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  • Name: Manu Bennett ( Manu Bennett )
  • Date of birth: 10 October 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: new Zealand actor
  • Marital status: married

    Manu Bennett: a biography

    Brutal handsome gall, athletic and magnetic brown eyes. This is his character Crixus – Gladiator and the champion of Capua in the Hollywood series about Spartacus. Manu Bennett star in this role brought fame and an army of fans around the globe. But his life could have turned out very differently.

    Manu Bennett
    Manu Bennett |

    Jonathan Manu Bennett was born in the fall of 1969 in Auckland, one of the largest cities in New Zealand. When Manu was 3 months old, my parents decided to move to Australia, considering that in Sydney, for their boy will open more prospects.

    Mana flows in the veins of Spanish and Scottish blood from his mother, who mingled with native American-Irish father’s blood. But most importantly, on the paternal side of the future Hollywood star was the Indian tribe of the Maori. Hence the name Manu, the son of my parents. They were creative people: his father worked as an entertainer and was known for his beautiful vocals, and mom did a good modeling career, showing underwear.

    But the father in the family Bennett is a musician and vocalist was an uncle who for many years worked as a pianist in the band of the legendary Elvis Presley.

    Manu Bennett
    Manu Bennett | Compa.Gee

    The school of Manu Bennett did well and after graduating he was offered a scholarship at one of new York University. But the guy was anxious to get out and travel, which he did. Manu had a good bit of traveling in Europe and the United States, but in 1986, when he was 17, he went to College, where he studied mainly the guys-Maori. Here, Bennett became interested in Rugby and got a good hardening: in one interview, the actor recalled the College as an analogue of the prison, where for survival you need to fight and achieve success in Rugby.

    After graduation, Manu returned to Australia. As a great Rugby player, he was invited to the youth team. But in these years, in Bennett, it seems, woke up her father’s genes. The young man was fond of dancing and playing the piano. And he first came on the scene, and «disappeared», neither about anything else but acting, he was no longer able to dream.

    Manu Bennett
    Manu Bennett |

    Soon Manu Bennett moved to Los Angeles, closer to the factory of dreams, dreaming of a stellar career. This decision came to him not easy to decide on decisive action Manu pushed a terrible tragedy: he, along with his mother and brother got into a deadly car accident. Have survived in it alone. After spending more than ten days in a coma, he suddenly realized that life is fleeting. So you need to live it as possible more interesting and richer, making just what you like.

    Manu Bennett became a student of the famous Institute Lee Strasberg – one of the world’s best schools of acting, the walls of which were born stars such as al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Buscemi and Angelina Jolie.


    A cinematic biography Manu Bennett has developed slowly. He returned to Australia and in 1993 appeared in the youth film «Paradise Beach». The project particularly successful was not used and was known only in Australia. But the show was a good starting ground for getting practical skills of acting.

    After working in this project a young artist is invited to other Australian series, such as «Water rats», «All saints» and «the Beastmaster».

    The first major role went to Manu in 1999. He was asked to play in a low-budget Japanese film «Tomoko». But partner Bennett at the site was a famous actress Rumiko Koyanagi that he had in his piggy Bank the award «Emmy».

    Manu Bennett FLM
    Manu Bennett in the film «Xena — the warrior Queen» | VK

    After this tape is bright a handsome man, in whose veins Indian blood Maori, invited to star in Hollywood projects such as «Xena – warrior Princess». The series was released in 2000 and was broadcast also in Russia. The domestic audience first saw Bennett in the image of the Roman Emperor Mark Antony.

    To demonstrate their dancing skills the actor has been in the film «Lantana,» in which he played a teacher’s fiery salsa.

    Then in the career of new Zealander again, there was some kind of lull. For several years he starred in «soap operas» in the homeland.

    Manu Bennett in the series
    Manu Bennett in the TV series «Marine» | VK

    Back in Hollywood, he was able in 2006. He was offered supporting roles in high-profile projects, «Marine», «30 days» and «Convicted».

    Become a real Hollywood star, what Manu had long dreamed of, he was able in 2010. The screens came the mega historical series «Spartacus: Blood and sand». Here, the actor appeared in the form of a brilliant and tough Crixus, Gladiator and leader of slaves during the uprising of Spartacus. The project received a rating of «Mature audience», that is meant to be viewed by an adult audience. The picture is filled with scenes of cruelty, naturalism and replete with expletives.

    However, the project was a resounding success, and its creators immediately started shooting the new season. In 2011 he released the prequel «Spartacus: gods of the arena» in 2012 and 2013 «Spartacus: Vengeance» and «Spartacus: war of the damned». All sequels appeared Crixus performed by Manu Bennett.

    Manu Bennett FLM
    Manu Bennett in «Spartacus» |

    Another Hollywood TV show, which added to the actor’s popularity. This project «Arrow», where the audience saw their favorite artist in the role of Deathstroke.

    It seemed the new Zealander reached the summit of popularity, which is not even dreamed of. But in 2012 the countryman Bennett Peter Jackson invited the actor in the blockbuster trilogy «the Hobbit». At first, the spectators saw Manu in the film «the Hobbit: an unexpected journey» and then in the other movies in the popular franchise. However, to learn of Bennett in the makeup of the leader of the orcs Azoga Defiler is almost impossible.

    Manu Bennett in the role Azoga from the TV series
    Manu Bennett in the role Azoga from the TV series «the Hobbit: an unexpected journey» |

    In 2016, the screens out the new movie, which fans of the new Zealand stars saw their pet in all its glory. This is the picture of the «Beta-test» and «the Chronicles of Shannara».

    Personal life

    On the subject of the Hollywood star prefers to remain silent. It is known that the handsome actor a huge army of fans, but the personal life of Manu Bennett strongly associated only with one woman – Israeli socialite named Karin Horen.

    Manu Bennett wife
    Manu Bennett wife |

    The couple has three daughters. The only thing that marred the life of Manu and Karin is a disease of women. In 26 years Horen was diagnosed with breast cancer. After intensive treatment, the disease subsided, but 14 years back. It is known that the family is bravely struggling with a terrible disease and hopes for recovery.


    • «Tomoko»
    • «Xena – warrior Princess»
    • «Lantana»
    • «Marine»
    • «30 days»
    • «The condemned»
    • «Spartacus: blood and sand»
    • «Spartacus: war of the damned»
    • «The hobbit: an unexpected journey»
    • «The Chronicles Of Shannara»


    Manu Bennett

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