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  • Name: Mara Baghdasaryan ( Mara Bagdasaryan )
  • Date of birth: 3 November 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Grozny, Russia
  • Activities: ski racer, street racing
  • Marital status: not married

    Mara Baghdasaryan: biography

    The biography of the most famous Russian stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan is not anything special. The girl was born in 1993, her parents have long been divorced. City of birth every time Mara specifies different: Nizhny Tagil, terrible.

    Mara Baghdasaryan
    Mara Baghdasaryan | VK

    One thing is that now she lives in Moscow and perhaps learning in higher education. Whose daughter she is, it became known recently: her father after the arrest of Mary came from the shadows. This Elmar Elmirovich Baghdasaryan, who is the owner of the largest company of meat processing OOO «Nuchar».

    Teen passion

    Mara Baghdasaryan with 13 years of experience in karting. His passion she suffered in life: at night, the girl satisfied dangerous rally at the half-empty roads of Moscow. Favourite cars of the Mary Almasovna a long time already the German automobiles «Mercedes». She prefers them to all other cars. While on the road experienced drivers know her by the name «Mara 049», according to the number of machines on which it rides. According to the girl, her friends call «Squid — storm in the area.»

    Mara Baghdasaryan and her car
    Mara Baghdasaryan on «Mercedes» | VK

    The image of a young girl’s life is rather monotonous: all day she sleeps, and the night goes on the road to catch a drive. A lot of people noticed that Mara comes alive only when driving. At other times she is in a somnambulistic and apathetic state. Experts have begun to suspect that stritreysera suffer from any mental disorder, which is thus reflected in her behavior.

    When the game turns into tragedy

    Mara, who loves to drift, participated in many races through the streets of Moscow. She repeatedly visited different according to the severity of the accident. When Baghdasaryan asked the question, how much she had in life emergencies that it meets only four. The program is devoted to the problem of the streets is unfair to the descendants of the modern civil servants and oligarchs, driving expensive cars without speed control, instructor Mary’s driving called her a killer on the road.

    Mara Baghdasaryan driving
    Mara Baghdasaryan driving | VK

    Dangerous behavior on the road has long been dubbed street racing. The fascination growing every year the number of admirers, mostly among the «Golden youth». And for good reason, because this pleasure has to pay dearly. The consequences of accidents, which were visited by Mara, an extremely unpleasant and tragic. As a result of one of the events people died. The car raced at high speed down the person.

    But what does the state need to have a father to support a large fleet of his beloved daughter and pay for her adventures, which become a tragedy for others? To use a beloved daughter, there are a few sports cars companies Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, AMG, and two Superbike. It is possible that the uncle of the girl is Artur Baghdasarian, one of the founders of the subsidiary company «Rosneft».

    Mara Baghdasaryan and her
    Mara Baghdasaryan and her «Mercedes» | VK

    Moreover, it has repeatedly been seen in the company of the son of the Vice-President of «LUKOIL» Ruslan Shamsuarov as his girlfriend. So arrogant Majorca has a very good reason and a solid rear in order to blatantly break traffic rules and do accidents. Besides, the insolent behavior of Mary and confident statement before the police that her father-the Prosecutor, forcing the police to retreat from their claims.

    A terrible accident

    The worst accident involving Marie was an accident on Kutuzov Avenue in early 2015. Mara together with his friends drove BMW, but jumped into the oncoming lane, the car crashed at full speed in a Range Rover, besides getting a powerful blow to the back from the Porsche Cayenne, which followed the Boomer. The result is a fatal accident died on the spot the owner of a BMW, mark Halperin, and later 2 more members died in the intensive care unit: the Range Rover driver and another passenger of the BMW. After discharge of the Mara Baghdasaryan home from the hospital, she made her first detention.

    Mara herself was in the hospital, where she underwent a 20-hour operation and three-week coma. Friends even thought that the girl died. But after a while, thanks to the efforts of intensive care specialists and surgeons, she woke up. Rumor has it that Mara herself was sitting behind the driver’s seat of that car, but the justice then took off her suspicions by making a witness and a victim. After this incident, Mara was a long time in rehab, and still she continues recovery activities of the body. She also did surgery to change their appearance.

    Plastic surgery

    In Instagram and Twitter as soon as the girl calls herself: Benoeva Mara, Mara Rakhmanov, 049 Mara, Mara Alekperov, Mirsovetov Mara, and Mara Baghdasaryan. Under her names on social networks printed a lot of photos, including candid and nature. She not only is a desperate racer and a bully, but likes to provoke the audience with intimate photos. In particular, many visitors have long commented on Instagram a shot of her in a swimsuit, which shows that she underwent plastic surgery.

    Mara Baghdasaryan plastic
    Mara Baghdasaryan after plastic surgery | VK

    If you compare photos of 2015 and 2016, it is easy to see how changing her appearance before and after plastic surgery. Although Mara and assures that plastic surgery lips, but by the pictures it is noticeable that this is not so. At the age of 23 years she has tried Botox injections, nose reshaping, breast enlargement, changing the shape of the eyes and correction of the stomach through abdominoplasties operation.

    Hooliganism on the roads of the capital

    The series of arrests occurred due to a scandalous incident in may 2016, when a group of young people staged a race with the police car on the streets of Moscow. This event in real time a group of young people was broadcast on the Internet, accompanying profanity all the comments. That evening Abduvahob Manzhirov, Ruslan Shamsuarov, Victor Uskov Mara Baghdasaryan filed a total of about 20 rules of the road. Participants in the vandalism were detained, placing them in a detention center for 15 days, although article 213 of the criminal code were waiting for them to initiate a criminal case with a sentence in a correctional colony to 5 years. But the children of top managers of oil companies got off with fines and bribes.

    Mara Baghdasaryan on the court
    Mara Baghdasaryan on the court

    In court she tried to abandon the works and to replace this service on payment of a fine in double the amount, but she refused the request. Work as a janitor, which was awarded to the girl, after all, changed to work in the room with the documents. The reason for this was the constant complaint of the defendant in poor health. And it may well be true, as during the operation, the girl poured a lot of blood, spleen removed. In her legs, as before, is a few pins.

    Fines and avoiding work

    The racer is more than 320 fines, which seem to multiply exponentially, as the girl doesn’t care about the rules of the road. In early 2016 the father of Mary paid for it about 1 million rubles. At the moment there are still more than 100 unpaid fines, for which the court sentenced the defendant in the case of the may race at the «gelika» and 75 hours of community service.

    Mara Baghdasaryan arrest
    The Arrest Of Mary Baghdasarian

    Judging from the latest news, she once again detained. This time she was arrested for ignoring regular payments of penalties. My daughter is in prison, was repeatedly visited by parents that are now some calm for her. In jail the girl regained normal sleep, it was better to eat. They have long been waiting for changes in the behavior of Marie, and how many more years they will have to endure the antics of a spoiled Chad is not known.


    Mara Baghdasaryan

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