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  • Name: Lyudmila Marchenko ( Marchenko Lyudmila )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1940
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of death: 21 Jan 1997
  • Place of birth: village of Arkhipo-Osipovka, Krasnodar Krai
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: was the widow of

    Lyudmila Marchenko biography

    Biography of Lyudmila Marchenko is ready scenario of a fascinating melodrama. Here is everything you need for the genre: unrequited love, bright rise to fame, intrigue, gossip, sea fans, secret passion for the elderly a powerful patron, which easily breaks the intractable life of the object of his maniacal passion, jealousy was the cause of the tragedy, fatal passion, and the slow fading of the star.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Lyudmila Marchenko |

    The life of Lyudmila Marchenko really eventful and full of dramatic plot twists. But hardly about the kind of life he dreamed of a movie star 1960-70-ies. She’s really a born actress. Just learning to pronounce the words the girl said that there will be an artist.

    This was no doubt. 135 th the Metropolitan school, where she studied People, she was the prima ballerina of Amateur theatre. Therefore, after the award of the school certificate it is, as planned, went to the best Moscow theatre universities. Went to all the famous VGIK, Schepkin and Shchukin school. But she was advised to stop the choice on the Cinematography. Marchenko listened and made no mistake.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Lyudmila Marchenko |

    Lyudmila lucky enough. She studied with Mikhail Romm. With her in his workshop, learned the secrets of cinema Andrei Konchalovsky and Vladimir Ivashov.

    In 1963 when the young singer was awarded the diploma, she was already a celebrity.


    Immediately after graduating from the VGIK Lyudmila Marchenko took in «Actamin» Experimental theater Studio pantomime which was directed by Alexander Rumnev. Looking ahead, we say that on stage «Actamin» the artist has only released 2 years. From 1965 to 1984, she worked in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. Marchenko has always been closer to the cinema, not the theater stage.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    In the film Otchiy Dom |

    A cinematic biography of Lyudmila Marchenko started quite early. Already at the 2nd year of fighting positions, a charming girl with a snub nose, said Grigory Kozintsev. He offered her a small role in his epic movie «Volunteers», thundered all over the country. People got the image of a fiery Komsomol, workers of the subway construction.

    A year later, in 1959, the third year student was offered a starring role in a picture of Leo Kulidzhanov «Father’s house». From Lyudmila Marchenko became a star. The Director made the right decision. The young actress managed to convey the whole palette of feelings, appropriate her characters. Surprisingly, the pain and Heartbreak she played brilliantly, although nothing in my life experienced.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Star |

    Now she knew the entire Soviet Union. Abroad it was called «Soviet Audrey Hepburn». Unlikely in Hollywood suspected that the star lives in a Studio apartment, crammed with 7 people.

    On inner peace and incredible charm Marchenko flew not only harmless fans fascinated by the beauty of the young colleagues. 19-year-old girl has come to the attention of a powerful, despotic and talented Director Ivan pyreva, the Creator of the Union of cinematographers, without knocking entered the offices of the first persons of the state. It was said of him that he can make a star even a laundress.

    Lyudmila Marchenko and Ivan pyrev
    With the Almighty Pyrevym | Lichnaya-zhizn.r

    Such a man turned his attention to the young student. It was the reason for the rapid rise of Lyudmila Marchenko to dizzying heights and at the same time trouble throughout her life. 58-year-old suddenly Pyriev invited the young student to himself. He saw her in «father’s house» and realized that this talented girl like no one else suited for the role of Anastasia in the plan for his project «White nights» based on the book by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Rough joking over snub nose girl, first of all approved it for the role without a single audition.

    Director’s innate instinct did not fail meter. The young artist brilliantly reincarnated in the proposed method. Playing in this film, she went so deep in the role that was constantly crying and was often depressed. Other emotions to play the Dostoevsky images on the screen difficult.

    Lyudmila Marchenko and Oleg Strizhenov
    With Oleg Strizhenova |

    The actress who was living the role, not just heard the rumors and gossip behind your back. New passion Almighty Pyr noted. And he especially did not hide. Lyudmila, when she realized the cause of the strange looks from his colleagues, at first it was funny. It is not believed that the man her grandfather’s age really fell in love with her.

    However, the girl did not care for the passion of the old Director. She fell in love with his partner on the film of Oleg Strizhenova. Their movie-love spilled over into real life. Her little worried that the actor was married and older than her 11 years. The artist was sure that he would leave his family. Everything else for Ludmila didn’t matter. Perhaps that is why she took the keys to the apartment, which was rented for her by a film crew in the Small Demidovsky lane. But when he rubbed his hands together, his young friend met in a love nest with Oleg Strizhenova. When the house was approached by a Director from a couple and the trail was cold.

    Lyudmila Marchenko and Oleg Strizhenov
    Romance in movies and in life | Theater

    It was a dangerous game. Marchenko did not dare to tell the Almighty Purevu a categorical «no», but «Yes» is not mentioned. I think it was clear from the Director, who is not used to rejection, even more. Sister Lyudmila Marchenko in his memoirs, later wrote that first manic was stalking the actress. For example, he suddenly appeared on the shooting of «My little brother». The tape was filmed with new actors Oleg Dal, Andrey Mironov and Alexander Zbruev.

