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  • Name: Ludmila Zykina ( Lyudmila Zykina )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1929.
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: July 1, 2009
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, musician, leader of the ensemble «Russia»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lyudmila Zykina: biography

    On the domestic musical Olympus has a few names that have become legendary compatriots. And one of these mega-stars, singer Lyudmila Zykina, a singer of folk songs, Russian romances and popular songs.

    She was born in the late 20-ies in Moscow, in a family of working people. Her mother Ekaterina was a nurse in a military hospital, and father George p. – working in the factory. Lyudmila was the brother of Alexander.

    In the house Sakineh often live music was played: grandmother sang beautifully, she sang and mom, dad, perfectly played the accordion. It is therefore not surprising that People began to sing in front of people before school age. She did it easily and with pleasure, although her career did not even think. The fact that the girl dreamed of becoming a famous aviatrix.

    Changed everything the Great Patriotic war. In 1941, Lyudmila was only 12 years old, but this teen did not remain aloof from the problems of the Motherland. Zykina took the Moscow machine-tool factory, quickly mastered the profession of Turner, worked as adults and even got the highest rank.

    After victory day, the Ludmila Zykina externally graduated from School employment of youth, and in 1947 he decided to try his luck in the national contest of young performers. This festival was held in the format of a casting and the best singers were invited to the famous folk choir named M. E. Pyatnitsky. In the end there are four contestants and one of them, and the only girl, became a future star of Russia.

    Much later the woman decided to get special education. She graduated from the Moscow musical College, and in 1977, at the age of 48 became the winner of the diploma of the State musical and pedagogical Institute Gnesin. Later Zykina will deal with the training of young artists and reach the academic title Professor.


    At first Lyudmila Zykina took it for a choir performance, but she soon became a soloist. Career has quickly gone uphill, but then the singer suffered grief, her mother died. Stress the effects connected Zykina, she not could not like to sing, and even speak normally. Fortunately, a year later, the voice recovered, and Ludmila continued her speech.

    Back in the choir Pyatnitsky she couldn’t, so she became a soloist of Russian song choir of all-Union radio. Gradually the repertoire of the singer there are songs that are so loved by her fans — «Thin Rowan», «the steppe is all around», «On leave goes a young sailor», «Down the Volga-river» and many others. She has sung more than 2000 songs that are remembered to the end of life.

    The late 50-ies was marked by Lyudmila Zykina: she was the winner of the one festival after another. The singer has toured extensively as the Soviet Union and abroad. During his career, Ludmila has not acted in 92 countries around the world, and everywhere she was welcomed warmly and sincerely. And at home Zykina is singing, perhaps, in all corners. On account of its even a concert at the North Pole for drifting on the ice of the polar explorers!

    In 1977, the singer creates his own Russian folk ensemble «Russia», which he headed until the end of life. In later years Zykina often sang duets with pop musicians — Nikolay Rastorguev, Mikhail Lisinym, Marc Almond and others.

    It should be noted that although Lyudmila Georgievna and is considered a singer of folk songs, but the world fame was brought to her just more pop songs, stylized as folklore: «the river Volga», «Orenburg downy shawl», «Zimushka», «Wait for me» and the like.

    Personal life

    Lyudmila Zykina four times married, and each of their spouses parted on their own initiative. The first time she went down the aisle at 22. Then her husband was the engineer of the automobile plant Vladlen Pozdnov. Then there was the press photographer of the magazine «Soviet soldier» Evgeny Svalov and journalist Vladimir Kotelkin. Each of these marriages were short, men it was difficult to stay long in this strong-willed woman, and she was released.

    Fourth husband, accordionist-virtuoso Viktor Gridin, lived together with Liudmila Zykina 17 years. They were bound not only by family, but also a professional relationship. The last 15 years of his life, the singer lived alone. She was not, although she wanted to have a baby. But Lyudmila Zykina was strict with himself: motherhood or career. To combine these two paths, the woman decided not to.


    The legendary actress was ill with diabetes, which violated the metabolism. In recent years she moved with difficulty, because of which she even had to go to a sophisticated surgery to implant the hip joint.

    10 Jun 2009 Lyudmila Zykina has celebrated anniversary and was planning to begin tours around the country. Already agreed that the trip it will be accompanied by a doctor. But two weeks later the singer suffered another heart attack. She was taken to the intensive care unit, the doctors tried to put Zykina maximum assistance, but the July 1, 2009 Lyudmila Georgievna died of cardio-renal failure.

    Three years after the death of the legendary singer at the auction of her jewelry, which sold more than one million dollars. Relatives announced that these funds will be used to perpetuate her memory.

    In 2013 on television screens released biographical series about Zykina Lyudmila, where the role of the protagonist was played by actress Vera Sotnikova.


    • 1963 — Russian folk songs
    • 1964 — Steppe, steppe
    • 1965 — Songs by Soviet composers
    • 1968 — You, woman
    • 1969 — Rodnye napevy
    • 1971 — Songs about astronauts
    • 1976 — Only you could, my Russia
    • 1984 is just a Memory. Russian romances
    • 1985 — You, veterans
    • 1990 — how can you forget…


    Lyudmila Zykina

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