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  • Name: Lyudmila Artemyeva ( Lyudmila Artemieva )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Dessau, Germany
  • Activities: theater and film Actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Lyudmila Artemyev biography

    Theatrical and film career of the actress Lyudmila artemeva, stars in the Comedy series «taxi driver» and «Matchmakers», laureate of many nagrad and cavalier of the order «Peacemaker» has been in place for almost thirty years. During this time, the actress has already acted in sixty films and play in a half dozen plays, which are invariably popular with the public.

    Lyudmila Artemyeva was born on 10 February 1963 in the German city of Dessau, where her military father, Mr Rashnikov served at the time. Mother Ludmila, Maria Avdeeva, was a professional athlete, was part of the candidates of the national team of Ukraine on track and field athletics, but because of frequent relocations with my husband and the birth of her daughter she was forced to abandon his athletic career.

    When she was five years old, the family Artemiev moved to Uzhgorod, where People went to school. However to complete the training I had in Lviv, as Mr Rashnikov transferred again. The girl was bright artistic talent, cleverly parodied the style of behavior of their friends. The parents, noticing this, gave his daughter to the Studio, where Lyudmila finally realized his acting vocation.

    After school Artemiev entered the Leningrad musical College at the pop Department, and then, two years later transferred to the capital, where he successfully graduated from the Moscow drama school named Shchukin. Mentor girls were Honored artist of Russia Marianna rubenovna Ter-Zakharova.

    Ludmila Artemieva theater

    After graduating from high school, Artemiev began working in the Moscow theater

  • Lenkom. Theatrical biography of Lyudmila artemeva was connected with the stage of the Lenkom seventeen years. During this time she participated in ten productions, including the famous Comedy by Beaumarchais «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro», and also musical performance on the motives of Sholom Aleichem «Memorial prayer», where actress played the role of Golda, the wife of the unfortunate milkman Tevye. Among other Lenkom’s productions with the participation Artemieva, you can celebrate the Comedy «the Dictatorship of conscience,» in which her character acts as the lawyer Lenin himself, and the musical «the Bremen musicians».

    The actress also collaborated with a private enterprise. So, Artemyev was involved in the children’s performances «Karlsson on the roof» and «Snow white and others», where she played the role of Bok and stepmother. Artemyev appeared in the play by Yevgeny Grishkovtsa «Winter», which was met with a mixed reaction by critics. In cooperation with Independent theatre project by Elshan Mamedov Lyudmila took part in performances of «Hospital Moulin Rouge» and «Ladies` Night».

    Over time, she realized that plays in the theater, only age-based roles. This situation did not suit the actress and she decided to pay more attention to his career on television. In 2003, Lyudmila Artemyev left the film.

    Ludmila Artemieva: movies

    Actress film debut was a cameo role in the film «scary story». The first film had notable success. The turning point, ironically, was the participation of Ludmila in the filming of advertising. Vivid and memorable image mistress Lucy in advertising of mayonnaise

  • «My family» in 2000 brought her long-awaited popularity, as well as the prize in the nomination «For the best promotional way.»

    But the real nationwide fame came after the release of comedic-dramatic telenovelas

  • «Taxi Driver» Olga Muzaleva. The image of Hope Romashova, cheerful single mother, twisting the wheel so fond of the audience that was filmed for four season and a new year two-part film «taxi driver. New year GMT», which was attended by characters from the series. Bright comedic roles Artemieva allowed her to star in a Comedy sitcom «Who’s the boss» and «Toys», the artist also took part in the sports melodrama «Hot ice», the historical TV series «Montecristo» and the good child’s kinoskazka «Cinderella 4ch4. It all starts with desire».

    The next round of popularity Lyudmila artemeva was launched in 2008 with the Comedy project

  • «Matchmakers», which was a resounding success with the audience. The character of the «typical urban intellectual» Kovaleva Olga quickly won the love of the public. At the moment, out of six seasons of «the Matchmakers», and polnometrajnyi «Christmas matchmakers» and «the Matchmakers at the stove». The huge popularity of the series led to the beginning of the new sitcom «Swati», in which Lyudmila Artemyev also plays a major role.

    Ludmila Artemieva.

    In 2002 she made her debut as a TV presenter. Artemyev two years, led to the RTR TV channel morning program

  • «In reserve», later known as the «due diligence», where every time I got a small investigation of the composition of certain consumer goods. Also in 2013, Artemyev was part of the jury of a mock talent show
  • «One to one», which was broadcast on the First channel, in which participated Otechestvennye stars of show business. Optimistic and cheerful way of conducting the show brought Lyudmila Artemyev in a TV show about fashion and beauty «Fashion verdict», where the actress in 2013-2014 advocate of the program, stand in front of a fashionable court waiting for the verdict.

    Ludmila Artemieva: personal life

    While studying in the «Pike» young Artemyev married her classmate

  • Sergei Parfenov. In this marriage a daughter, Catherine, who went in her mother’s footsteps, choosing a career of a translator. Fifteen years later the couple divorced. As says the artist, cause of divorce became financial problems and addiction of husband to alcohol. In 2012 personal life Lyudmila artemeva became the object of media attention. The woman was preparing to become a second time mother, despite my 49 years. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was difficult, and Ludmila lost the baby.

    Ludmila Artemieva: filmography

    • Mistress into maid
    • 33 square meters (TV series)
    • Two fates
    • Happy New year! With the new happiness!
    • Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation (TV series, seasons 3-4)
    • Taxi driver (TV series, seasons 1-4)
    • Who’s the boss? (TV series)
    • Cinderella 4×4. It all starts with desire
    • Montecristo
    • The matchmakers (series 1-7 seasons)
    • Nanny
    • Pregnant
    • 2014 — Swati (TV series)

    Ludmila Artemieva: photo

    Ludmila Artemieva

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