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  • Name: Lyubov Polishchuk ( Lyubov Polishchuk )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1949
  • Age: 57 years
  • Date of death: November 28, 2006.
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: was married to Sergey Tsigal

    Lyubov Polishchuk: biography

    Soviet theater and film actress, teacher, people’s artist of Russia Lyubov Polishchuk G. was born in 1949 in Omsk in ordinary working family. The mother of the future actress she worked as a seamstress, and his father was engaged in the construction. In school the girl was actively engaged in dancing and music. She went to the local music school, acted in concert and participated in various music competitions.

    Then about becoming an actor, the future star of the silver screen didn’t think she wanted to be a singer. At sixteen, Luba travels to Moscow to enroll in the all-Russia creative workshop of variety art. The girl had three days to spend the night in a Metropolitan train station and eat at the local Diners. Soon the entrant was admitted to the College and gave her Dorm room.

    Lyubov Polishchuk movies

    After training in the creative workshop in 1967, Lyubov Polishchuk, along with her husband Valery Makarov comes back to Omsk. Young professionals quickly find a job in the local Philharmonic. Luba and Valery were the actors of a colloquial genre. They put different funny skits, recited comic monologues. The texts they wrote Marian Belenky. Thanks to him, Polishchuk made her debut as an actress.

    The writer suggested that the talented actress to perform in Moscow music hall. Polishchuk agrees, and she is invited to a role in the production of «Red arrow arrives in Moscow». From that moment, the actress started a new life. Performances of the Moscow music hall was so popular that the troupe toured for eleven months of the year. It was then that the young actress learned what real fame. Becoming known in theatrical circles, the artist decided to conquer the world of cinema. The actress ‘ debut was in 1974 in the film G. Alexandrov, «the Starling and lyre». After this film, Polishchuk was invited only a cameo role.

    Popularity knocked on the door after the legendary painting «

  • The twelve chairs» where Love has performed the famous dance with the main character, played by Andrei Mironov. In parallel with shootings in movie actress performs on stage of the Hermitage theatre and in the early 80-ies of the moves in the Moscow theater of miniatures. While the movie career did not develop too rapidly, in the theater, Lyubov Polishchuk was the real star. In 1985, the actress is in absentia finishes GITIS and continues his acting career. In the early nineties she was invited to the «school of the modern play» where Polishchuk works for seven years.

    Now national recognition comes to the actress after starring in the film «

  • Interdevochka». This, according to many critics, the best role of Lyubov Polishchuk. For his acting career, the actress has played eighty-nine roles in such films as, «Wild wind», «the Mystery of blackbirds», «One more Munchausen» and many others. For his contribution to the development of Soviet art Polishchuk received the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR, and in 1994 she became a people’s artist of Russia.

    One of the highlights of the modern roles was the role of «

  • In my fair nanny». This show was the last kinorabotoy actress. In March 2006 he finished filming the final episode, and in November Lyubov Georgievna did not.

    Lyubov Polishchuk: illness and death

    The actress and was diagnosed with a sarcoma of the spine. The cause was a car accident that occurred in 2000. There is a theory that the disease could occur due to injury during the filming of the movie «the Twelve chairs». But, according to Director mark Zakharov, this is impossible, because after a car accident the actress started having problems with his back.

    The twenty-eighth of November 2006 at six in the morning, the actress was able. In 2007, Lyubov Polishchuk became the people’s artist of Karelia Republic, this title was awarded to her posthumously.

    Lyubov Polishchuk: personal life

    The actress was married twice. Her first husband became

  • Valery Makarov, with whom they were married in 1967. But have been married for long, in 1972 the couple is at odds. By the time the actress was pregnant. She gave birth to a son, Alexei Makarov, but Valery didn’t communicate. As Makarov recalls, Jr., he saw his father a couple of times. When he grew up, wanted to find him, but found, was, men are no longer alive. With her second husband, the artist-animalist
  • Sergei Tsigal, the actress met at the Moscow theatre of miniatures. And in 1985, the couple had a daughter Marietta. Sergei was literally inseparable from Love, he supported the actress from the first day to the last. And the son, and the daughter of actress followed in the footsteps of the mother. Alexey Makarov became a famous actor, Marietta also appeared in films and worked in television and radio. When Alexey Makarov found out about his mother’s illness, he refused all roles and was with her every day, hoping for a miracle. For the actor’s mother’s death was a real blow, Lyubov Polishchuk really meant a lot to him, because she had grown Lesha, always understood and supported.

    Lyubov Polishchuk: filmography

    • Skvorets and Lira
    • The twelve chairs
    • Magic lantern
    • Gold mine
    • That Munchhausen
    • Shot in the back
    • Secret of the blackbirds
    • If you can, sorry
    • Goldfish
    • My fair nanny

    Lyubov Polishchuk: photo

    Lyubov Polishchuk

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