    At that time relations Lyudmila and Oleg Strizhenova ended. The actress married a student of MGIMO Vladimir Verbenko. When the man came to the shooting and saw swirling around his wife young beauties Dahl, Mironov and Vadim, and then intently watching her pyreva, he left his wife.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    In the movie «My little brother» |

    Biography of Lyudmila Marchenko was moving inexorably towards its terrible finale. One friend led to the geologist, the artist Valentina Berezina. A serious and courageous man immediately liked her. He played the guitar and fascinatingly told about the expeditions. Broke novel. Young people began to live together. When this was reported to Ivan Pyreva, he angrily banned all Directors to remove Marchenko. To disobey the Almighty meters did not dare anybody. Leonid Gaidai, tried the actress for the role of Nina in «Caucasian captive», he took Natalya Varley. Lyudmila was not allowed in the movie House and on «Mosfilm»: all passes were cancelled.

    In the apartment of the artist came the oppressive silence that is not disturbed, no call. Say, when meeting with Marchenko Pyreva angrily told him he would complain. To which he laughed in her face: «Where? IN DOSSAF?».

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Role for it was not | M-llekolombina

    This becomes calm only a few months before his death. He married actress Leonelle Stacks. Only then the Director Edmond Keosayan decided to offer Marchenko a small role in the film «cook».

    But even then the shadow Pyr flashed over sprang an actress forever and finally drawing a line through her career.

    Once the Berezina, the civil husband of Lyudmila Marchenko, in a drunken conversation hinted that the cooperative apartment in which they live, is a gift pyreva. And although it was only part of the truth, the jealous man came home and severely beat the girl.

    The Tragedy Of Lyudmila Marchenko

    The doctors at the Institute Sklifosovsky barely saved disfigured actress. The life of Lyudmila Marchenko they really returned, but the terrible scars that it was impossible to hide even under the thick layer of makeup, has remained for all life. The woman didn’t say a word to investigators about who beat her up. She stated that she was in a car accident.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Still from the film |

    To get to the truth no one wanted, because at that time the Almighty pyrev was still alive.

    So in 26 years ended cinematic biography of Lyudmila Marchenko, the talented actress, who was in the Prime of his creative powers.

    Personal life

    After 2 years, the actress learned that beat her Berezina has a bastard child. She silently gathered his things and made for the door. Unfortunately, the woman could not give birth to a child herself. Because of broken home conditions of pregnancy in the period of the novel with Oleg Strizhenova actress heard a terrible verdict of doctors: it is fruitless.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    The actress could not be children |

    Personal life Lyudmila Marchenko twice did steep turns. Her third husband was the administrator of the Mosconcert Vitaliy Voytenko. He tried to help the woman and found a plastic surgeon. But his skill was questionable. After several transactions, the effect was terrible.

    However, a loving husband helped his wife to find at least some use of her talents. He organized a creative meeting with the audience. And then Marchenko, Vladimir Vysotsky went on tour around the country. But the main question that was tortured by the supporters of the star was the one she feared most: «what are you working On?». And the actress has finally broken. She started drinking again and was left alone.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    Alone again | Cinema

    1977 and 1980 Lyudmila Marchenko flashed on the screen. She played in two episodes: in the film «Office romance» Eldar Ryazanov gave her a tiny role Samohvalova guests, and in the film «About the poor hussar say a word» she played provincial actress.

    The former star for a while sheltered by the Theatre-Studio of film actor. Here, the artist has entrusted to play a small role in two performances. But started to affect the head injury was noticed that deteriorating hearing.

    Lyudmila Marchenko with her husband and sister
    The actress (right) with her husband and sister |

    And yet happiness came to her again. The actress married artist Sergei Sokolov. They lived together for 21 years, until the death of Sergei. Ludmila was his Muse. He adored her. Features Marchenko has appeared in many of his paintings. They recognized in him Princess Mary kupinski Olesya and Shulamith.

    Sokolov has made every effort to cure his wife from alcoholism. Every spring and all summer, his wife went to the village near Tver, where the artist painted his paintings, and Lucy was digging in the vegetable garden, fed the birds, read books and talked to her cats. In one hot summer Sergey did not. He was buried in the village cemetery.


    A few months after leaving her husband and did not react. She died this winter, January 21, 1997, from the banal flu.

    Shortly before his death Marchenko with undisguised bitterness admitted that the film did not give her anything. She dies in poverty, without children, with a disfigured face and a broken life. Elongated in his youth lucky ticket was a blank piece of paper.

    Lyudmila Marchenko
    The last refuge |

    It seems, the actress, lived for 57 years incomplete, wanted to die. She forbade her family to visit her, to those not infected with influenza. While not called the doctor and took no medications.

    The Union of Cinematographers, when led by Pyrevym, contributed to the death of an actress of 200 rubles.


    • 1958 «Volunteers»
    • 1959 «White nights»
    • 1959 «Father’s house»
    • 1960 «Until next spring»
    • 1962 without fear and Without reproach»
    • 1962 «My younger brother»
    • 1965 «cook»
    • 1967 «man of the moor»
    • 1968 «the Scouts»
    • 1982 «Who is knocking at the door for me…»


    Lyudmila Marchenko

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