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  • Name: Lyudmila Arinina ( Lyudmila Arinina )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1926.
  • Age: 90 years
  • Place of birth: page Sinodskoye, Russia
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Lyudmila arinina: biography

    Honored artist of the RSFSR, which account for more than 90 films, famous for roles of the second plan. In adulthood, she remains a beautiful woman, radiating happiness and positivity.

    Ludmila was born in the village Sinodskoe Saratov region. Her mother worked as a teacher, father was an artist. In lean years, the family was undernourished. When my daughter was two years old, his parents moved to Tashkent, where they work were given 600 grams of bread, and the unemployed – for 400 grams. Lyudmila arinina this day remembers the tea and bread crusts for dinner and how she was dreaming about the box of condensed milk — she bought it as soon as I got the first fee.

    In 1941 in Tashkent, refugees flooded the city’s population has increased tenfold. 15-year-old Folk with other students cared for the wounded and worked as a waitress in the dining room. Father fought, and mother was sick, so the girl became the sole breadwinner for the family. In the dining room arinina entertained visitors there she saw the actress Dora walpert that during the war he worked at the Tashkent youth Theatre. Dora was engaged with the girl acting, and in 1944, Lyudmila went to enter the theater Institute in Moscow. He entered GITIS the first time and in 1948 graduated.


    After graduation, Lyudmila arinina worked in distribution in the theatres of Brest, Chelyabinsk, Mogilyov and other cities within 10 years. The right choice she was not.

    In Chelyabinsk theater, she worked for 7 years, loved her, gave leading roles. Nadia in «the big sister», Eugene in «Factory girl», Masha in «the Seagull» – it was busy in the best performances of the time. In 1963 arinina he worked at the Leningrad «Lenkom», to which he gave 6 years. Then was 11 years in the Moscow theater named after A. N. Ostrovsky.

    In 1999, Director Peter Fomenko invited the actress in his theatre-the Studio: she agreed without hesitation. On the stage of this theatre Ludmila played his most vivid roles — Tatyana in «Barbarians,» and Aunt Maria Dmitrievna in «War and peace», Ekaterina Karlovna in «Family happiness». In 2004, arinina received the prestigious theatrical award «the Seagull» for her role in the play «Three sisters».

    Two years later, she left the theatre forever. The actress explained its decision by saying that the time has come, as it is the same thing for the scene as before.


    Lyudmila arinina first appeared in film in 1967. The debut work was the role in the movie «Four pages of a young life». Then there were numerous other paintings.

    A landmark in her life was the film «For life» directed by Peter Fomenko. He appeared on the 30th anniversary of the victory. The plot – the story of the sanitation workers trains. Lyudmila arinina has played nurse Julia: it was the first major role of her career, and her favorite job. After the screening the actress was invited to the role of single women, often poor. In this role, the audience saw Arinine in «Fathers and grandfathers», «Wedding big brother», etc

    Lyudmila Mikhailovna were invited and children’s films. She starred in «the Guest from the future», «Smart things», «Jumble».

    In adulthood, the actress starred in the TV series «MOORE». Her partner in the film was Mikhail Efremov. Lyudmila arinina admits that sometimes envies the confidence of young and likes to work with them.

    Personal life

    The actress was married three times. With her first husband, she lived for 10 years, but as said, love and admiration came to her second marriage.

    With her second husband Nikolay Mokin she lived for 26 years. The actress loved it because Nicholas was not only a talented Director, but a terrific person. She put up with his alcoholism, endured, not challenged. To give up alcohol Nicholas could not, treatment and encoding did not help. Probably L. M. would live with him further, however, Nicholas died. Children they had.

    The third time she found happiness in 60 years — her heart was captivated by the musician. Once in the apartment Orininal neighbor called and said that he had come to marrying the father of her daughter-in-law. Nicholas – a retired Lieutenant Colonel, was a widower. Arinina admits that at first Semenov seemed dark and boring: she didn’t understand why he is constantly quoting Nietzsche. Over time, relations improved, two different people found common interests and values. They often walked together, Nicholas helped Lyudmila to take care of bedridden mother, and in 1986 they were married.

    Ludmila says that in adulthood, senses are perceived differently than in his youth. She is grateful and happy that next to her is her current husband. They are often in the country, away from Moscow. Arinina says he loves his old house, the lake, berries and mushrooms, and gets an incredible pleasure when it is there.


    • «The last days of Pompeii»
    • «Declaration of love»
    • «Fathers and grandfathers»
    • «White dance»
    • «Beloved woman mechanic Gavrilov»
    • «Apartment»
    • «Sklifosovsky 4»
    • «MOORE. The third front»
    • «Guest from the future»
    • «Fartsa»


    Lyudmila Arinina

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