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  • Name: Luke Evans ( Luke Evans )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Pontypool, Wales
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Luke Evans: biography

    Luke George Evans is a British actor, who became famous thanks to the bright movie «the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug», «Dracula» and the sixth part, «Forsazh», where he played the role of the main antagonist.

    Luke Evans was born in Wales, in the town of Pontypool. However, he didn’t live there, but in the small quiet town of Aberbargoed. The father of the future stars, David Evans, engaged in the construction, and mother Yvonne was a cleaner. Luke was their only child they tried to raise according to strict religious principles. The fact that the father and the mother of Luke Evans was an international religious organization «Jehovah’s Witnesses», and tried to instill in the son a respect for the tenets of this community.

    Luke Evans in childhood
    Luke Evans in childhood | VK

    But everything happened Vice versa: to 16, Luke Evans, very disappointed in the Christian faith. He declares himself an atheist, collects things and goes to the capital of Wales – Cardiff. There, a young man decides to take vocal lessons and acting in order to get on the professional stage. Because he needed to pay for classes, rent accommodation and buy the Essentials, Luke Evans took a job as a salesman in a Shoe store. I must say that Evans never been CIT back in his native town, he assisted his father on the construction site.

    Luke Evans in childhood and adolescence
    Luke Evans in childhood and adolescence

    Thanks to the patronage of his teacher, a vocal coach Louise Ryan, a young man in 1997, receives a scholarship to study the dramatic arts in Central London Studio «Cross-road» and successfully finished it in 2000. The newly minted artist is very popular among theatre companies from London’s West End.

    Luke Evans in his youth
    Luke Evans in his youth

    For eight years, Luke Evans has participated in many productions, including such high-profile not only in the UK but also overseas as «Taboo», «Piaf», «Rent», «Small change», «Miss Saigon» and many others.

    It is on the stage Luke Evans was noticed by the scouts of the British film studios, and in 2009, the actor began a successful career in the movies.


    The first role of Luke Evans, albeit minor, was Clive Richards with musical biographical drama about the founder of the British punk movement of Ian Dury «Sex and drugs and rock-n-roll.» The actor then took part in the adventure film «Robin hood» with Russell Crowe and the action fantasy «clash of the titans» with Liam Neeson. The one with Luke Evans appeared neither more nor less, and the role of God himself-the handsome Apollo.

    Luke Evans in the film
    Luke Evans in the film «clash of the titans» | Movieline

    Excellent criticism he received for playing in the Comedy «Irresistible Tamara» Thriller «Without compromise». In the fantasy Thriller «the Immortals» Luke Evans again tried on on itself an image of the celestial: he played the role of the Supreme Greek God Zeus. And in 2011 he got the opportunity to work with such stars, as Milla Jovovich and Orlando bloom on the set of a rather free adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Dumas «the three Musketeers», where she played the role of Aramis.

    Luke Evans in the film
    Luke Evans in the movie «the Musketeers» | Kinopoisk

    All of these films, and detective Thriller «the Raven», a crime Thriller «fast & furious 6» and TV drama «the Great train robbery» brought Luke Evans popularity. But the real world fame gave him the role of the Archer bard in a colorful fantasy movies Peter Jackson’s «the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug» and «the hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies».

    Luke Evans in the film
    Luke Evans in the film «the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug» | Official movie site

    The next work star Luke Evans has become a mystical picture of «Dracula» in which he played the main character, Prince Vlad Tepes, as fate turns into the vampire Dracula. It is interesting that originally this role was supposed to be Sam Worthington, star of films «Avatar» and «clash of the Titans», but later the Director and producer gave preference to him Evans. This film is even more glorified actor in the world.

    Luke Evans in the film
    Luke Evans in «Dracula» | full Movie

    From the last of numerous works of Luke stand out sci-Fi film «high-rise» and psychological Thriller «the Girl on the train». Both pictures had good box office and received good critics. The interest in these films is due to the fact that the novels on which they were taken, at the time, have become bestsellers.

    Luke Evans in the film
    Luke Evans in the film «the Girl on the train» | Who is talking about

    The latest work of Luke Evans today is the role of the lover, but not too romantic a man named Gaston in the movie-musical by Walt Disney’s «Beauty and the beast», which opens in spring 2017.

    Personal life

    In the beginning of his theatrical career, Luke Evans admitted to journalists of the newspaper «The Advocate» that he is gay. He said the disclosure of the secret that demonstrated the public can be engaged in favourite business, to succeed and to be yourself and live your life. Luke Evans has often stressed that he likes it when people see it for what it really is.

    Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena
    Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena | Gays

    But it is worth saying that in my personal life Luke Evans is not so simple as he claims. The only officially confirmed the affair was with a Spanish male model John Kortajarena, whom Luke had met a few years, but divorced in 2015.

    Charlotte Church, Manager and possible lover Luke Evans
    Charlotte Church, Manager and possible lover Luke Evans | the most beautiful men and women of the world

    Interestingly enough, the fact that the public at one time attributed to Evans ‘ romantic relationship with his PR Manager Charlotte Church. Also, before public disclosure of the actor about his orientation, he was a childhood friend Holly Goodchild as his beloved.

    Luke Evans and Holly Goodchild
    Luke Evans and Holly Goodchild | Russian fan site of the actor Luke Evans

    He later admitted that it was, so to speak, «cover», but fans continued to see his idol in the company of Holly and many years after the scandalous recognition.


    • 2010 — Charming Tamara
    • 2011 — Musketeers
    • 2012 — Raven
    • 2012 — no One survived
    • 2013-2015 — the fast and the furious
    • 2013-2014 — the Hobbit
    • 2013 — the Great train robbery
    • 2014 — Dracula
    • 2016 — the Girl on the train
    • 2017 — beauty and the beast


    Luke Evans

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