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  • Name: Galkin Maxim ( Maksim Galkin )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Naro-Fominsk, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian impersonator, comedian, presenter, actor and singer
  • Marital status: married Alla Pugacheva

    Maxim Galkin biography

    A well-known comedian, a talented impressionist, bright TV presenter, actor and singer – and all this about one man, Maxim Galkin, biography which is a striking example of the rapid ascent of Russian show-business. Parody by Maxim Galkin many times collected the full concert halls, and his programs always receive high ratings.

    Maxim Galkin
    «A talented person is talented in everything» | YouTube

    Maxim Galkin was born June 18, 1976 in Naro-Fominsk Moscow region in the family of intellectuals, Alexander Alexandrovich and Natalia Grigorievna Galkinym. Father Alexander Alexandrovich – Colonel-General of armored forces, headed the Main armored Directorate of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the Deputy of the state Duma of the second convocation. Mother Natalia G. – candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, senior researcher, he worked at the Institute of theory of earthquake prediction RAS.

    Maxim Galkin in childhood
    Photo of the future stars in childhood | Acute&Reasonable

    Frequent moves for the family Galkynysh was commonplace. When max was three years old, the family moved to Germany. Then Pugacheva Galkin moved to Odessa, where the boy finished the third grade of secondary school. Had family to visit in Transbaikalia, but the young man finished school in Moscow.

    Maxim Galkin with mom
    Mom | Hundi ulg

    Since childhood Maxim was manifested artistic talent. His first performance was at age 4 on an improvised stage kindergarten. The actor debuted in the role of chicken and even earned the first applause. I was in school, the guy got more serious role of a dog, an old alcoholic, Ostap Bender, king Solomon, count Nulin, and don Carlos. The boy participated in all school performances. In sixth grade, the young artist has tripled his first recital, which the audience saw a puppet show. All the dolls announced a future star parody.

    Maxim Galkin in childhood
    Baby photo | Things-Dryukov

    At the age of thirteen, a teenager discovered his ability parodist. Inspired by his example of Gennady Hazanova with a parody of Gorbachev. The young artist tried to portray a prominent political figure. It turned out wonderful. From that experiment began biography Maxim Galkin, as a parodist.

    The boy grew up very creative and versatile. Parents were encouraged and supported all his Hobbies: suddenly in some of them the son of the mastery. The talented boy has attended children’s art classes, in parallel was fond of Zoology, until, until I saw it in the context of a dove in biology class.

    Maxim Galkin with dad
    Father | Starhit

    After high school, Galkin joined the faculty of linguistics, Russian state University for the Humanities. He knew French, English, Spanish, Czech and German. In 1998, Maxim Galkin graduated from University and entered graduate school, writing my dissertation on «the value stylistic systems of original and translated texts». But in 2009, Galkin resigned from the graduate school.

  • Parodist and entertainer
  • Biography Maxim Galkin started on the stage of Student theater MSU, where he made his debut with their parodies. The play was called «the Fountains of love of the neighbor.» It happened in April 1994. In the same year the artist participated in the program «Debuts, debuts, debuts» in the Variety Theater. Performed by Maxim Galkin, the audience then saw a pretty good parody of famous politicians. The artist said the head of the Moscow state variety theatre of Boris Brunov and invited him to his theater.

    Maxim Galkin
    Career developed rapidly | All stars

    The year 2001 was surprisingly generous for a young parodist. In January 2001, Maxim Galkin has received a grant award «Triumph» in February, the popular showman became the leading intellectual game show «Who wants to be a millionaire?» earlier called «O Schastlivchik» led Dmitry Dibrov. And again award: in April, he was presented the award «Golden Ostap» in Saint-Petersburg. And in July 2001 at the festival «Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk» took place the first solo concert of Galkin. From this moment solo artist become a regular. With them he toured not only the country but also abroad.

    Perhaps the greatest reward for the young parodist was the recognition of the master of humorous genre, the satirist Mikhail Zadornov. Mikhail Nikolayevich Galkin was named as his successor, they even toured together. More often, the parodist appeared on television, he is a frequent guest in the «Smehopanorama» and «full House.» While the artist never had a producer, he never paid for any one of his broadcasts, and have never used someone’s patronage to get on the program.

    Maxim Galkin and Mikhail Zadornov
    With Mikhail Zadornov | Source.Gee

    When a burlesque biography Maxim Galkin became rich in events and awards, and the glory of the humorist has reached its peak, the artist tried himself in a new role – he began to sing. His first vocal experience was the song «Be or not to be», a duet with Alla Pugacheva. Subsequently, Galkin appeared with the diva in «the new year’s eve on the First channel» and in the «Christmas meetings» Alla Pugacheva.

    While working on the TV channel «Russia 1», managed to appear as the lead in such shows and programs like «dancing with the stars» paired with Daria Zlatopolskaya, «new year parade of stars» with Nikolai Baskov, Philip Kirkorov and Vladimir Zelensky alternately. In addition, Maxim Galkin led the program «Ten million» and «dandies-show».

    After returning to 2015 on «the First channel» parodist took part in the rating of the show «Toch-V-Toch». It is not surprising that the actor came to the finals and shared the victory with Yevgeny Dyatlov, and was also awarded the prize of spectator sympathies.


    Talented TV presenter could not fail to please the filmmakers, so in 2001 took part in the filming of the popular «jumble». Then there was the part in the film «Bless the woman» with Svetlana Khodchenkova and Alexander Baluev in the lead roles.

    Maxim Galkin in the musical
    In the musical «chasing two hares» | KP

    In the Christmas musical «chasing two hares» and Maxim Galkin got the main role that he has shared with Alla Pugacheva. It is noteworthy that their on-screen wedding has developed into a real a few years later.

    Maxim Galkin 2016

    Now the actress is trying to build a work schedule so as to allow time for family and children. They are the priority. However, this does not prevent a successful showman to pursue her artistic career.

    Maxim Galkin in the show
    In the new entertainment show | Hello!

    In may 2016 Maxim Galkin became a leading new entertainment show «Maximmaxim». Interestingly, the shooting took place in the castle where he lives with Alla Borisovna and children. The actor admits that during the filming had taken a huge number of guests at home.

    Personal life

    Personal life Maxim Galkin. Differently and can not be, because the main role in this life plays a mega-star of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva. Their every move under the scrutiny of the press. Alla Borisovna admitted that to meet with Maxim Galkin they started back in 2001, when the singer’s husband was Philip. Since 2005, when Alla and Philip officially divorced, actress and singer began to live together. As the legal spouse of Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin was 23 December 2011.

    Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva
    With his wife Alla Pugacheva | VS

    A decade of relations of star pair channel NTV produced a film «Alla+Maxim. The confession of love» and «Alla and Maxim. Everything goes!».

    In September 2013, the couple became parents of twins. Elizabeth and Harry, the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, born on 18 September by a surrogate mother in the branch network of medical clinics by Mark Kurtser, «Mother and child», located in the suburban village Lapino.

    Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children
    Family | Woman Rules

    Now the couple live in Galkin built the castle in the village of Mud. There are growing and are the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.


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    Maxim Galkin

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