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  • Name: Lyudmila Senchina ( Lyudmila Senchina )
  • Date of birth: 13 December 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: kudriavs’ke, Ukraine
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Lyudmila Senchina: biography

    It was called the sexiest singer of the Soviet pop stars, her velvety voice penetrated the soul of everyone. Men adored her, and women tried to be like her. Lyudmila Senchina – a woman-a legend is no exaggeration.

    She was born December 13, 1950, in a Ukrainian village Kudravy. In documents Ludmila of senchinoj specified 1948 birthday – singer says that the father took care that the daughter previously went into retirement.

    The girl grew up in an ordinary Soviet family. His mother worked as a teacher at the school, the father of the first cultural worker, and then Director of the village house of culture. Thanks to his father Lyudmila Senchina first came on the scene. That was the role in Amateur productions and performances on the occasion of the celebrations.

    Ludmila for the first time «the umbrellas of Cherbourg» saw on the screen of the country club. The music of Michel Legrand has won her over, but then she could not have dreamed that someday sing with him.

    When senchinoj was 10 years old, the family moved to Krivoy Rog. In this town the girl took interest in music and singing, graduated from high school. After high school she went to enter the musical College in Leningrad, but missed on the main tour.

    The school Lyudmila Senchina came serendipitously. In the corridor she met the Chairman of the examination Committee and persuaded her to listen to. Senchina sang a Serenade of Schubert and gained admission to the following examinations.

    In 1966 she became a student of musical College im. Rimsky-Korsakov. She, a town girl, had difficult. But punchy character and innate perseverance helped Lyudmila to successfully complete the training.


    In the Soviet cinema Lyudmila Senchina appeared rarely, but in each movie she played a major role. These roles have been close and loved by viewers. The popularity of the artist brought the painting «the Magic power of art», «Shelmenko the Batman» and others.

    In 1977 came the film «Armed and dangerous», which within weeks became the leader of hire. Men hurried to the cinema to see the erotic scene with Lyudmyla senchinoj. The actress has bared Breasts in the frame, which by Soviet standards was more than brave. In the scenario was nothing like this scene out of random, when the site of Leonid Bronevoy I accidentally knocked her shoulder. The camera shot this time, and the Director did not cut a good shot.


    Popular singer Senchina could not be, but fate decided otherwise. In the theatre she has played dozens of roles, came a new chief Director. The relationship didn’t work out and Lyudmila quit my job.

    On the stage she sang the songs of meters, abandoned the famous singers. Noticed her after the song «Miracle horses», but the real popularity came after the song «Cinderella».

    «Cinderella» became the hallmark of senchinoj. However, the singer didn’t want her to sing – forced Anatoly badhen, the orchestra conductor, in which the artist worked.

    In 1975 Lyudmila Senchina has received the Grand Prix at the festival in Sopot, the same year she became the winner «Songs of year». A few years later received the title of honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR and the RSFSR.

    In the 80-90-years of the Senchina was popular. Her romance «White acacia clusters of fragrant…» softly sang the country.

    The song «Love and parting» by composer Isaac Schwartz on the verses of Bulat Okudzhava spent at home Lyudmila a year, while Schwartz didn’t call her and never invited me to his home.

    On one of the Moscow concerts of the singer saw Michel Legrand and invited her to sing a duet. Soon the Studio ringtone released their collaborative album with tunes from «Sherburgskie umbrellas».

    In 2002 Senchina was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia, began to appear on the screens and to return to its former popularity.

    Personal life

    The singer was married three times. Her first husband – artist of the operetta Vyacheslav Timoshin. To this marriage was born the only son of Ludmila and Mikhail. The couple seemed perfect for each other, their relationship lasted 10 years.

    For divorce, the actress decided when I met Stas Namin. At that time he was the leader of the group «Flowers», famous throughout the Soviet Union. The years spent with Nominum, Lyudmila Senchina interesting. Stas was very jealous, had forbidden her to go on tour – they often quarreled and eventually broke.

    After the divorce the singer for a long time with anybody did not meet, but the fans were enough. Only after 6 years she decided on a new relationship with producer Vladimir Andreev. Senchina said that for him it as behind a stone wall.

    The singer tied a strong friendship with Igor Talc. They spent much time together, Igor told her love, but the romance between them was not.


    • «I give You a song»
    • «Love and separation»
    • «Sings Lyudmila Senchina»
    • «But love laughs and sings»


    • «Blue city»
    • «After the fair»
    • «Armed and dangerous»
    • «Magic power»
    • «Shelmenko-denschik»


    Lyudmila Senchina

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