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  • Name: Magdalena Neuner ( Magdalena Neuner )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: athlete, 2-time Olympic champion, 12-time world champion, 3-time winner of the world Cup
  • Marital status: married

    Magdalena Neuner: a biography

    Magdalena Neuner – a famous German athlete, outstanding female athlete, which has reached unprecedented heights at a young age and announced the end of sports career of 25 years in 2011.

    On account of Helen, «the Golden girls» as it was called in the press:

    • a huge number of sports awards;
    • titles a twelve-time world champion and three-time – summer biathlon;
    • two-time Olympic champion;
    • best sportswoman of the year in Germany.
    Magdalena Neuner
    Magdalena Neuner | the Official site

    Magdalena was born in a village near the Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the village of Wallgau, 9 February 1987. In addition to Helen from Paul and Margaret of Nojarov there are other children: the older brother of female athletes, Paul, and two younger – Christophe and sister Anna.

    The younger sister followed the elder and is also engaged in the biathlon, which, however, is not surprising, because Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a famous ski resort, so the love of winter sports, the locals imbibe with mother’s milk. Four little Magdalena was in the ski club SC Wallgau and nine parents gave the girl to a section of the biathlon.

    Magdalena Neuner in childhood
    Magdalena Neuner in childhood |

    Professionally to compete the future champion began only after graduation, at the age of sixteen.


    From the beginning career women went well. The girl showed brilliant results, having won seven medals at the German Championships in biathlon among juniors. First prize in the youth championship Elena achieved in 2004, in 2005-the same championship athlete received a gold medal for winning the sprint and a silver in the pursuit race and relay race.

    To repeat the success at the Junior Championships Magdalena managed two times: in 2006 and 2007. The year 2006 was decisive for athletes, since in the 2005/06 season she was entrusted to participate in the competition for the European Cup. The girl took fifth place in the overall ranking, won three races, what has become a kind of pass to the world of big-time sports.

    Magdalena Neuner on the podium
    Magdalena Neuner with awards | Rusbiathlon

    In January 2006, Bavaro debuted on the world Cup. Being in the reserve team, she switched Uschi DISL and is ranked 41st in the competition, held in Kontiolahti on March 16, finished fourth. From this point in a brilliant career of young women began a continuous series of victories, with rare exception.

    The year 2007 was for Neuner in every sense of the word stellar. In January, the talented athlete won a victory in the sprint at the world Cup and world Championships won three gold medals. At 20 years of age Magdalena became the youngest three-time world champion at the same time at home it for the first time have selected the best athlete of the year.

    Magdalena Neuner
    Magdalena Neuner | Skiing

    In the same year, she was waiting for three more awards: victory on the world Cup overall and two Small crystal globes. Season 2008-2009 was Magdalene not the best. In total, she ranked fourth, but in the individual race won the Small world Cup.

    The next championship brought victory Neuner in the overall world Cup and in the mixed relay. In 2010, she won the fourth on account of its Small crystal globe and another Crystal globe, confirming its status as the best athletes of the country.

    Magdalena Neuner
    Magdalena Neuner | the Official site

    A year later, in 2011, Magdalena Neuner won the sprint race and the overall world Cup standings, becoming the owner of three bronze medals. In December 2011, the 25-year-old girl announced the completion of a career, a bright and giddy in the history of biathlon.

    Olympic games

    Winter Olympic games 2010 were for Magdalena’s debut and the only one in her career. In the sprint race the girl had every chance of success, but an unfortunate error prevented her to get the award. As a result, German athlete surpassed athlete from Slovakia and the German got the silver medal.

    Magdalena Neuner at the Olympic games in Vancouver
    Magdalena Neuner at the Olympic games in Vancouver | Official site

    Two other medals of the young champion won, winning the pursuit and the mass start race, showing brilliant results. Gold medals made the girl double Olympic champion, for which she was awarded a special honor: at the close of the Olympic games Magdalena entrusted to carry the flag the Germany national team.


    Despite the constant employment, exhausting training and regular participation in Championships and other competitions, Magdalena finds time for personal Hobbies. Elena is a very versatile nature, she enjoys playing the harp, bikes, and knitting. All these Hobbies require time, which is not so easy to find in between professional sports.

    Official position Neuner – a customs officer. Fans and colleagues in the sport affectionately known as the Magdalena Shooting star that classic translated to English means «meteor» and literally – «shooting star». Very beautiful and accurately reflects the character and professional qualities of the young women nickname.

    Magdalena Neuner
    Magdalena Neuner | the Official site

    Friends and family know Helen as an active and very cheerful person, that’s why in many pictures she’s smiling. Bright appearance and natural charm played a role when she became famous: in February 2007, she was invited to take part in a candid photo shoot for a famous magazine. The girl refused to publish his photo in «Playboy», but after three years of fun appeared in ads for lingerie brand Mey.

    Personal life of Magdalena Neuner

    When the German press told the fans of the famous athletes that she met with the Austrian colleague Franz Parvina. The affair lasted about two years, and in 2008 the couple broke up. In 2009 Magdalena said about his relationship with former classmate, Josef Holzer, a simple carpenter from her hometown Wallgau.

    The wedding took place March 29, 2014, and may 30, Lena gave birth to a girl called Verena-Anne. After a career of legendary athlete enjoys a quiet life with her husband and daughter.

    Magdalena Neuner with her husband and children
    Magdalena Neuner with her husband and children | Leben & Erziehen

    In may 2016 Magdalena Neuner has announced that it is waiting for replenishment of the family. In November the couple had a second child. The happy parents gave the boy the name of Joseph.

    Fans of the legendary women have not lost hope that she would ever return to the sport. Maybe it will, but so far Magdalena is not going to change anything and enjoys personal happiness.

    Photo Of Magdalena Neuner

    Magdalena Neuner

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