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  • Name: Lyubov Uspenskaya ( Lyubov Uspenskaya )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married

    Lubov Uspenskaya: biography

    About Lyubov Uspenskaya possible to make a TV series or write a novel, so full of sharp twists and turns of her interesting life. Stormy love Affairs and marriage, betrayal, adventure, happiness and suffering — all.

    Love Zalmanovna assumption, nee Sicker, was born in Kiev on 24 February 1954. Mother Elena Chaika died, and the girl was raised by her grandmother. Love thought of her as his mother. And only a teenager told her the truth.

    Father Zalman Sicker worked as the Director of the factory of household appliances and have always been proud of the musical talents of her daughter. It was he who first brought the lube to the restaurant to show off to friends, asked her to sing. Lyubov Uspenskaya sang and so the audience liked that scene with her not wanting to let go. Director of the restaurant offered her a job as a singer. She gladly agreed.

    For work, she skipped classes in the school of music. By the way, in the music school the girl went to Bayan. It was not her choice. Relatives wanted in memory of my grandfather, a professional musician, she mastered folk instruments.

    The family of Luba loved, but grandmother and father tried to impose their opinions and behaviors. Since then, she learned the truth about his mother, who gave birth to her in prison and untimely left the world, something has changed in Luba. Early adulthood led to the fact that she started to rebel, wanting all of the important decisions only by myself.


    Lyubov Uspenskaya he sang in Kiev. Earned the restaurant a lot of money, but still wanted to go to escape from-under parental guardianship. Her thoughts quickly materialized. In General, having a strong energy, but this woman always gets what they want. In the restaurant it was heard by musicians from Kislovodsk and called in your city.

    Without thinking, Love agrees and at the age of 17 went to Kislovodsk to start an independent life and career of the singer. There, she also sings in the restaurant and is gaining popularity fast. Grandmother and father are dead set against even going for awkward Whether in the Caucasus, but, realizing that she is doing well, work, love and appreciate her, they give her their blessing.

    Having worked in Kislovodsk, the singer rides in Yerevan and there becomes a local star. In the restaurant «Sadko» go specifically to listen to her. But the government suggests that the way to sing and move far from the correct Soviet school. In the end, Lubov Uspenskaya can not stand the pressure and leaves the country.

    The year she spent in Italy. In 1978, the destination was America. In recognition of the singer, it was a trip to nowhere. But she took a chance and won. Only set foot on American soil at the airport, she realized that she will not disappear. She met the Director of the Russian restaurant in new York and invited to work. Helped connection. Musician friends from Kislovodsk, who moved to America long before Love, described her Director as a brilliant artist. Assumption deals with creativity, recorded several albums, the songs she writes for Willy Tokarev and Mikhail Shufutinsky invites you to sing a duet. 8 years, she gave America.

    Today Lyubov Uspenskaya lives and works in Russia. It is popular among connoisseurs of urban romances and Russian chanson, but it changed the restaurants to large concert halls. Records, sings, participates in the show. She’s well-groomed and well-nourished. Ilya Grigoriev, with whom the singer delighted us with a duet in the show «Two stars», speaks of it exclusively as a «real woman».

    Personal life

    First time love the assumption was married at the age of 17 with the consent of the father. My husband is a musician Viktor Shumylovych. However, the marriage singer brings one of the most difficult tests in life. She gives birth to twins, but the children do not survive. One is born dead, second is dying in two weeks. Marriage is falling apart.

    Second husband — Yuri assumption, also a musician. The surname from her second marriage Love will not change. When life in the Soviet reality seems unbearable to her, to him she will go. In America, the marriage broke up.

    There Lubov Uspenskaya met Vladimir Frantsevich Fox, a longtime friend. He not only became the third husband of the singer, but her producer, and mastermind.

    In the late 80-ies of the fruitful plan of Union collapsed. Lyubov Uspenskaya was conquered by businessman Alexander by Placenam. She remembers with delight his gesture: on the day after they met he presented her with the gift of a white convertible. Alexander Plaksin — the fourth man. Together they have almost 30 years.

    Love the assumption has always gone from men first, but she admits that she would never leave Plaksina, because he gave her the joy of becoming a mother. In marriage a daughter, Tatiana, who now lives in Europe and teaches yoga, loves to travel. Periodically the girl come to Russia to visit family and friends.


    • «Favorite»
    • «Carousel»
    • «Lost I»
    • «Bitter chocolate»
    • «To the only gentle…»
    • «The carriage»
    • «Fly, my girl»
    • «A love story»
    • «Happy anniversary»


    Lubov Uspenskaya

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