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  • Name: Lyudmila Kharitonova ( Ludmila Volkova )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Lyudmila Kharitonova: biography

    Lyudmila Kharitonova – Russian theater and film actress, best known domestic audience for the TV series «the Principle of Habarova» and «the wedding begins.». She was born in Sochi, where he finished school and the vocal Department of the School of arts. Being a second year student, Lyudmila began to appear on the stage of the Sochi Philharmonic society as part of folk ensemble «LYUBO».

    Within three years, the future actress gained professional experience, and in 2004 went to the capital of Russia and entered the Moscow state University of culture and arts. But very quickly she realized that the music career attracted her is much less than the path of the actress. Thanks to the talent and perseverance Lyudmila Kharitonova is seeking a translation in one of the most prestigious theater schools in the country – at the Higher theatre school of Boris Shchukin theatre Institute, where she began to study with renowned master Valery Fokin.

    The first stage that the actress came Kharitonov became the stage of the theatre Association «A. G. O. T.» where she acted for years, and then began to focus on shooting in film.

    In addition to the stage and set, she can be seen in the commercials. For example, quite a famous video commercial of the mobile operator «Beeline» mounted it with her. Also Kharitonov acted as a model for men’s magazine «Maxim».


    In 2011, the screens out the series «my dear man», was a remake of the famous eponymous painting in 1958, filmed on the novel by Yuri German. The new version debuted and Lyudmila Kharitonova, which got the image of a quiet girl Pelageya.

    In the crime drama «the Principle of Habarova» actress played a discreet lady Alexander Belonogov, beloved main character. This role attracted many spectators to the person Kharitonova and forced to follow movie lovers with the filmography of a promising actress.

    Ludmila is not forced to wait long for their fans. After the drama «Jack Cock», and the second part of the blockbuster «Sniffer», she gave in March 2016 good mood all the viewers for help in a Comedy series «the wedding begins.». In this movie Kharitonov played a infantile girl Luz, constantly hovering in the clouds and brings all others to rage with their meticulous dissections of any, even minor, of the situation. Interestingly, two friends of the main character played by Nina Loshchinin and Nino Kantaria, which in life are friends Ludmila.

    Personal life

    In 2011, Kharitonova Lyudmila married the famous actor Ivan Volkov, ex-husband Chulpan Khamatova. After the wedding, Lyudmila took her husband’s name even in the credits of some films is as Lyudmila Volkova. The couple have a daughter Alexandra, but lately Lyudmila and Ivan live separately. Although the official divorce at the moment there is no information.


    • 2011 — my Dear man
    • 2012 — Moscow. Three station
    • 2013 — Principle Khabarova
    • 2013 — Nest Cock
    • 2013 — Bones
    • 2015 — Sniffer-2
    • 2016 — The Wedding Begins.


    Kharitonova Lyudmila

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