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  • Name: Draghici Madalina ( Madalina Draghici )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Ploiesti, Romania
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: Romanian model, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Madalina Draghici : biography

    First Romanian beauty Madalina Draghici became famous as a model, but after her appearance in the melodrama «My Oriental nights» fame actress has exceeded previous achievements.

    Madalina was born in July 1988 in the small Romanian city of Ploiesti. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in the local national College. During the holidays, 16-year-old beauty was noticed by the agent of one of the major modeling agencies. Received an offer to work on the catwalks of Milan, showcasing legendary brands of clothing. Madalina Draghici did not hesitate a single second. Because of this she has long wanted.

    Parents support daughter, but gave her a condition: to receive higher education. The girl agreed. Having graduated College, she immediately joined the Bucharest Academy by myself for a degree in marketing. Madalina Draghici of all time: participated in shows of the fashion houses of Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld and was preparing for entrance exams at the Academy.

    In 2010 she received a diploma of higher education. But the specialty work was not necessary.


    A cinematic biography Madalina Draghici started as suddenly as a career model. Once Romanian beauties offered to try his hand as an actress. The proposed role of the girl liked. Yes, and how could it be otherwise, when she was entrusted to play the main character in the melodrama that is called, was originally destined for success.

    So Draghici appeared on the set of the romantic project «My Oriental nights», in which her partner in the film was the sex symbol of Romania Radu Volcano.

    The role of the 23-year-old heroine Ilinci, simple Romanian girl having hot affair with the heir to the Arab Sheik Amir, first filmed in Romania. But then the shooting moved to Turkey and Egypt. A romantic story where the lovers seemed to have fought the whole world, left no one indifferent in the home country of the artists. Romance enjoyed outstanding success. A beautiful story about a beautiful love most beautiful couple – this is exactly what so many fans of melodramas. Ilinka and Amir became national heroes after the first series of the film.

    «My Oriental nights» were successfully broadcasted in the European countries. In the summer of 2015 melodrama was shown in Russia on channel «Home». She then migrated to other channels in the country. The domestic audience a romantic story too, very much. Names Madalina Draghici and Radu Volcano’s learned with us.

    Successful debut in a movie inspired Madeline for further work in the film industry. She starred in a new drama called «Bet with life». The film is a success.

    The artist is not going to stop there and intends to continue to star in new projects, delighting their many fans.

    Personal life

    In the melodrama «My Oriental nights» very realistic actors played love. Immediately after painting on the screens of the personal life of Madalena’s Draghici was under scrutiny by both audience and journalists. Madalena and the Council attributed the novel. Very all would like to see this pair together.

    But Draghici and the Volcano have slowed the expectations of the public, saying that in real life they are not a couple. Moreover, in 2015, the actor married. Changed the status of Actresses and models Madalena. She was married. Her husband has nothing to do with the film industry. Now the couple is growing up adorable daughter, and the little family, apparently, very happy.


    • «My Oriental nights»
    • «Bet with life»


    Madalina Draghici

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