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  • Name: Lyanka Grau ( Lyana Ilnitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Lyanka Grau: biography

    The real name of the actress Lyanka Grau — Lyana Ilnitskaya. My name is Lyanka Grau received from the famous Romanian actor, his father, Gheorghe Grau. Have Lanka – actress Stella Ilnitskaya. Parents separated when lance was still a child, his father had not maintained contact with family.

    Childhood the future actress was not cloudless. After the divorce, mom Lyanka Grau continued his studies at VGIK and ready to take on any job to feed herself and her daughter. At the time, Stella Ilnitskaya finished a special school with advanced study of the French and often translated French texts, and gave private lessons. However, this is barely enough to make ends meet.

    Lyanka Grau in childhood
    Baby photo of the actress | Fotostrana

    As for the biological father of the actress, at the moment Gheorghe Grau is a homeless shelter SSRM. Relatives do not communicate with him. His life became the story of one of the episodes of the program «Let them talk». However, she refused to visit the Studio.

    Since childhood, Lyanka Grau learned profession actress. This was facilitated by the cute looks and innate charm girls. Because of these qualities, she was not indifferent to the Directors of television channels, fashion magazines and various companies.

    Future star loved to be the center of attention. She read poems, sang songs, practiced choreography, and even seriously thought about a career ballerina. At that time her idol was legendary ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, with her amazing strength and plasticity.

    Lyanka Grau in childhood
    Since the childhood dreamed to become an actress | Fotostrana

    As a child, her photo has appeared regularly on the pages advertising directories. For three years she led a TV show for children «Tick-tock». Lyanka Grau was officially the face of the «Vertex» — the company producing children’s clothing. During this period, the actress has frequently appeared in commercials for children’s products, as well as on the pages of catalogs and magazines. Among them was the popular press — for example, the magazine for the needle «Natalie».

    An important episode in the biography of Lyanka Grau began in 1992 when she first appeared in the short film «One» on the short story by ray Bradbury. Director Natalia Kalashnikov then was preparing to shoot a picture of his diploma. Seeing a three-year Lanco VGIK, she immediately invited her to audition. Recalls the actress, in the audition, she didn’t even try to like it, but still passed.

    Lanka, Grew
    Photos of actress |

    While lance was in school, she had to play in a number of the Ira in the production of «Who if not us», Katka in the film «Triumph» and Nastya in the series «the Main role». The headmaster was very understanding to the fact that the student spent a lot of time on the set, and allowed her to homeschool.

    The girl managed to combine studies, movies, and performances in the theater. At an early age she played in the moon Theatre in the play «Fanta-Infanta», as well as private play «Flying» on a scene of branch of Theatre. Mayakovsky.

    Lanka, Grew
    At an early age began to act in films | Review.Press

    In 1997 the young actress got the role in the film St. Grammatikov «Little Princess». Although she got the heroine of the second plan — the maid Becky, this brought Leanca Grau first prize at the Moscow international children’s film festival. For the same role, the talented girl won the prize at the festival «Orlyonok».

    By the time of graduation, the actress spoke and acted under the name of Lanka Ilnitskaya (the surname of her mother). However, in preparation for the entry, she realized that she needed to finally draw the line and start to move on. The girl went to College, dyed her hair blond and finally revealed to the world his true name is Lyanka Grau.

    Lanka, Grew
    Studied at VGIK | selebrityimages

    Of course, no doubt, much to do after finishing school, she was not – the state Institute of cinematography, where the young actress easily passed the entrance exams in the acting Department. Director Lanka became a famous actor Vladimir Grammatikov. However, without difficulties no cost. Due to the fact that students were not registration, Dean of the Institute forbade her to attend classes.

    However, the actress found the opportunity to circumvent the ban, and for 2 years went to school as a free listener. Seeing the talent Lyanka Grau, teachers allowed her to participate in student productions, but the diploma she never got.


    Training Institute the expert, combined with an active sensing works, playing mainly supporting roles. It appears in the following films – «Detectives-4», «Pop», «Doomed to become a star», etc. First major role, Lyanka Grau received in the film «Come on – don’t be afraid, come out – don’t cry.» However, this busy schedule did not prevent the actress to take up painting and ballet, as well as performing on stage.

    In 2009, the screens released film «return of the Musketeers», where Lyanka Grau played the role of the daughter of d’artagnan. For this role she had to learn fencing and horse riding, what the girl had done it without much difficulty. However, relations with Mikhail Boyarsky at first, did not work. After returning from Odessa, straight from the set of «Taras Bulba», the actor was exhausted and pissed off. When he introduced the «daughter», he only threw Leanca Grau acute phrase: «not happening». Later, however, after reviewing the material, the legendary actor was satisfied, and before leaving gave her a huge bouquet of red roses.

    Lyanka Grau and Mikhail Boyarsky
    Mikhail Boyarsky in the movie «return of the Musketeers» | Musu Movies

    In the same year, Lyanka Grau actively worked on youth series «Barvikha» where she plays a student of an elite school Eugene Kolesnichenko. Her character is one of the most colorful characters of the series. Jack wants to feel among the «Golden youth», but because of his impulsive actions gets is not what he wanted. In one episode Jack is throwing a friends party in a strange mansion, giving his own, and after a while satisfied with their scandalous show to get a role in the school play.

    In 2011 the actress was invited to a new series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where she played Irene Adler.

    In 2013 Legco Grau decided to try his hand in another direction and took part in the show «Ice age 4», her partner was figure skater Maxim Marinin. The pair at the final voting was made an honorary bronze medal.

    Now filmography actress Lyanka Grau has more than 40 roles in various feature films and television series. Among them — «jackpot for Cinderella», «9 signs of infidelity, Victory wind, clear day», «Love and hate», «Dirty work», «Children under 16», «Scout», etc.

    One of the last works Lyanka Grau — the movie «In sports only girls» (2014), where she played the bad ass-snowboarder. Arriving at the premiere, the actress was very worried, because the film was very familiar moments (this is the first time when she posed almost naked). However, the picture is not a bit vulgar, but really kind and cheerful. During filming, the stunts, the actress performed a canadian, Claudia Avon, but on the weekends Lyanka Grau still snatched a few hours to take a ride on the red Glade.

    Life of Lance Grau

    Life of Lance Grau has developed successfully. At the moment, the actress is married to composer and Director Michael Weinberg, whom she met on the filming of the movie «Looking for you». The wedding took place on 9 July 2010, when the pregnancy test showed a positive result. The husband of Lanky older than her twelve years, however, this did not prevent them to be «on one wave».

    Before the wedding, the lovers had a year to live together. And, according to the expert, even after so many years of a person remains the same gentle and sensitive.

    Lyanka Grau with her husband
    With her husband and son |

    20 Feb 2011 Lyanka Grau became a mother of adorable son Maxim. Interestingly, the sex of the baby the couple were out pretty late, and therefore made room for the girl. The actress admits that during pregnancy, hoping that she would have a daughter.

    Few people know that in 17-18 years Lyanka Grau was in your diary, sharing with followers their emotions and thoughts. She liked to think that there are people who know her primarily not as an actress but as a person. But eventually she gave up the hobby as work and family began to take all the time, and besides, on a personal page in search of sensations began to wander the journalists.


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    Photo Lyanka Grau

    Lanka, Grew

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