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  • Name: Lyudmila Kasatkina ( Ludmila Kasatkina )
  • Date of birth: 15 may 1925.
  • Age: 86 years
  • Date of death: February 22, 2012
  • Place of birth: Nove Selo, Smolensk oblast
  • Growth: 159
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Lyudmila Kasatkina: biography

    Lyudmila Kasatkina – famous actress, people’s artist of the USSR, became famous immediately after the debut of the film «tiger tamer» and is also known for such films as «call the fire itself», «Big change» and «the circus Princess».

    She was born in Nove Selo village of Smolensk province, but soon her parents Ivan and Varvara Nikolaevna moved to the capital. In Moscow People very early showed a good dance abilities, so hit the dance Department at the prestigious Opera Studio of a name Shatsky. 11 years old girl has already appeared on the big stage, but after a nasty injury Kasatkina after 3 years had to say goodbye to the dream of the Bolshoi ballet.

    After graduation, Lyudmila entered GITIS, proved himself as a dramatic actress and was accepted into the troupe of the Central theater of the Soviet (later Russian) army, where he worked until the end of his life. His most famous theatrical roles were the classics — «Orpheus goes to hell» «Broadway Charades», «the taming of the shrew».

    In the 21st century Lyudmila Kasatkina received the academic rank of Professor and taught in his native GITIS acting.


    The debut of Lyudmila Kasatkina in the movie took place in 1954, when she was already quite well known in theatrical circles. In the romantic Comedy «tiger girl», she was entrusted to play the main character Lena Vorontsov. The other star of the picture had already earned a loyal audience of Pavel Kadochnikov.

    During the filming of this picture Kasatkina was not supposed to interact with the animals, as its substitute, the understudy is a professional circus artist Margarita Nazarova, who later starred in «Striped flight». But during installation, it became clear that «the picture is not», need at least a few shots of the main actress together with the predators. And Lyudmila had to enter the cage… there are rumors that she got so in the way that after the completion of filming the trainer Boris Eder earnestly suggested Kasatkina go in his team and become a circus performer.

    Soon, the actress took part in the melodrama «Honeymoon», war drama «the other side» and other films. A new round, the recognition came after the role of Catherine in the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play the taming of the shrew. It was the first joint work of Lyudmila Kasatkina and directed by Sergei Kolosov. Three years later appeared the next picture — the first Russian serial film «call the fire itself». It is noteworthy that the heroine Ludmila, in reality, the existing partisan Anna Morozova, after the release of the film was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

    For 60-70-ies of Lyudmila Kasatkina shoot a lot and always in very different roles. We can say that she created each time the opposite images. The only thing that unites all these women – leadership team and internal honor. In 80-e years the actress has attended only 4 scenes, but two of them, the musical «the circus Princess» and social drama «Road Anna also the event attended», entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    Almost to the end of his life, the actress remained faithful to their profession. In the last decade, she starred in the Comedy «poisons or the world history of poisonings», «Lost in Paradise» and «Looking for a bride without a dowry». And it was not the scenes or minor characters, namely the main roles.

    Probably magical languid voice of Lyudmila Kasatkina is familiar even to children, who are happy to watch old Soviet cartoon «Mowgli», where the actress brilliantly voiced the Panther Bagheera.

    Personal life

    With her husband Director Sergey Kolosov actress first met at the theatre of the Soviet army. They had not only a strong family unit, which, unlike many colleagues, never went any rumors and gossip, but also a great creative Duo. Together they have created 12 blockbusters, and it is impossible to say which of the spouses gave the film more – he or she. Correctly speak about the joint fruitful work.

    Married Lyudmila and Sergei had a son. Movie he wasn’t interested, but the creative potential Kolosova, Jr. also made itself felt. Alex is a jazz musician and the leader of his own jazz band «Aura». In addition, as a composer he has written music for several films of his father and long time led a series of transmissions about jazz on «Russian radio».

    By the way, my first daughter Alex was named in honor of her grandmother, Ludmila.


    Recently Lyudmila Kasatkina was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, lived six months in the hospital, where she had a special care. But the death of a beloved husband knocked down a legendary actress, and Kasatkina, Kolosov has experienced only 11 days, died February 22, 2012, on 87-m to year of life.

    Buried Lyudmila Ivanovna with military honors at Novodevichy cemetery, near the grave of her husband.


    • 1954 — tiger girl
    • 1956 — Honeymoon
    • 1958 — On the other side
    • 1961 — the taming of the shrew
    • 1964 — call the fire itself
    • 1966 — sugar
    • 1972 — Big change
    • 1982 — the circus Princess
    • 2001 — poisons or the world history of poisoning
    • 2006 — Lost in Paradise


    Lyudmila Kasatkina

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