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  • Name: Lyudmila Putin ( Ludmila Shkrebneva )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1958
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: the Ex-wife of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, leader of the Russian culture and education, philologist
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Lyudmila Putin: biography

    Lyudmila Putin – the former first lady of Russia, personal life, which for many years is of high interest to the public. The reason for this interest was her marriage to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but more excitement among the public caused their divorce, despite the fact that the rupture of relations between the spouses took place in a calm manner. In the years of family life with a Russian head Lyudmila Aleksandrovna tried to avoid publicity, the more attracted the views of others, which today put forward a variety of versions regarding the fate of the ex-wife of Putin after the divorce with her husband.

    Putin was born Lyudmila Aleksandrovna (nee — Shkrebneva) January 6, 1958 in Kaliningrad in the family of the worker is repair-mechanical plant Alexander Abramovich and the cashier convoys Catherine Tikhonovna. The family of the future first lady of Russia lived modestly in a small apartment located in a working-class district of Kaliningrad. The parents brought up the daughter in severity, from childhood accustomed to discipline and maintain household chores.

    School years Lyudmila Alexandrovna passed in secondary school № 8. Teachers remember her as a normal student that has a special passion for literature and poetry. Also it was distinguished by a pronounced artistic – he loved to sing songs, read poetry, due to what has always been the protagonist of all school matinees. After leaving school in 1975, Putin’s future wife got a job as a mailman in the local post office, that was not the last profession, mastered girl. After the email, she became an apprentice Turner at the plant «Torgmash», where he obtained 2nd rank Turner-revolorio, then worked as a nurse in a local hospital, and in 1980 took a job as a stewardess in Kaliningrad’s squadron and the next two years led his career in the sky.

    Only in 1981, Lyudmila Putin have decided that who wants to be in life and enrolled at the Leningrad state University in the Department of the philologist-novelist with the study of several foreign languages. In my third year of University she had a fateful meeting with Vladimir Putin, which has changed the rest of her life.

    The first lady of Russia

    Up to the moment of Lyudmila Putin became Russian first lady, she led a career in the specialty and for several years he taught German language in my own lie. In the mid 90’s she tried out as a management fashion boutique «Trussardi», and then worked for several years representative of OJSC «Telecominvest».

    After the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections Lyudmila Aleksandrovna has received the official status, according to which he engaged in active social and political activities aimed at establishing various charity projects, and was organized by the Center of development of the Russian language, which today solves a number of issues related to education and spelling.

    In 2002, for contribution to cultural exchange between Russia and Germany Lyudmila Putin was awarded the prestigious Jacob Grimm, and then repeatedly became the winner of international awards for the support of the Russian language abroad. In addition, she continuously kept receiving many delegations of the Western powers, and she repeatedly visited different regions of the world on extradition of the state prize of the Russian citizens not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

    Personal life

    Personal life Lyudmila Putina at all stages is closely linked with Vladimir Putin, which determines the interest of the society. With her future husband the first lady of Russia met in 1983, in Leningrad at the theater box office of the Leningrad city Council. The wedding of Lyudmila and Vladimir Putin took place 3 years after Dating. After this the family in mind the duties of President had 4 years to move to Germany.

    During this period the couple had two daughters, Mary and Catherine, who now live in Moscow. According to media reports, Putin’s daughter Mary is a graduate of the medical University and PhD in endocrinology, and Ekaterina graduated from Moscow state University and now heads the Centre for national intellectual reserve at this University.

    Family life couple of Putin from the very first days been linked with work of the head of the family, with the result that neither the wife nor the children could not fully enjoy his attention because of the permanent employment on the job. Lyudmila Aleksandrovna remembers that after the victory of her husband in the presidential election, realized that their family falls under strict control and will be prone to publicity, which she disliked.


    6 Jun 2013 Lyudmila and Vladimir Putin announced that the divorce. They stressed that the decision of the joint, as in the work schedule of the head of the Russian no to family relations. The divorce Putin was unexpected and loud popular topic, filled with lots of rumors and speculation regarding the reasons for the gap family relationship the first persons of the country and their further fate.

    Lyudmila Putin is a believer in God, on what basis was hypothesized that after the divorce she went in Snetogorsky monastery with a mentor who closely communicates for more than 20 years. But other sources claim that the ex-wife of Putin remarried a famous musician Mikhail Mikhailov, who recently Lyudmila Aleksandrovna has frequently appeared at social events.

    Both these versions do not have official confirmation, because both before and after the divorce Lyudmila and Vladimir Putin did not comment on his personal life. In the Kremlin only on 1 April 2014 confirmed that the divorce of the Russian head with his wife took place officially.


    Lyudmila Putin

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