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  • Name: Marat Basharov ( Marat Basharov )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marat Basharov: biography

    Marat Basharov A. – theater and film actor, a presenter, an ethnic Tatar, born in Moscow on 22 August 1974. Parents of the future actor was not associated with the art world: his father worked as a plumber, my mother was a cook. Only brother during his youth, the actor worked as a theater critic and became her guide to the world of the theatre, proposing to read for the part in the play. Subsequently, for high skill, as well as national identity Basharov received the honorary title of Honored artist of Tatarstan (2012).

    Marat since the childhood was very active, moving, and had charisma and rebellious nature, therefore, the school was a bully, and in 1991 so easily without having theatrical education, auditioned for the role of Duke Sessile in a production of «the Canterville Ghost» theater «Contemporary», on which it has advised brother. At that time, the young Bashar was going to enter Moscow state University’s law faculty, however, once in the world of art, didn’t want to break up with him and filed documents at the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin.

    During your training Marat Basharov was trying to get more experience in the game, but because two seasons played Duke Sessile in the theater «Contemporary», and starred in a cameo role in the film «Burnt by the sun»by Nikita Mikhalkov, was shot in the advertisement.

    Movies with Marat Basharov

    After graduating from College Basharov was in no hurry to go to the theatre. He was more appealing to work in film, so the young actor declined the invitation, theatres and agreed to the shooting of another film by Nikita Mikhalkov «Siberian Barber», who was truly his first big role (Basharov played Juncker Polabskogo, a friend of the protagonist).

    The debut of a young artist called critics positive reviews, he was invited to appear and other Directors. So, in 1999, the actor got the role in the film Stanislav Govorukhin «the Voroshilovsky shooter».

    The real fame came to the actor after the release in 2000 of the popular Russian series «the Border. Taiga novel», where Basharov played a major role – Lieutenant Ivan Stolbov. It was then that he was able to work under the guidance of legendary Director Alexander Mitta, to get acquainted with the leading actors of the Russian cinema.

    Following the role of a miner Bears in the movie «the Wedding» by Pavel Lungin opened the inner world of the actor. She was close to him and know him, and Basharov because he insisted on shooting as this character, I persuaded the crew to choose it. And Lungin never about it regretted – the role of Bears in the performance Basharova called positive reviews from film critics and the audience loved. At the Cannes film festival «the Wedding» received the award in the nomination «acting ensemble».

    Since 2000 after the filming and the prize came not only national but also worldwide fame. The artist was invited to the film Eldar Ryazanov «silent whirlpools», dramatic film «the Oligarch», the TV series «Perfect couple», a sensational film «Turkish gambit» Fayzieva, where Basharov played the role of Mitya Gridneva. Being a fan of Boris Akunin, whose work was made into a movie, feeling a special attachment to the character, which he inherited, Basharov was glad to make it a reality. In the same year the artist was noticed abroad, inviting them to play in a Hollywood film by Steven Soderbergh «Scale».

    Now Marat Basharov is one of the most popular actors of theatre and cinema, behind which dozens of roles in well-known films and serials of the Russian film industry.

    Theatre and TV

    Participation in the production of «the Canterville Ghost» is not the only role Basharova. After graduating from the school Shchepkin Marat has not abandoned the stage completely. He combined cinema with game in theatrical productions. So, in parallel with the filming of «Voroshilov arrow» actor played play, today admitted in «Woe from wit» Oleg Menshikov, whom the artist had a good friendship.

    Such a theatrical character actor was Mr. Laskow staged by the repertory of contemporary theater «you ought to get Married, sir!». For his theatrical achievements Basharov in 2010 became the laureate of the award «Star of the Theatre» in nomination «Star rain».

    Marat Basharov is not only a popular actor but also a leader, but also a direct participant in many television shows. In 2009, he became a leading TV program «Battle of psychics.» Basharov also an active participant and judge in several sports and entertainment TV show: «Stars on ice», «Ice age» (three consecutive years), «dancing with the stars-2012».

    The private life of Marat Basharova

    Marat Basharov was married twice. First wife — Elizabeth Kruska, the employee of Studio «Trite» was an agent of Andrei Krasko and the Marat Basharova. They have a joint daughter Amelie. To marry, Elizabeth had to accept Islam. In connection with the repeatedly appeared rumors about the infidelity of the actor and his novels with a partner for the show and the set Maria Butyrskaya, Maria Mironova, Tatiana Navka, the couple decided to part.

    In 2014 Basharov tied the knot with the niece of Emmanuel Vitorgan, actress Catherine Ancharovoj. A few months in the family scandal. Was in a state of alcoholic intoxication Marat Basharov beat Ekaterina Arkharova, causing her visible injuries and broke his nose. Arkharov filed for divorce, and in the spring of 2015 the couple divorced. The scandal surrounding Basharova and Ancharovoj was widely covered in the press and on TV.

    Because of the beating his second wife and recording cases of drunk driving, the press became aware of his addiction to alcohol and periodic outbursts of aggression.

    In 2016, Marat Basharov had an affair with Elizabeth Savercool. In the fall of 2016 they had a son Marcel. At the moment the pair lives in a civil marriage.


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    Photo Of Marat Basharova

    Marat Basharov with his wife Catherine ancharovoj

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