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  • Name: Macaulay Culkin ( Macaulay Carson Culkin )
  • Date of birth: 26 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Macaulay Culkin biography

    Macaulay Carson Culkin was born in new York, in Manhattan. His parents — Patricia Brentrup and Keith Culkin were in a civil marriage, Macaulay was the 3 child in the family. After it, Patricia gave birth to another 4 children. Interestingly, the full name is Macaulay Carson formed from the two surnames of a famous statesman, member of the Supreme Council in India, Thomas Macaulay and the American General kit Carson.

    The boy’s mother was a telephone operator and his father that was a young actor on Broadway, worked as the Church clerk. Such a profession did not bring a large family too much money, and Calcine lived in a small apartment. However, Catholic religious education, followed by Keith and Priscilla, did not allow the children to think too much about material things.

    In his early childhood Macaulay pestering all the relatives of his inventions and antics. His boundless imagination and innate gift of a comedian very early began to manifest itself. On the advice of friends parents gave 4-year-old boy in a children’s theatre Studio, where he studied choreography and acting. Around the age of 5 years young Culkin played in his first performances of «Baby Bach» and «the Big Squirrel.» The actor himself later recalled that the scene seemed huge then, he was afraid that the audience will simply not notice it. So sang and recited the text louder than all the other participants of the performance. Of course, with this desire, vigor, charming smile, and, importantly, the acting talent, the boy could not help but draw attention to themselves. After 2 years, Macaulay appears in several commercials, starred in various episodes of the movies.

    The first 5 classes Macaulay went to Catholic school, St. Joseph, and then, after becoming regularly appear in films, went to the Children’s Professional School, created for child actors and child musicians.

    Unfortunately, the boy’s father, who became his Manager, much more interested in fees than the level of scenarios. His queries continued to grow, furthermore, it began to impose conditions on the mandatory inclusion in the film other children. Such an unprofessional approach quickly gave a negative result: the producers have less to offer the role. In 1996, Priscilla had divorced her husband, accusing him that he ruined the son’s career.


    The first full-fledged film starring Macaulay Culkin is «Uncle Buck» in which a boy plays a major role. This Comedy was not too popular, but it is the set of Kalkin said John Hughes, who was looking for child for the lead role in the movie «home Alone». This famous Christmas movie changed the life of a young actor. The film became a record of the rental among family Comedy films, and from a small actor did a great star. Macaulay received the award «Young actor» and was nominated for a Golden globe in the category «Best leading role».

    The film’s success logically led him to the sequel «home Alone 2: Lost in new York», which was released in 1992 and almost repeated the success of the first part.

    In the same period, the young actor starred in famous videos of Michael Jackson «Black or White» and «Jam».

    Rather expected that the audience wanted to see Macaulay Culkin only in the role of Kevin McCallister, the protagonist of the famous novels. Therefore, though beautiful, but do not correspond to the conjecture movies «Along with my father,» «the Nutcracker», «My girl», was not warmly welcomed and were not even able to recoup the money spent. The same fate befell the movie «the pagemaster», although the role of Richie Tyler seemed to match the image of a home boy. With the exception of the number of commercial failures was only the Thriller «the Good son», in which partner Makale Culkin was another child star Elijah wood.

    The last stage in a child’s career, Culkin was the film Comedy «Richie Rich». At the time of filming he was 14 years old, and he has not really looked as a small boy.

    Resumed acting career Macaulay Culkin only 10 years. He played a major role in the addicted party planner in tragicomedy «Club mania». The last major work to date is the role in the romantic Comedy «Sex and Breakfast,» where the actor plays one of four main roles.

    Personal life

    At age 17 Macaulay Culkin married his same age and former classmate Rachel miner who was also an actress, best known for his roles in television series. This marriage lasted only 2 years, as young people were still not ready for family life. Besides, Macaulay was in trouble with his parents – father, obsessed with money and does not terminate the proceedings on this occasion, and a mother who could not stand and collapsed on the son’s glory and fell in neurasthenia. Therefore, Macaulay and Rachel, in 2000 began to live separately, and after 2 years divorced officially.

    Since 2003, the actor met with famous colleague Mila kunis. Their affair lasted over 8 years, but in 2011 they parted. This gap has become a complex challenge for the actor.

    Macaulay Culkin is the godfather of the children of Michael Jackson.


    • 1989 — Uncle Buck
    • 1990 — home Alone
    • 1991 — My daughter (in another translation — My girl)
    • 1992 — home Alone 2: Lost in new York
    • 1993 — the Good son
    • 1994 — on a Par with the father
    • 1994 — Richie Rich
    • 1994 — the pagemaster
    • 2003 — Club mania
    • 2007 — Sex and Breakfast


    Macaulay Culkin

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