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  • Name: Lyubov Sokolova ( Lubov Sokolova )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1921
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: June 6, 2001
  • Place of birth: Ivanovo, Ivanovo oblast
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lyubov Sokolova: biography

    Lyubov Sergeyevna Sokolova – Soviet and Russian actress, people’s artist of the USSR, on account of its awards in various film festivals, military medals, including the medal «For courage» and «For defense of Leningrad». Has performed over 300 roles in the movies of the Soviet era, for which the name Lyubov Sokolova was in the Guinness book of records

    Lyubov Sokolova
    Lyubov Sokolova | Blog Dealer

    Lyubov Sokolova was born on 31 July 1921 in the small town of Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Her parents were ordinary working people: his mother worked as a seller in the store, the father was a Cabinet-maker. The family kept the farm, vegetable garden, animals, and many responsibilities for the care of livestock and other household chores lay on the shoulders of the young mother.

    Acting talent the girl was in a very tender age. In 5-6 years Luba loved to dress up in old maternity dresses and shawls and arrange for home performance. When the girl grew up, I began to attend drama club, participated in school Amateur performances.

    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth
    Lyubov Sokolova in youth | Movie 24

    All free from household chores and study time, the young Luba held in the Ivanovo musical Comedy theatre. The staff of the theater, noticing a schoolgirl crush to high art, began to put it on view for free.

    Lubin mom cherished the hope that her daughter will go to the Conservatory. However, the head of the glee club told to the music the girl has no powers. As a result, in 1940, Lyubov Sokolova graduated from the school, came to Leningrad and entered the pedagogical Institute named Herzen.

    Already as a student, she learned about the intake of students in the acting school of the «Lenfilm». Love immediately rushed to the audition and won the Commission, including the head of courses of Sergei Gerasimov, a monologue from Chekhov’s the Seagull. By the way, Sokolov was one of the thousand plus applicants, the Board were only 22 people. Since then, her life and biography were closely associated with acting, theatre and cinema.

    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth
    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth

    Luba’s happiness knew no bounds! She managed to do everything and go to lectures at the College, and not to miss classes in acting school, and even worked part time, carrying suitcases at the train station, to somehow make ends meet.

    In acting school Sokolov met his first love – student of George Arposalo. They were married in may 1941 and was infinitely happy together. At the same time, Honey was offered the first role in the cinema, in the film «Battlefield friends». Chaste and faithful Love are outraged by the behavior of the writer Sergei Mikhalkov, and she refused to do. Then she thought that life is a whole life ahead and the future is presented in a rosy light.

    The war and the blockade of Leningrad

    The happiness of the young couple, like millions of Soviet citizens, the war break off. Love with her husband remained in the besieged Leningrad, he entered the factory, obtachivaya parts for military aircraft. Lyuba worked on a par with everyone on the same plant worked her mother-in-law and beloved husband. To the front it did not take because of poor vision.

    «Road of Life» | the Russian newspaper

    The meager rations were not enough. The first died from hunger, the mother of Gregory, then death came for her son. The man died in the arms of a loving wife, and her grief knew no bounds. Miraculously Sokolova managed to survive, to survive until the evacuation in 1942. She left the besieged Leningrad, the only possible way, under the bombing, on the truck on the ice of lake Ladoga.

    When they reached the mainland, Luba, for some time delayed in the receiving station, helping to bandage the wounded and care for malnourished residents of Leningrad, survived the journey on the Road of Life. Then Sokolov got to Ivanov, and later moved to Moscow.

    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth
    Lyubov Sokolova in youth | Arguments and facts

    Accident that she heard about the newly published government decree. According to him evacuated from the besieged city of Leningrad had privileges at receipt in higher education institutions. Sokolov went to the reception to the Minister of cinematography and asked him to take her to VGIK. She enrolled directly into the second year. During the war the Institute was evacuated to Alma-ATA, the newly minted student of the acting Department moved to Kazakhstan.

    Sokolov studied at the legendary masters: Boris Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova. During his studies, playing in student productions, she attended the theater, watched drama and Comedy performed by leading Actresses and I thought that I would have played better.

    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth
    Lyubov Sokolova in his youth

    In his youth, Lubov was very beautiful, and this is clearly seen in her old pictures. For male colleagues and the audience a strong impression of her expressive eyes, gorgeous hair, regular features.

    However, the actress has completely devoted themselves to their studies, and after – work. Her entire personal life was on the people on stage, and the opposite sex it was not; too strong was the pain of loss and longing for the deceased husband.

    Career in the theatre

    In 1946, the Lyubov Sokolova graduated from VGIK and came to the Theater-Studio movie actor. In this theater, in General, the artist worked for all his life, not counting the roles in the film and the few years that she spent performing in Germany before the Soviet soldiers.

    Starring in several films in 1951, she received an offer to work in the Theater group of Soviet troops. The troupe toured in Germany, driving on the numerous Soviet military garrisons placed after the war on the territory of the GDR. In Potsdam were the base of the dramatic theatre.

    Lyubov Sokolova
    Lyubov Sokolova | Kinodir

    Lubov agreed without hesitation, and for five years lived and worked abroad. Over the years she has played dozens of roles in various performances.

    Back in 1956 in Moscow, the artist enrolled at the newly opened the Theater-Studio movie actor. And yet, Lyubov Sokolova fate was destined to become the most popular and the most removable actress of cinema, theatre in her life had faded into the background.


