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  • Name: Luiza Gabriela Brovina ( Luiza Gabriela Brovina )
  • Date of birth: March 8, 2003
  • Age: 13 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status:

    Luiza Gabriela Brovina biography

    Incredibly, filmography this 13-year-old actress already has 4 dozen titles. Little star of the national cinema ‘ climbs the corporate ladder, leaving behind many colleagues with diplomas on completed education in the best theatrical universities.

    Luiza Gabriela Brovina, or Gabi, as she is called by family, was born at the women’s day in 2003. Family girls international: mother is Russian, father is Spanish. Immediately after her birth, the parents, taking the tiny Gabi, went to Cuba. But this beautiful and hot country girl does not remember, because the family lived there only a year.

    4 years later after returning to the capital Luiza Gabriela Brovina by the example of their parents, and they have the business started to make money. Adorable 5-year-old girl with huge brown eyes appeared in a photo shoot of Collezioni Bambini, advertising children’s clothing. In the same year Luiza Gabriela debuted on TV, she starred in social advertising police, «Fasten your seat belt, if you want to survive!», made by French Director Eric Ifergan.

    After a year of Luiza Gabriela Brovina went to school. She chose the Lyceum with a theatrical leaning. The girl happily played music and attended ballet classes.


    A cinematic biography of Luisa Gabriela Brovina started very early. 6-year-old actress made her debut in the TV series «Kate: Military history» where he played a character named Annie. Since 2009, when the tape was released, Brevini career in movies went into rapid growth. Enchanting girl who is completely uninhibited feel in front of the cameras, been swamped with offers.

    The following year, 2010 Luiza Gabriela Brovina starred in 10 projects. Almost all of them are TV series. Most popular was the «Blizzard», «Way to yourself», «Widow ship» and «Zemsky doctor. The sequel». In the latest tape, she got the role of Katya Samoilova, daughter of the main character. Recall that the main role in this series was performed by Olga Budina.

    Shooting took little artist a lot of time. She had to homeschool. The girl often invited to various TV shows. She starred in the show «Big difference» in a parody of the sitcom «Daddy’s girls». Then there is another parody of the movie «Black lightning». And Brovina took part in the sketch show «the perfect Lady».

    But wide fame came to Louise Gabriel Browines after its occurrence in the project «school Closed». This series, filmed in the genre of mystical Thriller, released in 2011. I must say that the young actress went to one of the main roles. The project was a huge success and received the award «TEFI».

    In 2013, Gaby once again entrusted one of the star roles. In a Comedy sitcom «Last of Magician», directed by Rezo Gigineishvili, she played the youngest daughter of Armenian Karen Magikano. This project has also been successful. Brovina has demonstrated real acting.

    Recent projects in which Luiza Gabriela Brovina starred in a prominent role, can be called the movie «the Interpreter» and «Breakfast with the Pope».

    Personal life

    Gaby loves animals. She has two Pets – a Yorkshire Terrier named Didi and a tiny mini York Rita.

    And Gabriela Luisa gathers a collection of porcelain dolls and loves to travel in his spare time.

    Like any young person, Brovina very fond of ornaments, perfumes and cosmetics. But the last one she only uses on set to work. The young artist knew two languages – Spanish and English. From 9-th grade plans to take lessons from the drama instructors from the Schepkin theatre school.


    • «Kate: Military history»
    • «The snowstorm»
    • «Samara»
    • «Next — love»
    • «Widow steamer»
    • «Zemsky doctor. Continued»
    • «Unloved»
    • «Closed school»
    • «The last of Magician»
    • «Translator»
    • «Breakfast dad»


    Luiza Gabriela Brovina

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