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  • Name: Lyudmila Nile ( Ludmila Nilskaya )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Strunino, Vladimir oblast
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lyudmila Nile: a biography

    Lyudmila Nile is a Russian actress with an unusual destiny. At the peak of her popularity, she emigrated to the United States, and after returning home he managed to regain the popularity and love of spectators.

    Lyudmila was born in the tiny town of Strunino, located in the Vladimir region. There she lived with her parents until 16 years of age, and then the family moved to the district center of Alexandria. There Nile graduated from high school and finally decided on the choice of future profession, went to conquer Moscow.

    In 1975, the girl successfully passed the entrance exam and becomes a student of the School-Studio MXAT. However, Ludmila studied there for one course. In the summer session, it failed on such an important subject for the professional artist as a «History of the CPSU», and was expelled from the University.

    But the Nile was lucky: she was able to transfer to the Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, who finished without losing time. After graduation, she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow academic theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky in which she appeared on stage until, until he emigrated to the United States.

    The actress went to America in the rank of the stars of the first magnitude, but is well aware that her skill will not be in demand. She hoped to have in a new country a private body shop, but the business went bankrupt, and Ludmila had to work the seller in shop, driver social services, the operator of the computer program and even a cleaner at the hotel.

    After returning home, the Nile has returned to the profession. She began to play in the moon theatre under the direction of Sergey Prokhanov, and since 2008, is the actress of the Moscow state theatre actor.


    In the film Lyudmila Nile made his debut while still a student theatre of the University. And it took the lead role in the psychological drama «the Horse». The success was quite palpable, and Directors began to offer the young actress one big role after another.

    The first half of the career of Lyudmila it is worth mentioning such famous films as a police detective «Petrovka, 38», and the Comedy «Where is nofelet?», the film «Through thorns to the stars» and military drama «State border» that made the Nile big star of the Soviet screen.

    After the big break in her acting career, Lyudmila again began to appear in front of the audience and managed to regain the popularity of its name. In the twenty-first century it appeared in more than 30 projects, of which a particular value can have melodrama «the Wharf Love and Hope» and «Black goddess».

    And the biggest role of the new time is the image of Galina Brezhneva, daughter of the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev in the biographical television series «Galina». For this work, the Nile has received the prestigious film award «Golden eagle» and was named best actress of 2009.

    Personal life

    In the early 80-ies Lyudmila Nile met with Georgy Isayev, who at that time was the driver. It turned out that the husband is a big fan of her talent. They started Dating and in 1983 married, although later the actress admitted that love is not felt.

    The Nile helped my husband to get to the theatre administrator, and when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, agreed to his proposal to sell his apartment and move to America. By the time Lyudmila and George already had a three year old son Dmitry.

    But the new country was in no hurry to bestow the newly arrived citizens fast and easy benefits. Star of Russian cinema tried a lot of professions, and after parting with Isaev took her teenage son and returned to Moscow. It should be noted that Dmitry took his mother’s surname, not the father who left the family for another woman. The guy were interested in sports, so he graduated from the faculty of management in physical culture and sports.

    More married Lyudmila Nile did not come out, although there were several short novels. But none of these contenders for the hand and heart was not able to charm a woman to such an extent that she decided to start from the beginning.


    • 1978 — Grasshopper
    • 1980 — Melody for two voices
    • 1981 — Mad money
    • 1982 somewhere Oriole cries
    • 1982 — no One can replace you
    • 1987 — Moonzund
    • 1988 — Storm warning
    • 2005 — the Black goddess
    • 2006 — Urban romance
    • 2013 Berth love and hope


    Lyudmila Nile

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