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  • Name: Lydia Aref’eva ( Lidiya Arefyeva )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, host, model, astrologer
  • Marital status: married

    Lydia Aref’eva: biography

    Lydia O. Aref’eva – Russian actress, TV presenter, astrologer, and model. 2003 starred in the TV series and movies, receiving recognition after starring in the Comedy series «Interns». In 2014 she became the leading astrologer in the television show «marry me.» Now it is recognized not only movie fans, but the audience of a popular television show. Arefyeva has several degrees in psychology, drama and astrology.

    Lydia Aref’eva was born in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov on August 13, 1979 in a family of intellectuals. Her father, a doctor, a mother, an engineer and a writer. Still the actress is very fond of his Homeland, but prefers to work in Russia. Lydia simultaneously with average educational also she graduated from the ballet and choreographic school and then continued his education in Kharkov, enlisting in HNUVD the Department of psychology.

    Lydia Aref’eva: the business model

    In parallel, Lydia was a model and starred in the popular commercials. Her charm and plasticity always admired, as evidenced by victories in beauty contests. Aref’eva became a Top model in Eastern Ukraine and Vice-miss of Ukraine in 1998. But her modeling career is not over. Later Arefieva was invited to the shooting in magazines «IIL» and «Maxim». The actress also advertises the products of famous brands «Samsung» and «Faberlic».

    The work of the actress in the advertising business has not gone unnoticed, and the model received the title of «face of the ad – 2003».

    Lydia seeks not just to work, and to understand a hundred percent in those areas that she’s interested. To this end, in 2013, Lydia is finishing the Academy of astrology Michael Levin.

    Lydia Aref’eva:

    Having acting, the actress starred in the play «the Bureau of happiness». Movies, start for Lydia from the TV series «Poor Nastya». In this project were involved young, beautiful but yet unknown artists.

    Lydia does not suffer from a lack of roles in films. It is removed, simultaneously taking part in a television show. In 2007 audiences saw her in the projects «Daddy’s girls» and «Club». In the same year, the actress starred as Lisa in the film project «Who’s boss» and journalist Larisa in the movie «Hour Volkova». Created in the image of Veronica of «Lawyer» and Olga of «Blueberry pie» will be remembered for a Russian audience.

    Of her it is possible to allocate such heroines as Marina in the movie «Bullet fool», Martha in «St. John’s Wort-3», Anya in the film «Balzac age, or all men are bast…» and Natasha from «Paradise». Full filmography of the actress already has over three dozen different roles.

    Released in 2010 the Comedy series «

  • Interns» have made the young actress a popular star. For the filming of «Intern» Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov carefully selected all the artists. After much trial and extractions Lydia was asked to star as Irina Shemyakina, head of the psychiatric Department. Arefieva I liked the role she played calm, balanced, caring woman, although in real life the actress is the complete opposite of her character. Lida often cannot deal with his excessive emotionality and temperament. On the set of «the Internship» Arefyeva have been working together with Ivan Okhlobystin and Svetlana Kamynina. The girl does not seek to rest on our laurels, but wants to do something significant for his contemporaries.

    Lydia Aref’eva: TV

    In the period of education Arefieva began to try his hand at television. She appeared in the role of leading TV program «Kitsch» on the channel «REN-TV».

    After School, television and radio Lydia began to work on the channel TNT in the program «Moscow: instructions for use». In 2006, the actress goes to the First channel in the program «Good morning».

    On the show «

  • Let’s get married» Arefiev hit in 2014, although this was not her dream. On casting the actress went in company with a friend. The channel was looking for a replacement Vasilisa Volodya, who had children and could not devote much TV time. Since 2009, the actress began to study astrology. Lydia began to astrological education at the Academy of Michael Levin. Aref’eva believes that the planets influence human life, and these signs you need to pay close attention.

    Lydia Aref’eva: personal life

    Lydia Aref’eva is married. Her husband has nothing to show business. The pair is a perfect match not only in looks, but also goes well with astrological horoscopes.

    Lydia Aref’eva: filmography

    • Club
    • Daddy’s girls
    • Who’s the boss
    • Chas Volkova
    • Lawyer
    • Blueberry pie
    • Interns
    • The bullet-fool
    • St. John’s wort-3
    • Balzac age, or all men are bast…
    • OSA
    • The correct tool
    • Chief designer

    Lydia Aref’eva: photo

    Lydia Aref'eva

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