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  • Name: Marat Izmailov ( Marat Izmailov )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: soccer, champion of Russia and Portugal
  • Marital status: married

    Marat Izmailov: biography

    Marat Izmailov is one of the few Russian players who have managed at a high level to play not only at home but also at European clubs. From other his colleagues, who declared themselves abroad, it can be noted Andrey Arshavin, Denis Cheryshev and Pavel Pogrebnyak. Also, the list asks and Roman Neustädter, but he’s still Russian! Izmailov was twice winner of the national championship in the Moscow «Locomotive» was the champion of Portugal playing for Porto and won the Cup of that country, together with the Lisbon «sporting». Professional biography of Marat Izmailov could look much more impressive, as this talent allows, but intervened in the case of frequent injuries which Marat became known as «crystal player».

    Marat Izmailov in my childhood
    Baby photo of Marat | Website fans

    Was born the future star of football in Moscow in 1982. His father was an avid fan of «game of millions», so the first toys Marat was balls, colorful baby first, and then football. A real professional ball he received from his father in three years, so five years already knew how well to handle it. While peers Izmailov spent time in the sandbox or playing with toy cars, the boy stuffed the ball and develop technique.

    Marat Izmailov in my childhood
    Baby photo Izmailov | Website fans

    Football in those days took only seven years. But the high school coach of the Moscow «Locomotive» has decided for Marat to make an exception: although he was at for two years was younger than his mates, speed and physical fitness does not inferior to them. Later, the teenager moved to another club, Moscow «torpedo», where he played for the youth team. But by the beginning of the XXI century Izmailov returned to educate his Lokomotiv, signed a professional contract, becoming the player of the reserves. In parallel, young people have received higher education in Moscow state Academy of physical culture.


    The first gold medal, however, youth football player Marat Izmailov got in the team of the Moscow «torpedo». Much as «railroad», he made his debut in the adult championship. It happened in the autumn of 2000 in the match against CSKA Moscow. A year Izmailov becomes the owner of the Cup of Russia, final «the locomotive» defeated Makhachkala «Anji» in the penalty shoot-out. During the match of Marat made an assist. At the end of the season, the players recognized as the best attacking midfielder, most valuable player and hope of the season.

    Marat Izmailov
    In the first seasons for Lokomotiv player was the main hope of the club | fans Website

    Best start a career expect has been difficult, especially because next year Izmailov became the champion of the country. But in subsequent years, a gifted athlete, was on duty a brilliant game with serious injuries. Marat in 2004, again wearing the gold medal of national championship, but by 2007, lost place hometown club and was forced to resign in Lisbon «sporting». In the new team, the Russians quickly became a leader, showed a very confident game and was among the most popular players in fans ‘ eyes. Izmailov from sporting won the Portuguese Cup and two super bowls, played in the Champions League. But the idyll again violated injury: the player was forced to lie on the operating table in connection with the problem in the knee.

    The following team midfielder was the highest rated club of Portugal – Porto from the same city. The player with the team won the championship and the super bowl, but despite a lengthy contractual agreement, went to rent in the Azerbaijani club «Gabala», which was headed by well-known Marat’s coach Yuri Semin. Russian star has helped the team to win the bronze medal, and then joined to gain momentum «Krasnodar», again on loan.

    Here he again became the owner of bronze, then for a year retired from football due to problems in his personal life. Said that Izmailov has finally hung up his boots,» but in the summer of 2016, the footballer signed with Krasnodar a full contract and as a full member of the team entered the new season.

    Personal life

    About my personal life, Marat Izmailov, like a star of show business, there are a lot of myths. According to many media player for many years married to a Ukrainian actress Evgenia Loza, though no evidence of this. Later, he said that the couple have children, but recently the actress explained why many believe that Evgeniya Loza and Marat Izmailov – the wife and husband. The fact that many years ago at the birthday party of Irakli Pirtskhalava introduced them to each other, and was made General photography. As well as the player usually do not attend social events, with a single photo of Marat Izmailov and Eugenia Vines was born a giant ear, the echoes of which are heard until now.

    Marat Izmailov and Eugene Loza
    Ukrainian actress and that picture of Marat Izmailov and Eugenia Vines, after which there were rumors about their wedding

    Also one name Marat tied with gymnast Irina tchachina and resident of Bryansk Christina Rose, which he most likely was in actual marriage. Who is now the wife of Marat Izmailov has not been officially determined, as a footballer «Krasnodar» and the national team of Russia continues to conceal the events of the private side of life. But fellow athletes, for example, from a former coach of his current team Andrey Tikhonov, it became known that the star has two children. And due to the fact that the younger son needed urgent surgical intervention, Izmailov and missed the whole season 2015/16 years.

    Marat Izmailov
    Photo of Marat Izmailov | Website fans

    I should add that Marat is not only avoiding noisy parties and social events, but never actually became a member of high-profile scandals. It strictly abides by the mode, is a healthy way of life, a very responsible attitude to the spiritual life of the football player accepted Islam as a devout Muslim, regularly attending mosque and reciting the Quran. The only time the name Marat Izmailov flashed in an unpleasant episode that occurred in 2012. Known commentator Vasily Utkin allowed himself to call a player a «crazy» only on the grounds that he does not agree to return to the championship of Russia on a huge salary, opting to continue playing in Portugal.


    Marat Izmailov

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