. After filming dream to become an artist at Marcello has not arisen, though the spark of interest in acting broke. From time to time young Mastroianni took part in Amateur theatricals.

    When Marcello grew up and matured, he, as planned, went to the University of Rome, where he began to learn the basics of the profession of architect. But came the Second world war, and the guy was in a German labor camp. He managed to escape. Some time Marcello was hiding in Venice. After the war he returned to Rome and found the place clerk.

    Fate Mastroianni decided his Majesty the case. As guy caught the eye of theater Director Luchino Visconti. What prompted the Maestro to get this guy on the street, nobody knows. Yes, and the Visconti admitted that the young Marcello did nothing at all. He could hardly utter the simplest remark. Perhaps the actions of the Director led failsafe intuition, eye for talent, hiding from prying eyes, like a pearl in an impenetrable gray sink.

    Marcello Mastroianni dropped out, to which he returned after the war, and began to take the first steps in her acting career.


    In the 1950s, the cinematic biography of Marcello Mastroianni gained momentum. But in those years the actor, though he starred regularly – he appeared in 3-4 pictures every year – but it is widely known have not been. In the late ‘ 50s, Mastroianni has played in two notable films: the film «White nights» in Visconti and the Comedy «unknown Attackers» Monicelli. But if he had played ordinary workers, peasants and rude taxi drivers, in these two films, he is played more complex and sophisticated images.

    In these two tapes, the actor drew the attention of Federico Fellini. He was just looking at your new project a suitable candidate. Not to say that the Director saw in Marcello Mastroianni is brilliant or talented actor. The exact role he needed an actor without a strong personality. Not a very nice feature to me. It is noteworthy that it was expressly stated why the great Fellini fell on him. But Mastroianni, at the moment is not spoiled by the fame and attention of the famous Directors, was happy with this role. Even then, to star in Fellini meant to buy a lucky ticket to a great future.

    So Marcello Mastroianni received his first starring role in the Fellini film «Sweet life». He played a newspaper chronicler. A person searching for the meaning of life, trying to see beyond the bustle and temptation. Mastroianni was so «lost» in this image and conception of Fellini, that immediately after the release of «Sweet life» on the big screen was in the top League of world cinema. Now Marcello is the dream of every self-respecting Director.

    Immediately after the Fellini film comes tape of Michelangelo Antonioni’s «Night», which again appeared Mastroianni. The language was finally established the reputation of a brilliant actor, able to dissolve completely in the style of the Director. And again, Marcello was able to demonstrate subtle psychological insight and mastery of disguise. And if the «Night» Mastroianni is extremely cold in the next picture – «Divorce Italian style» Pietro Germi it is hot and effervescent. For his work in this movie (1961) the actor was first nominated for «Oscar» and received two prestigious awards – Golden globe and British film Academy.

    After 2 years released one of the best post-war films of Fellini «Eight and a half». Of course, here again, plays Marcello Mastroianni. This picture and the work of the Italian artist highly appreciated in Russia. «Eight and a half» is rolled in the USSR. The domestic audience had the opportunity to touch the European culture through the slightly ajar iron curtain. The film received the main award at the Moscow film festival.

    Marcello Mastroianni becomes a legend. Accordingly, he also receives from the Directors, whose names are pronounced with aspiration. Producer Carlo Ponti takes a few of his masterpieces, where his wife Sophia Loren Marcello Mastroianni appears.

    Since the 1980s, Marcello age plays a role. The most famous picture in which he appeared in these years, the «City of women», Federico Fellini «ginger and Fred» and «Interview».

    In 1986, the Italian star agrees to star in a Soviet film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, who offered him a role in his project «black Eyes». This work brought the artist «Palme d’or» in Cannes.

    Recent paintings, which starred Marcello Mastroianni as if to summarize his work. This movie «what time is it?» «All right,» «the Interrupted step of a stork», «Beyond the clouds» and «High fashion». In the latest tape he appeared on screen with her daughter Chiara, which he gave birth to Catherine Deneuve.


    The legendary Marcello Mastroianni died in December 1996. The last years he struggled with an incurable disease – cancer of the pancreas. Despite the terrible pain and weakness, the actor continued to appear and go on stage. His last work was the role in the play «the Last moons». To appear to the audience that Marcello Mastroianni had the morning to chemotherapy, and in the evening to play.

    He died on a rainy December morning in Paris, the capital, his second homeland, as the actor called France. Rome Trevi fountain, where we shot a scene of the film «Sweet life» in the day of his death was draped with black cloth. The Italian newspaper «Republic» came out with a sad collage on the first page: the dead a few years earlier while standing on a cloud, calling his favorite actor Mastroianni: «Come here, come here beautiful.»

    Personal life

    In the life of Marcello had a lot of women. His novels were legendary. Some favorite for he was ready to leave the family. But always stopped in mid-stride and remained with the faithful wife, from whom he was married for many years. Flora Carabella, his first love, gave birth to the Maestro’s daughter Barbara.

    Vivid and painful was a 3-year romance with actress faye dunaway. But for her sake he refused to leave the family. Faye wanted to be a wife and not a mistress of the actor. Resentful of his reluctance to join fate, dunaway called Marcello «Mama’s boy», which is not capable of male behavior. The actor, still loved fairies for a long time suffered from insults and humiliation.

    Acting in France, met Mastroianni Catherine Deneuve. Their cinematographic novel turned into real. The result is a daughter Kiara. The actor offered Catherine to marry him, but she did not agree, arguing the failure to exhaust himself to the relationship.

    But no matter how many women were in the artist’s life, how bright did not burn his novels, he never forgot to send his wife a luxurious bouquet of roses to the anniversary of the wedding. It Flora Marcello to the end of his days considered the best wife, mother and friend.


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    Marcello Mastroianni

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