    The first picture in which he starred Lyubov Sokolova appeared before her departure to Germany. In 1948, the actress was invited for the role of nurse Barbara in the film «the Story of a real man.» Partner girls picture became famous Pavel Kadochnikov has played Meresyev. However famous the tape is not brought Sokolova no glory, not even a little bit of the fee she is still barely making ends meet and lived in a theatrical dressing room.

    Then in the filmography of the actress had two more films where Lubov performed a cameo role. After returning from Germany, Sokolov began to invite to the shooting. She was a consummate actress, though playing the title role no worse than other artists.

    Lyubov Sokolova in movie
    Lyubov Sokolova in movie «Live till Monday» | Movie-theater

    In 50-ies Sokolova starred in the films «Two lives», «the Ulyanov Family», «Quiet don», «Night guest», «the ordeal». The shooting of the last film, she met Director George Danelia, who became her new love for 26 years.

    Films in which the actress played was diverse, including drama and Comedy, romance and classical plays. With age Sokolova has evolved the role of a middle aged woman, kind, sincere and sympathetic as it was in reality.

    Almost all the Directors in whose movies Lubov, saw her in the image of the mother of the main heroes and heroines. For it, even stuck a playful and delicate nicknamed «national mother».

    Lyubov Sokolova in movie
    Lyubov Sokolova in the film «Irony of fate or With light steam!» | Movie-theater

    She sincerely rejoiced in their minor roles, considering them to be no less important than the title characters. She really was the Queen of the episode, her character was shaded Central actors, gave completeness and wholeness of the plot, the realism and depth of situations. Lubov is not played, but lived someone else’s life on the screen, putting the soul in every way.

    It is characteristic that the actress never took up the role of a negative character, with one exception. In the drama «the Only» Lyubov Sokolova played the mother who tried to separate his own son with his wife. She considered it his duty to bring to people goodness and love, because there is nothing more important and more valuable.

    Personal life

    If in the film the Love of Sokolov was a success and universal recognition, the love of the audience and Directors, the friendship and respect of colleagues, the personal fate of Actresses was very difficult. The death of the first husband led the young woman into a deep depression, for many years she yearned for his deceased during the siege his wife and didn’t even look at other men.

    Love Sokolov and Georgiy Daneliya
    Love Sokolov and Georgiy Daneliya

    To awaken actress love and affection managed the young Director Georgi Daneliya, took it in several of his paintings. He was hitting very hard, even went to the hype by convincing the Love of Sergeevna, if they are the same age, because she wouldn’t date a man younger than her.

    The actor’s family Love and George seemed very strong, though they never got married, but actually everything was not so smooth. First, Luba was really happy that George has surrounded her with attention, she moved to his apartment on Clean ponds, immediately became friends with the mother-in-law, the famous writer and Director, Mary Andzhaparidze.

    Danelia | Anews

    Lubov fussed around the house, soap, washed, baked, and her kind and friendly nature helped to find a common language with a new family. A year later, in 1959, the couple had a son Nicholas. Lubov was very worried, the birth was difficult, and the young mother was already 38 years old. Fortunately, all went well.

    Over the years, the actress admitted that over time, family life has become unbearable. Danelia, people creativity and passion, not just long gone from the house, drank, had women on the side.

    His love affair with writer Viktoria Tokareva discussed all Moscow and Lyuba was just crying and all was forgiven. When George is seriously ill, even in a coma, a faithful wife nursed him without leaving the bedside.

    Writer Victoria Tokareva
    Writer Victoria Tokarev | news Israel, Middle East

    The last straw was the relationship of the Director with a new passion, Galina urkovi. After 26 years of marriage, Daniel told his wife that he loved another woman and they need to leave. Lubov Packed up and moved to my apartment, to an old mother.

    Following the tragedy finally crippled actress. Son Nicholas showed great promise. Despite an early marriage (he married at the age of 17 on the classmate) and the birth of her daughter, Nicholas successfully graduated from the Institute majoring in directing. His work has been praised by leading critics, writers, Directors. However, in the 80-ies of the son Sokolova and Danelia carried away by baptism, were in some cult and stopped to chat with family.

    The Son Of Lyubov Sokolova Nicholas
    The Son Of Lyubov Sokolova Nicholas | KinoNews

    In 1985 Nicholas died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 26 years. The cause of death of the actress’s son, whose body was found in a Moscow apartment, was never installed.

    After nine years killed best friend Sokolova, Maya Bulgakova. Artists drove to the concert, and the car crashed into a pole. Lubov was in intensive care, but soon recovered, and Bulgakov died a few days after the accident.


    Lubov continued acting until his death. Died popular mom and a great actress with a difficult fate in 2001, did not live six weeks before his eightieth birthday.


    List of paintings, which starred Lyubov, it may take several pages, because there are a little less than four hundred. But the title role can be counted on the fingers:

    • Olga Sergeyevna Prozorov in «Three sisters»;
    • Praskovya Pavlovna Likhachev in «mother and stepmother»;
    • Praskovya Likholetova in the «Autumn mornings».
    Lyubov Sokolova
    Lyubov Sokolova

    The role of mothers Sokolov has performed in such famous paintings:

    • «Irony of fate or With light steam!»,
    • «The one»
    • «I step through Moscow»,
    • «Payback»,
    • «The abyss»,
    • «Singing Russia»,
    • «Melody for two voices»,
    • «Dangerous friends».

    Love S. his favorite character was called the mother of losers with paintings by Andrei Rostotsky «Live till Monday». Besides brilliant role in the popular actress was a lot. Without it, quite differently perceived the famous film «Belorussian station», «You can not dream», «Crime and punishment», «Two captains» and dozens of other films.


    Lyubov Sokolova

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