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  • Name: Marta Golubeva ( Marta Golubeva )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1990.
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Mar Golubev: biography

    Mar Golubeva is a young Belarusian actress, singer and model. It has attracted the attention of fans of domestic cinema after the release of such TV series as «Touchy», «Power of love» and «My alien baby».

    Mar was born and raised in Minsk, close-knit family. Actress warmly of his parents and thank them for their support and friendship. Creative Mar found himself in quite early. Even in Junior high, she asked her mother to take her to classes at a music school. As a result, the girl underwent a course of training in piano, violin and classical vocals. Later Golubev became involved in the dance Studio, where she mastered the belly dance.

    After school Mar joined the Belarusian state Academy of arts, the faculty of acting, where classes are conducted by honored artist of the Republic of Belarus St. A. Mischanchuk. Immediately after graduation she was accepted into the troupe of the National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala.

    In parallel with acting career Mar Golubeva professionally are engaged in music. At 18 years of age, she was part of vocal-instrumental ensemble Basil Rainchik «Veras», and then began to build a solo career. Mar recorded several songs, shot with colorful clips. The most popular songs from the repertoire of Golubeva was the ballad «Banks» and the Broadway smash hit «Snow».


    In the feature film Mar Golubeva first started acting in 2010-m to year in the detective series «Captain Gordeev». She played the girl Masha Prusakova in the episode «Native blood». Then followed a melodrama «Katya’s happiness», the Comedy «Striped happiness» romantic story «take me Back». However, the last movie though was filmed in 2013, the screens out only a couple of years.

    Gain on-screen experience, Martha started acting in more serious roles. Negative character Svetlana from the dramatic film «Touchy» brought the actress first popularity, which consolidated melodrama «Power of love» and «From scratch». Also worth noting are the paintings of this genre, like «Unreal love», «the Snow will melt in September» and «Eldest daughter».

    Latest project with Martha Golubeva is a new beginning the summer of 2016. It’s a heartwarming romance, «My alien child», in which it cooperates with other Belarusian Actresses Zoya Antonova and Love Bankovoj, as well as with the Ukrainian actor Mikhail Wheat.

    Personal life

    Mar Golubev not married and my personal life does not like to propagate. The girl at the moment, completely focused on his own film career and a musical experiment, so a serious relationship in the next few days are planned.

    It is known that in 18 years on March Golubev began to appear next to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at social events and official meetings. They first came together on the Day of independence in 2008, and then March beside Mr Lukashenko could be seen for just over four years. Of course, these relations could not be called romantic, but communication with the people of this circle are always interesting and leave a noticeable trace in the fate of man.


    • 2010 — Captain Gordeev
    • 2012 — Stripy happiness
    • 2013 — Touchy
    • 2013 — With a clean slate
    • 2014 — Unreal love
    • 2014 — the Power of love
    • 2014 — the Snow will melt in September
    • 2015 — the Eldest daughter
    • 2015 — take me Back
    • 2016 — My strange child


    Mar Golubeva

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