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  • Name: Lydia Melusina ( Lidiya Milyuzina )
  • Date of birth: 29 July 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Born in Urzhum, Russia
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lydia Melusina: biography

    Actress Lydia Melusina was born 29 July 1986 in Urzhum Kirov region. Where her childhood and youth.

    To play in the theater and in the movies she’s wanted since childhood, in high school got seriously into classical literature and poetry. At school Lydia was a good student, the family was quiet, modest home, did not give cause for concern to his parents. Maybe that’s why they let their daughter after school in Moscow.

    Lydia went to the capital to enter the Shchukin school. The entrance exams she read poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, and convinced the selection Committee: teachers noted her talent. Lydia Melusina enrolled in drama school at the first attempt, and in 2007 became a certified actress. She studied on the course of Yuri and Olga Solomina.


    In the Maly theatre, Lydia began to play in his student years. Her debut role was the role of Gerda in the play «the snow Queen» in 2005. After graduation, Lydia Melusina joined the theatre’s company constantly. In the Maly theatre she works today.

    Lydia Melusina at the Maly theater
    Lydia Melusina at the Maly theater | Biletservis

    It plays diverse roles, including Annie in «Power of darkness», Raisa G. in the «Whale» the Bride of the musician in «Smart things», Cinderella in «Cinderella», Vera Filippovna in «the Heart is not a stone» and others.


    Film debut in Melusine was held in 2008, the aspiring actress got the lead role in the film «the forest of fear». Directors noted its talented work in the same year, she starred in the film «the Disappeared Empire». Then there was the shooting in the movies and the TV series «Always say always», «Kamenskaya-6», «Once in Rostov», «common Myrtle», «Freud’s Method-2», «Shot», «Goryunov», and others.

    Lydia Melusina in the film
    Lydia Melusina in the film «Love in USSR» | AtataTV

    In 2016, Lydia Melusina starred in two projects. She played Klawock in the film «Vlasic» and Elena in the movie «What we wanted to prove.»

    Personal life

    With her future husband, actor Kirill Pletnev, she met at the audition of the film «Looking for you» in 2010. Between them there was sympathy, and then love. Cyril, spoiled female attention, has a son from a previous relationship, did not hide that in Melusine found the one.

    Lydia Melusina and Kirill Pletnev

    Soon Lydia and Cyril lived together, and in late 2010 we got married. In 2011 the couple had a son Theodore. But the happiness was short lived – in the fall of 2012 they broke up. The cause of the rupture was a new hobby Pletnev. Lydia was not satisfied with scandals did not give interviews, did not accuse her husband of all sins – they broke up quietly. Son Cyril maintains relationships – Lydia Melusina he does not prevent.

    Lydia lives alone: in any case, about her new novels unknown.


    • «Private detective Tatiana Ivanova»
    • «Looking for you»»Vlasic «
    • «Kamenskaya-6»
    • «The vanished Empire»
    • «The power of darkness»
    • «Once in Rostov»
    • «Common Myrtle»
    • «Private detective Tatiana Ivanova»
    • «What’s required»


    Lydia Melusina

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