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  • Name: Madonna ( Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Bay city, mi, USA
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, writer, actress, film Director, screenwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Madonna: biography

    Madonna — «lady» of pop music and one of the most expensive brands. The full name of the singer — Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Madonna was born August 16, 1958 in the U.S. state of Michigan. He spent his childhood surrounded by five brothers and sisters. Her mother died when Madonna was only 5 years old, and her stepmother only cared about their own children. It is this «competition» since childhood, then tell the singer gave birth in her dream – to become famous all over the world. But the birth of a star in a small Veronica happened after 9 years.

    Madonna Ciccone performed at a school talent show, where they shocked all the teachers. For my room, where the girl sang from the stage in the top and shorts are decorated with paints, the father put her under house arrest. Because of this «bright show» the reputation of the whole family in the city has considerably deteriorated, and on the fence near the family’s home began to appear unflattering labels to the address of Madonna.

    After school, Madonna went to the University with the hope of becoming an outstanding ballerina. Since then, her relationship with her father has deteriorated even more. He saw the future daughter as a lawyer or doctor. However, successful dancers from Madonna’s failed, and soon she realized that the dream you need to go from the province.

    Madonna moved to new York, where for a very long time worked just for food, living in a crime area. In 1979, she auditioned for a backup dancer to a famous barnstormer. Professionals notice good potential and decided to make Madonna a dancing singer. The Madonna that was not to their liking. She was an avid fan of punk rock and totally against all sorts of producers and entertainers. The singer decided to start my own rock band, but the venture ended in failure.


    A full-fledged creative career of the pop diva began after meeting with the founder of the record label Sire Records by Seymour Stein, who saw the girl had a great potential and immediately signed a contract with Madonna. Then in 1983, the singer recorded his debut album, «Madonna», which was a failure. But her second album «Like a Virgin» was instantly on top of the most prestigious charts of the United States, which praised Madonna for the whole world. Moreover, today this album is considered the most successful in its homeland. In 1985 Madonna released her first music video for the song «Material Girl».

    In 1986 they released their third album, Madonna’s «True Blue «, dedicated to her beloved Shawn penny. He became the most commercially successful release, singer, and the song «Live to Tell» becomes the «gingerbread» single pop diva.

    In 1995, Madonna rocked the whole world with a new song «you’ll See», after which the phenomenal talent of the singer ceased to doubt critics. In 1998, comes «the preeminent pop masterpiece of the 90s» album «Ray of Light», the single titled «Frozen» becomes a record in a leading position in most prestigious charts.

    In 2005 with the release of the single «Hung Up» singer is «stuck» and even the title of «Queen of the dance floor». In 2012, Madonna’s «Masterpiece» from the movie «We. Believe in love» received a «Golden globe» and immediately gets the first positions of the charts. In 2015, released 13th Studio album, Madonna Rebel Heart.


    Madonna’s acting career has developed less successfully than the singer’s career. However Madonna’s filmography includes about 20 paintings, many of which, however, was completely destroyed by critics.

    The sensational press has positioned the Madonna like a porn star, but all the pictures with the singer was far from pornography, but a sceptical attitude of society to the singer has not changed. To see the Madonna in the movies «vision quest», «Desperate search for Susan», «dick Tracy», «a League of Their own». The last film in the career of Madonna was the picture «gone,» which has been a failure of criticism, which it not even released in cinemas.

    In addition to playing in the movie, Madonna is actively engaged in directing the work and produced a number of paintings, which became quite successful in the big world of cinema. She wrote the screenplay for the movie «Filth and wisdom,» «We. Believe in love», etc. In 2014 the singer has acquired the film rights to the bestseller «Hell. Love story», on which work has already begun.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Madonna is worthy of attention. Large Marge – her so called fans, absolutely not to be stingy in men and are not shy about publicity in this intimate business. Pop icon with his creativity produced the sexual revolution around the world. The sexual revolution in the life of the Madonna was to many men. Settling in new York, twenty-year-old dancer have entered into a relationship with renowned producer John Benicasim. He helped the singer to «stand up». With it Madonna found a lot of best Dating, Sam Benitez, being a DJ, playing her songs in discos.

    Later, Madonna started an affair with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. But, like many of her favorites, soon became uninteresting. But one of the most stellar marriage between the famous Madonna and actor Sean Penn — have lasted for four years. The actor even called «Mr. Madonna».

    After a divorce, the singer spun a series of short novels, and none of them was successful. A loud affair with pop icon Levi Kravitz, and then with the lead singer of RHCP, Anthony Kiedis, too, were only stories under the bright sign. The first child Madonna emerged from the affair with Latino Carlos Leon. In 1996 Madonna gave birth to a daughter, Lourdes.

    A record for large Marge’s relationship — for more than eight years – failed with the British Director Guy Ritchie. In 2000, the couple had a son Rocco. The last «toy» Madonna’s dancer of her ballet Brahim, Zaibat. They say he even made the king of the pop scene offer.

    In addition to parenting two children of their own, Madonna is raising two adopted mercy James and David Banda.

    According to media reports, at present, Madonna is suing her ex-husband guy Ritchie for their 15-year-old son. It is known that Rocco lives with his father and return to her mother at the moment does not intend to. The last trial took place in March 2016, but the parties have not agreed.

    In the list of awards, who got Madonna, several hundreds of different regalia. Five years ago, the singer even included in the hall of fame rock-n-roll. Madonna is more than thirty times won in different nominations of the award Billboard Music Awards. The singer has two Golden globes for the song «Masterpiece» and for best actress from the musical «Evita». The singer got all the music awards that you can only dream of. The name Virgo is on the Hollywood walk of fame, there’s Madonna’s personal star.


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