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  • Name: Lyubov Tolkalina ( Lyubov’ Tolkalina )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Mikhailovka, Volgograd oblast
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Yegor Konchalovsky

    Lyubov Tolkalina biography

    Lyubov Nikolaevna Tolkalina one of the official versions came to light in February 1978 in the village of Mikhailovka, in the Ryazan region. But the actress has made adjustments, saying that was born in the village Savvatiy the same area. Supposedly that’s where dad took mom so she got stronger before childbirth. But my daughter was born early, a few breaking plans.

    The family, which grew Luba, was far from art. Dad — Kushnir, she cared for the disabled. The greatest Luba Tolkalina the passion was synchronized swimming. The girl wanted to associate with this sport my whole life. She planned to work as a coach. In the school years Tolkalina got a job in a Theatre on the water for children. It was not just swimming, but something like acting. In 12 years, Lyubov Tolkalina played in the show on the water called «the fountain of Bakhchisarai». The young actress has acted in two roles – Mary and the little Mermaid. Four years later Tolkalina already master of sports in synchronized swimming. But the farther, the more she wants to go swimming not as a sport, but as art.

    The case helped Lyubov Tolkalina finally decide on their future profession. One day, a young beauty in the swimming pool said the Director-advertiser, shot the video, which promoted the market of expensive plumbing. When you get to know Lyuba found out that the guy is studying at VGIK. Tolkalina decided that this is the tip of fate, where you need to move on.

    The girl arrived in the capital of cinematography, breaking the huge number of contestants. Learn any luck in the workshop of Alexei Batalov. Tolkalina graduated from the acting Department in 1999.


    The biography of Lyubov Tolkalina started in the same 1999. The young artist was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre of the Russian Army. She worked for four years and moved to another theatre «Empire of Stars». But here was delayed for four years. For the period of service in two theatres Luba was finally convinced that to be a theater actress she does not want. She dreamed about the movie.

    The film debut at Tolkalina took place quite early: at the end of VGIK actress has played a episode in the film «recluse». Then followed a break of several years, when Lyubov Tolkalina only appeared on the stage and on the model podium. A breakthrough occurred only in 2002 when the actress appeared in a small role Luba from the tourist Bureau «Antikiller» by Yegor Konchalovsky. In the continuation tape Tolkalina has become one of the main characters. Then it came to her popularity.

    This success helped Tolkalina to reveal how the actress. And it drew the attention of the famous Directors. Luba receives offers to star in a multiseries melodrama «Line of defense» and «gossip». Then was the role of glamorous women Nina Neverova in the movie «sins of the fathers».

    But the main Tolkalina movie cinematic biography considers the picture Stolpovskaya and Troitsky, «I love you». This somewhat provocative film, where Luba was played by a girl in loving a homosexual, has received mixed reviews. And yet the film was shown at the film festival in Berlin and aroused interest. It was modified and updated form, it was successfully demonstrated in Cannes.

    His incredible Comedy talent of the actress was shown in the movie «the Listener», where he played together with Nikita Vysotsky, Dmitry duuuum, Eugene Steblov and Mikhail Efremov.

    Since the early 2000s, actress Love Tolkalina very popular. She appeared in such films as «Games adult girls,» and «Talisman of love». With her participation was released the movie «My General» and «Canned». Of the «fresh» works of Tolkalina its most prominent role in the film «Crazy angel», «Capital sin», «Heart of captain Nemov», «bachelorette party» and «I love.»

    In April 2001, Lyubov Tolkalina becomes the playmate of the month in Playboy magazine.

    Personal life

    With my future husband and famous Director Egor Konchalovsky Love met by chance. To keep her company asked a friend who was Dating at the time, Yegor. But soon after this meeting he didn’t call friend, and the Luba. Thus began their complicated relationship, which remain a mystery to many today. After a couple periodically, then converges, then diverges.

    In 2001, Tolkalina Konchalovsky was born daughter Masha. But in 2010 everyone started talking about the breakup of Yegor and Love. In the summer of 2010, the actress appeared in the light of a famous artist by Vyacheslav Manucharov. About the new novel talking. But in 2014 Konchalovsky and Tolkalina has denied all the rumors and told reporters that they are together and never broke up. The pair was rejected 18th anniversary of their Union, appearing at «Kinotavr» in Sochi.


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    Lyubov Tolkalina

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