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  • Name: Lyubov Virolainen ( Lyubov Virolaynen )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1941.
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Borisov, Belarus
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Lyubov Virolainen : a biography

    Legend of Soviet cinema Lyubov Virolainen is famous all over the country for roles in the films «Love of man» and «Eternal call». She’s the most vivid example of how you can climb from the very bottom of life on Olympus. And to stay on it as long as possible.

    She was born Lyubov Virolainen (before marriage – Urozhenko) before the war, in January 1941 the Belarusian town of Borisov. In the future, an Honored artist of the RSFSR, it was a terrible, tragic childhood. Dad died at the front in the first years of the war, leaving a half to three children. Lyubov Ivanovna was a baby, when his mother went to the guerrilla group. Children, 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter and the little Luba, stayed in the dugout, eating whatever I brought in good people. My mother soon got captured by the Germans and was sent to a concentration camp.

    After liberation, the mother found the children in the same dugout. They all three survived miraculously. Luba, do not remember the mother resisted and cried, afraid this totally strange woman. The addiction was severe. However, as all subsequent years.

    The love of Ivanovna has told that in the childhood and adolescence she never had new clothes. She had to wear her big sister’s clothes. A satisfying meal, she could only when she finished school.

    When Lyubov Virolainen studied in the senior year, the family moved to Leningrad.


    The dream of acting came from Lyubov Virolainen in high school. As recently admitted by the artist, this dream was dictated not so much by the desire of self-expression through art, how banal poverty. The girl came up to the newsstands, where a huge number of sold photos of famous Actresses, saw a photo of a beautiful Love Orlova in gorgeous gowns, Tamara Makarova in a luxurious hat, and it seemed to her that Actresses are the celestials living in incredible abundance and fullness. The young girl wanted to live the same way, not remembering every minute of noudem empty stomach.

    In Leningrad Lyubov Virolainen luck. Once she noticed the agent of the Studio and was invited to audition for the movie «fracture». Melodrama Director Nikolai Lebedev said the girl talent and was approved for a small part. This film was a springboard for the young actress, with a trip to the world of cinema. And then, the first fee, Luba bought fresh white bread and brought it home, divided among family members.

    After high school, Lyubov Virolainen tried to enroll in drama school. But the ugly girl in school dress, once beautifully dressed peers, felt so gray and pinched, she failed to convince the admission Committee your talent.

    Only a few years Virolainen made a second attempt. She was able to go to the theatrical Studio of the Bolshoy Drama theatre. The theatre Director Georgy Tovstonogov was able to consider the talent in this fragile girl with big sad eyes and strange diplomatin tone of voice. From the very first role Tovstonogov convinced that his choice is correct.

    A cinematic biography of Lyubov Virolainen started, not counting a tiny role in the film «the turning point», the film «the Road home». The romance of Alexander Surin, was released in 1969, was a great success. The young actress noticed. She created the woman so hard looking for happiness, «hooked» the audience with their nenaigrannyj tragic.

    After 3 years the artist came to the star role that instantly brought her to stardom and incredible popularity. The love of Ivanovna played the main character of the painting by Sergey Gerasimov «Love of man». The success of the picture was great. Paired with Anatoly Solonitsyn artist managed to create a stunning image of a fragile yet very strong woman, restrained and at the same time passionate. Amazing the «brand» voice of the actress completed the look.

    And then had wonderful paintings entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. Epic drama «Eternal call», shot by Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov, a war film Viktor Georgiev «a dangerous line», this melodrama Viktor Buturlin «Time to love». Another great movie, «Day one, day last,» in which Virolainen played the main character, was released in 1978.

    The great actress starred in the ’80s and’ 90s. Although the previous success, comparable to the «Love of man», never happened, but Virolainen has played a few dozen good pictures.

    In the new century, the actress is also not lost. Viewers saw her in the film «One shadow for two» and «Love under supervision». In 2015, the screens out the second season of «the Sniffer» in which Love is Virolainen appeared in the image of Neli Nikolaevna Novikova.

    Personal life

    First marriage Love Virolainen was not happy. From her husband she got a good Finnish name and a son. The husband was a translator with the Finnish. His parents during the war, emigrated to Finland. Believing the promises of Stalin, returned home. But instead of good housing received in the wreck in the village near St. Petersburg. Long time actress BDT dangled on the train in the village to feed the little son, Yuri. And she chopped wood, fed the livestock and milked the cow. Thus, according to the law, people did not hide their common Affairs.

    It was not until until she met her true love, a heart surgeon Alexander Zorin. He had to take the woman out of the family because she was ready to continue to endure the infidelity of her beloved husband, with whom she lived the last years of inertia, for my son.

    The actress does not like to talk about it, but in her life was a 5-year affair with legendary film Director Sergei Gerasimov. These years, Lyubov Virolainen has lived in the incredible atmosphere of envy and gossip colleagues. After all, she got undeserved as they seemed, the best role. The Director was very generous with gifts that brought the beloved artist from abroad. Thanks to him she got an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg.

    But it’s all in the past. Personal life Lyubov Virolainen is her wonderful family, son, and talented granddaughter Lubov Virolainen, who dreams of becoming as popular as her famous grandmother.


    • «At the turn»
    • «The road home»
    • «To love someone»
    • «Eternal call»
    • «A dangerous line»
    • «A time to love»
    • «Day one, day last.»
    • «One shadow for two»
    • «Love under supervision»
    • «The sniffer»


    Lyubov Virolainen

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