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  • Name: Lyubov Germanova ( Lubov Germanova )
  • Date of birth: 7 may 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress of theater, cinema and dubbing
  • Marital status:

    Lyubov Germanova: biography

    Lyubov Germanova — Soviet and Russian actress of theater, cinema and dubbing. Fans of films it is familiar to the role of the Queen in the historical film «Youth of Peter» and the Director of the school in the youth series «Physics or chemistry». But even more famous Love A. as an actress of dubbing. A huge number of Hollywood Actresses Russian language is spoken in the voice of Germanboy.

    She was born and raised in Moscow, and from childhood dreamed of becoming an actress. In fact, Luba and made her film debut as a teenager with his older sister Eudoxia Germanova.

    But unlike Eudoxia, which 6 years in a row unsuccessfully stormed GITIS, Love the acting Department obeyed from the first attempt. However, the choice of the girl fell on cinematography, as the movie he was interested in much more than theatre.

    VGIK acting Germanboy worked such famous teachers as Director Sergei Gerasimov and actress Tamara Makarova.


    In the movie, Love Germanova made his debut at the age of 15 years, starring in two youth pictures – «Minor» and «Intern.» In the first of them also starred her sister Evdokiya Germanova. Later their paths will cross again in 1991 in the Thriller «Kiks».

    The first attention of the audience Love drew in the early 80-ies. She played Eudoxia Lopukhina in two historical film of the Soviet-German production – «In the beginning of nice Affairs» and «Youth of Peter». By the way, later Germanova is not yet time to participate in the patterns of foreign production. For example, the Hungarian biographical drama «the riddle of the Kalman», a Norwegian fairy tales «And on stones trees grow» and «Mio, my Mio», a Czech Comedy «Strangers are welcome», the American historical film «Peter the Great» and other famous film works.

    In the movie, Love Germanova appeared regularly until the mid 90-ies, then began to appear less and less, focusing on voice acting and dubbing films of foreign manufacture. Moreover, the actress believes that the profession has changed. Her dubbing is the same role, but only with your voice. And I have to say, it manages it very well.

    Along with Vadim Andreev and Ilya Pale Love is the most sought-after expert for Directors, management of the voice patterns. Moreover, among the female voices Germanova has the unofficial title of Queen of dubbing.

    It helped to speak the Russian language such stars as Meryl Streep, Rachel McAdams, Penelope Cruz and many others. A favorite work in this field remains in the Love detective series «murder, She wrote», where her voice talking to the main character Jessica Fletcher, played by British actress Angela Lansbury.

    In recent years, Love Germanova returned to television screens. She starred in the melodrama «Milkmaid of hatsapetovki» in the role of housekeeper Regina Balzac, in the psychological drama «Two sisters», depicting that to have the two main characters, in the medical series «Doctor Tyrsa» created the image of the wife of one of the main characters in all seasons of the famous Comedy «the Teacher» appeared under the guise of sisters of the hero Dmitry Nagiyev. But the most remembered by the audience the role of the last decade, the actress was in the youth series «Physics and chemistry», where she played the Director of the school Clara V. Tarasov.

    Personal life

    Surprisingly, despite the fact that Lyubov Germanova fairly well-known public figure, his personal life to her for many years, manages to keep secret from the omnipresent journalists. Still no one knows whether the actress ever married and is in a relationship at the moment. Also, there is absolutely no any information about her children.

    Presumably, lubovalekseevna believes that everything you need to know the following, it passes through their creativity.


    • 1980 Youth Of Peter
    • 1984 is a Very important person
    • 1987 — Mio, my Mio
    • 2006 — Daddy’s boy
    • 2008-2009 — Two sisters
    • 2009 — Milkmaid of hatsapetovki
    • 2010 — Dr. Tyrsa
    • 2011 — Physics or chemistry
    • 2014-2016 — PE
    • 2016 — The Wedding Begins.


    Lyubov Germanova

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