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  • Name: Lydia Velegeva ( Lidiya Velezheva )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actress, presenter, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married Alexei Guskov

    Lydia velegeva: biography

    Honored artist of Russia Lydia velegeva was born in Kiev hospital within minutes after her twin sister Irina. The girls great-grandfather was the Gypsy Baron, wandering from country to country with his camp, but his father, they did not know. To «lift» the twins, their mother had to work at the factory in two shifts. To avoid that girls can become besprizornymi, they had to give to the orphanage. At boarding school, strangely enough, the sisters liked it so much that when their mother married the Colonel retired, they continued to travel to visit their friends at a boarding school, practically live in two houses.

    Lydia Velegeva
    Lydia velegeva | arguments of the week

    But it wasn’t just friends. In the boarding school was a Studio of acting and the Leda wanted to become an actress as I can remember. She has managed to try on the roles of the dancer, skater and all of a sudden, players – all this amazing variety of circles and sections existed at the orphanage, but the result was not exactly what Lida wanted to do. She was attracted to the scene, lights, camera.

    The future star was only thirteen when she came to the Kiev Dovzhenko film Studio (now – the national Studio of feature films named Alexander Dovzhenko), gave the Secretary your profile with contacts and, of course, photography, which came into the hands of directed by Radomir Vasilevsky. He immediately wanted to meet with Lida personally. Audition girl was brilliant and immediately got a role in a touching and very lyrical children’s two-part movie «Waiting». Thirteen-year-old Lida velegeva (in the credits her name written Velesova) played the main character of Varka «Scorpene». The shootings were the Odessa film Studio on the Black sea.

    While working on the film thirteen-year-old beauty was noticed by the teacher Shchukin school, Yuri Katin-Yartsev (legendary Geppetto in «Pinocchio»). The actor even felt the need to get acquainted with the mother leads to inform her of her undoubted acting talent daughter and suggest to develop it in Moscow under his guidance.

    Lydia velegeva in the film
    Lydia velegeva in the movie «Waiting» | Livejournal

    Velegeva came to enter the Kiev theatrical Institute and flunked out. But the setback did not break, but only stimulates purposeful girl. A year Lydia went to storm Moscow. Her goldfish was the «Pike» — theater school named after Boris Shchukin in Moscow. But his old friend Katina-Yarcevo the entrant velegeva to act ashamed, going to study in the course of Alla Kazanskaya. Lida got used to achieving everything by myself and this time without any connections, successfully passed the exams at the Moscow theatre the first time. With kutinym, Jartsevym Lida was found on the first lesson, which he led. Famous actor instantly recognized the familiar girl and was fond of her independence.

    To study Lydia velegeva went head first. Shone on the training stage in student productions, and only once in all the years of students appeared in film, and in the short film. But after graduating from the Shchukin school velegeva almost immediately got one of the leading roles in the movie «State border» and entered service at the Moscow academic theatre named Vakhtangov.

    In 2010, the actress herself became Professor of theatrical Institute of B. V. Schukin.


    Lydia velegeva played in many productions of theater. Vakhtangov. In the play «people like People» actress played Sophia in «Masquerade» – the Baroness Strahl, «Mademoiselle nitouche» — Corinne.

    Lydia velegeva in the play
    Lydia velegeva in the play «the Coast of women» | the Theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov

    Moscow theatergoers saw Lydia Velezheva in «Anna Karenina,» «Zoyka apartment», «Othello», «Turandot» and many other performances.


    Playing in the theater, Lydia velegeva have time to star in such films as «Moscow love», «Wolfhound», «the Enchanted wanderer» and «not afraid to Die». But to learn on the streets, it began after the series «Thief». People’s love for the actress said the creators of the series «the Investigation leading experts» and invited her to the role of the investigator Kitaeva.

    Serious dramatic talent Believei viewers saw in the film Vladimir Bortko «Idiot», where she played in the doubles with Yevgeny Mironov. Type for the role of Nastasya Filippovna the Director was looking for all over the country, and saw on TV. First sight Bortko realized that Nastasia is it, Lydia.

    Shooting «Idiot» is not without its oddities. While working on the scene where Nastasia throws in a huge fireplace a wad of money, velegeva was so worried that the film crew had to stop and chase Catnip for Actresses. In the end, the scene was filmed for twelve hours. Realizing this, Valerian asked are already directed, since the time on the set costs a lot of money.

    Lydia velegeva in the series
    Lydia velegeva in the TV series «the Idiot» | full MOVIE.RU

    To date, the artist embodied in the movie more than thirty images I have worked as a presenter on the channel «Russia 1», and in 2010 for contribution to the development of the national cinema has received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Lydia velegeva is a member of the party «United Russia». 18 Feb 2014 the actress became a member of the fifth convocation of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    Lydia velegeva married to actor, people’s artist of Russia Alexei Guskov. They met when Lida was still a fourth-year student. Vasily Livanov invited a girl to the theater. She came and sat with the second Director in anticipation of the late actor. Rushed past them some disheveled guy — Alexei Guskov. And then it turned out that in his childhood they lived in Kiev, not far from each other, but somehow never met.

    Lydia velegeva and Alexei Guskov
    Lydia velegeva and Alexei Guskov |

    Lydia velegeva and Alexei Guskov married for more than twenty five years. For acting family is a true record of love and loyalty. They became the parents of two sons — Vladimir and Dmitry. The eldest son works in the theater and recently made my parents grandparents — in 2016, his daughter Stefania. The younger son is studying at VGIK.


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    Lydia Velegeva

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