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  • Name: Lyubov Orlova ( Lyubov Orlova )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1902
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: 26 Jan 1975
  • Birth place: Zvenigorod
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: theater and film actress, pianist, singer, TV presenter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Grigori Alexandrov

    Lyubov Orlova biography

    The future icon of the Soviet cinema, Lyubov Petrovna Orlova was born in 1902 in a family of nobles. Her father, who served in the military, had several awards from the sovereign. Eugene Helen, the mother Orlova, was descended from an old family of a nobleman, member of the State Council and a cavalry General Nikolai Sukhotina, he served as chief of the Nikolaev military Academy and was in relationship with the writer count Leo Tolstoy. From Lyubov Orlova was kept a work of Tolstoy’s «prisoner of the Caucasus». The book was signed and donated a small Orlova by the writer.

    A frequent guest in the house of the Orlovs in Zvenigorod, Moscow region was and Feodor Chaliapin. Once he saw a home show with the participation of the younger Orlova, prophesied girl real acting glory, advising the family to develop the talent of the young actress in the Studio theater. But parents wanted a daughter not a performer and musician. So when the girl was 7 years old, took her to music school where she learned to play the piano.

    From 1919, the year the Lyubov Orlova perfected his skill at the Moscow Conservatory. But after 3 years she had to leave school to earn a living. 1922 Orlova taught music and worked as a pianist in the capital’s cinemas. However, during this period, she managed to study in GITIS (then theatre College named after A. Lunacharsky of St).

    With 1926 Orlov worked as a chorus girl and then an actress the musical Studio of the Moscow art Theater.


    In the Studio Lyubov Orlova first sang in the choir and appeared in small roles in some productions. But even then, her talent and unique appearance was visible and stand out artist of many colleagues. Therefore, in 1932, the Director took the actress in the choir, making the soloist of the Opera of Offenbach «Pericoli». Lyubov Petrovna has got a major role. The Opera from the very first days of its submission thronged the theater.

    In 1933 Orlov in the role Pericoli first saw aspiring film Director Grigory Alexandrov, who look at the talented 31-year-old actress advised a friend of the artist. Alexandrov was murdered talented play and beauty Orlova. Since that fateful meeting, Lyubov Petrovna was invited by the Director to play in his films. At the time of the meeting, Grigory Alexandrov was looking for a candidate for the role of Ania in his film «Jolly fellows».

    A cinematic biography of Lyubov Orlova starts with this tape. Perfectly cope with the image of Anna, the artist rapidly rises through the ranks of the Soviet cinema. Largely thanks to her that national cinema is a popular art form, which significantly pushed the theatre at the box office, and the number of spectators.

    In 1936, the screens of the country came the second tape of Alexandrov, where the main role again appeared Lyubov Orlova. It was a musical Circus, which became one of the highest-grossing Soviet films. He received the Grand Prix of the international exhibition in Paris, and in 1941 was awarded the Stalin prize.

    Two years later, the fans of the eagles gladly watched another musical Comedy «Volga-Volga», also shot by Grigori Alexandrov. In 1939, the year Lyubov Petrovna played the main character of the adventure detective «the Error of engineer Kochina». The Director of the movie was Alexander Macheret. In 1940 came the last pre-war musical film Alexandrov under the name «Bright path».

    The Lyubov Orlova is Marlene Dietrich, which, because of the «iron curtain» and the prohibition on Western art until you know the audience of the USSR. But a small circle, which included the film Director Aleksandrov, constantly reviewing foreign films at closed screenings. In Orlova, there are many similarities with the Hollywood star. In the first scene «Cheerful children» Anya was exactly the same cylinder as Dietrich in «Blue angel». In the next film «the Circus», the heroine Orlova hair color black mixed with platinum as Marlene.

    From Lyubov Petrovna Orlova was a wonderful soprano. She danced well and played the piano and piano. Her talent was reused in all subsequent paintings. The film «Volga-Volga», «shining path» and many others were filled with music and songs. Movies Orlova extremely fond of the Soviet audience. In the early 1940s, the actress was so popular that it is often taught and accompanied the soldiers at the front. She has performed on all fronts – from Minsk to Kursk and Orel.

    After the war, Orlov again removed a lot. In 1947 came the musical, «Spring», and after 2 years the picture of the war «meeting on the Elbe». In the early 1950s, the Lyubov Orlova has appeared in two biographical films – the drama «Mussorgsky» and the film «Composer Glinka», where she played Lyudmila Ivanovna Glinka.

    Career downturn from the Lyubov Orlova in the early 1960s. She rarely appears on the screen and on the stage. In 1970, the audience saw the Comedy «Russian souvenir». And the last film with the participation Orlova «the Starling and lyre» was published in 1972.

    Orlova has twice received the most prestigious in the country the Stalin prize. For the first time in the role of Marion Dixon in the film «Circus», the second — for the film «Meeting on the Elbe», where Lyubov Petrovna played an American journalist of Gannett Sherwood. The actress also received the Order of Lenin, two orders of red banner of Labor. Soon she is getting Honored, and then people’s artist of the RSFSR and the USSR.

    Personal life

    Lyubov Orlova, during the life of the acknowledged prima Donna of Soviet cinema, very carefully care about their appearance. She was one of the first Russian Actresses, regularly used the progressive novelties of cosmetics for body care and face. Rumor has it that she first experienced plastic surgery. In any case, aristocratic appearance and extraordinary cleanliness for a long time allowed the diva to hide your age.

    Personal life of Lyubov Orlova is a 3 marriage ceremony. The first time she married a famous official of the people’s Commissariat of agriculture of Andrey Berzin Gasparovich. They lived together for 4 years. In 1930, Berzin was arrested and exiled to Kazakhstan.

    In 1932, Orlov became acquainted with the Austrian impresario Franz (his name is lost), which a year lived in a civil marriage. And in 1933, the actress met and in the same year was married to Grigory Alexandrov. They lived together until the last days of the artist. Children the couple never had.

    In March 2015, viewers saw the 16-series film, shot on real events in the life of the actress and Director, called «Orlova and Aleksandrov». Tape covers a period in the life of the actress, from her acquaintance with the Grigori Alexandrov to the death. Orlov played by Olesya Sudzilovskaya, her husband Anatoly Bely.


    Did not Lyubov Petrovna Orlova on January 26, 1975. She died of pancreatic cancer. Buried famous artist in the Novodevichy cemetery. Grigory Alexandrov survived his wife by 8 years.

    In 2014, the country Orlova and Alexandrov in Moscow Vnukovo has gained a well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. He also became the owner of the personal archive of the great artist.


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    Lyubov Orlova

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