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  • Name: Malyuta Skuratov ( Grigory Skuratov-Belsky )
  • Date of death: 1 Jan 1573
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • Operation: a military and political figure, associate of Ivan the terrible
  • Marital status: married

    Malyuta Skuratov: biography

    Malyuta Skuratov – identity for Russian history is not only odious, but actually nominal. In people’s memory he had remained as merciless Punisher, a sadist, a murderer, and a Royal man. People called him «the princes of the executioner», and Malyuta himself was referred to as the «bloody dog», referring to the dog’s devotion to Ivan the terrible. In fact, many historians believe that it was the influence of Malyuta created with Ivan that authoritarian autocrat, whose image has also become canonical. Although other scientists believe that the cruelty and brutality of both of these men greatly exaggerated and exaggerated after their deaths.

    Malyuta Skuratov
    The picture artist Pavel Ryzhenko | Littleif

    Biography Malyuta Skuratov has not kept data about the date and place of his birth. It is known that the real name of this person — Grigory Lukyanovich Skuratov-Belsky. His nickname «Malyuta» got a little growth and often repeated the phrase «Pray thee», the old equivalent of «I beg». Skuratov was a native of the small noble family, whose members for many years were lackeys of the Emperor. For the first time his name is mentioned in the 60-ies of the XVI century as one of the confidants of Tsar Ivan the terrible. But this does not mean that earlier for Malyuta could not be any significant cases. Just in 1568 by order of the king ceased to chronicle, and many early documents were destroyed.


    By the end of 60-ies of Ivan the terrible lived in constant fear of rebellion, conspiracy and regicide. So he ordered to build a powerful military unit — oprichnina detective Agency, which by modern standards can be considered something like a secret police or state security service. Contrary to popular belief, Oprichnik Malyuta Skuratov was not one of the originators of this Department, but managed to reach the heights it is on this service. He led the inquiry, often with cruel torture. Also by order of Malyuta executed boyars and nobles, the land went to the king, and the property – to the chief Oprichnik.

    Ivan the terrible and Malyuta Skuratov
    Ivan the terrible and Malyuta Skuratov. The Artist G. S. Sedov | Littleif

    Fully Skuratov «cleared» in the massacres in Torzhok, Tver and Novgorod, when the fury of the detective office led to the deaths of many urban residents. It should be noted that evidence of treason guardsmen not really looking, it was enough. And how through many centuries of the «Troika» of Stalin – in the place cited sentence. It Malyuta, Ivan the terrible ordered to arrest his cousin, Prince Vladimir Staritsky, who was accused of desire to take the throne.

    Malyuta Skuratov and Metropolitan Philip
    The death of Metropolitan Philip. Artist A. N. Novoskoltsev | Littleif

    In 1956, the Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia St. Philip refused to bless the massacres and accused the king in unnecessary cruelty, and then found him dead. For many centuries it is believed that the Metropolitan Malyuta Skuratov personally killed, strangled him with a pillow. Although it is clear that any testimony and the historically proven facts of this crime do not exist. But even a brief biography of Malyuta Skuratov will be incomplete if not to mention that this man was not just a court observer, but also took part in the hostilities. For example, in the position of magistrates, he went Hiking during the Livonian war, and as Ambassador was negotiating with the Crimean khanate and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Malyuta Skuratov is little known, at least much less than about the personal life of his children. According to official data, he was only married once, his wife’s name was Mary, and this woman took an active part in the Palace life. Incidentally, Skuratov was not just a confidant of the king, but in some ways his relatives. When he died the second wife of the Tsar, Maria temryukovna, Malyuta hurried him to marry his distant cousin Marfa Sobakina, and at the wedding Skuratov played for each other. However, Martha had been a Queen for only 15 days, after which poisoned her.

    the daughter of Malyuta Skuratov
    Mary, daughter of Malyuta Skuratov, the wife of Tsar Boris Godunov | Omutninskiy Lead

    It is known that the main guardsmen had three daughters, each of which he successfully married. The eldest son-in-law of Malyuta Skuratov was a cousin of Tsar Ivan Glinski, middle daughter Mary married the famous Boris Godunov, and the younger Catherine became the wife of Prince Basil Shuisky. The second and third in-law of Malyuta Skuratov subsequently visited on the Royal throne. According to the official Chronicles of the sons of the guardsmen were not, and the family Skuratovich interrupted. Although Alexei Tolstoy’s novel «Prince of Silver. A tale of the times of Ivan the terrible» says that Malyuta was the son of Maxim Skuratov.


    In the memory of the public Skuratov remains as a villain and a cruel executioner, but ironically he died quite a heroic death. On the first day 1573 Oprichnik took part in the assault on the German fortress of Weissenstein, where he received a fatal gunshot wound. By order of the king Maluta was taken to the Iosifo-Volokolamsk monastery, and was buried beside his father’s grave.

    Joseph-Volotsky Monastir
    According to legend, at the entrance to the Joseph-Volokolamsk monastery the senior Oprichnik | Littleif

    It is known that Ivan the terrible on the soul of the deceased granted an amount which far exceeded the funds that he donated after the death of brothers and wives. The king also ordered to pay the widow Skuratov lifetime pension, which at that time was an unprecedented precedent. Due to the fact that the tomb Malyuta was not preserved, the people appeared legend, though he lived before arriving at the monastery, where he repented of the terrible sins and persuaded to bury him at the entrance to the Holy abode. And supposedly since then the ashes of the great sinner trodden down by the feet of each incoming.


    Malyuta Skuratov

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